20 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Human Urine

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Urine or pee is a waste substance that is formed through biochemical reactions inside living organisms, which includes human beings, animals and plants. Urine comes in different colors, reflecting our body conditions as we release it. A healthy man excretes light colored urine, while the more unfit the person is, the darker the urine gets.

Urine theoretically and biologically is a very dirty substance, as it is the remains of metabolism, hence often regarded as “trash” by some. Urine water normally contains these chemical compounds;

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium 0.750g/L
  • Urea 0.93g/L
  • Chloride 1.87g/L
  • Sodium 1.17g/L
  • Creatinine 0.670g/L

Those three substances are among the most important ones released by urine. Regarding sodium, these are the health benefits of sodium.

Urine is also originally colourless. It becomes coloured through a substance known as bile. The colour of bile released relies on the factors which will be explained later on.

Interestingly, several substances released together with urine is known to be advantageous. Despite not medically tested, urine has the benefits of its own for us humans and the environment. What are they? Here are the health benefits of human urine you need to know!

1. Can Be Used as Fertilizer

The first pros of urine are as a fertilizer. Various agricultural researches have come up with interesting facts, that human urine serves as a decent fertilizer for plants. In fact, several international scale researchers have also concluded that human urine extract can make plants grow more fertile and produce better fruits.

Despite using urine fertilizer, the fruit as a product is not toxic. It still contains the same nutritional value, hence making the type of fertilizer used not a big deal after all.

2. An Indicator to Hydration Levels

Urine serves as a self-indicator to how hydrated we are. Several researches have suggested that when we urinate we should also pay close attention to the colour of the liquid. Clear and bright coloured urine indicates healthy metabolism and being well-hydrated. The darker the colour gets, it shows that you are in need of body fluids.

The following are the common urine indicators based on colour;

  • Clear – Well hydrated. Drink water as normal.
  • Pale Yellow – Well hydrated to slightly dehydrated.
  • Bright Yellow – Mildly hydrated or under the influence of medicine. Drink ¼ litres of water immediately.
  • Dark Yellow – Moderately to severely hydrated. A ½ to 1 litre of water is needed by tour body.

One way to maximize body hydration is to drink water the first thing in the morning. Here are the health benefits drinking 2 glasses water morning.

3. An Indicator to Someone’s Physical Conditions

Apart from its function as a metabolism and hydration meter, at times urine can also signify someone’s actual health. Urine may contain diseases, such as in cases where it has blood, it means that your urinary system is injured or the digestive system is working unusually. If this happens, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Urine can also be used to guide whether someone is under drug/medicine influence or what they have just eaten. In terms of medicine and drugs, urine test is often done by the police to determine whether the subject is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While then as for food, urine colours can also change depending on what food you have just eaten. For example, asparagus makes your pee green-ish, beet makes it slightly red or pink, and so on so forth.

4. Treats Acne

There are many health benefits of human urine as diseases indicator. Also. various myths have suggested that urine is also good for treating and clearing your face from acne. Of course, this idea is mostly doubted, because again it is still a myth and it hasn’t been medically proven either.

However, there are some others who testify that urine indeed cures pimples, by rinsing their faces using their own urine. You may believe it or not, but once again there are currently no scientific data to support this claim.

Rather than using urine to treat acne, it is way better to use cinnamon instead. These are the health benefits of cinnamon on face.

5. Urine as Therapy

Certain alternative medications have used urine for therapy. It is called urine therapy, which uses human urine as a media of healing. Urine therapy hasn’t been medically acknowledged, because medically urine is considered to be toxic.

Apart from urine, another kind of eccentric therapy is by using leeches. Here are the health benefits of leeches therapy.

6. Can Be Used as a Change for Toothpastes

History has it that long before modern toothpastes are invented, the Romans utilized urine to clean and whiten their teeth.

7. Treats Other Kinds of Diseases

Aside from as its use for therapy, which is thought to accelerate blood flow, eliminate heatiness as well as eyesore, urine is also thought to have its other benefit, specifically urine that is produced as you wake up in the morning.

By drinking morning urine, it is speculated that it can heal and shield the body from diseases such as cancer, inflammation, as well as organ infections. Once again, it hasn’t been medically and clinically proven, so the truth to what is written above is most likely to be doubted.

But then, many believe the health benefits of urine therapy are:

  • Accelerate Blood Flow – Urine therapy is believed to accelerate blood flow to improve metabolism and overall health.
  • Eliminate Heatiness – Urine therapy is also thought to prevent heatiness.
  • Reduce Eyesore – You can compress your eyes using urine to heal faster.

Check Up about Urinal Diseases

Here are more health benefits of human urine:

1. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is caused by the presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria inside your digestive system. Its symptoms are burning and painful feeling inside the urethra. Increased consumption of water as well as a few-day regime of antibiotics are needed to sterilize the digestive system from E. coli.

2. Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones happens because of the crystallization of stones inside the kidney. Kidney stones are recognized through pain that stretches from the back, lower abdomen to the groin, difficulty in sitting due to the pain endured, pain when urinating, persistent urge to urinate, urinating at a higher frequency than usual but in smaller quantities.

The texture of the urine itself is foul smelling and reddish in color. Doctor’s treatment is recommended to cure kidney stones even at its earliest stages, as ignoring it may worsen things up and perhaps surgery is needed to remove large piles of kidney stones. Those are the several benefits as well as other information regarding urine, and hope it adds up your knowledge.