24 Health Benefits of Not Smoking for 1 Month #Start Now!

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When someone is smoking, he or she is going to suck the substance called nicotine that will enter the body and whenever the nicotine gets into the lungs, it will change into a substance called cotinine before it gets out from the body through urine. Both nicotine and cotinine can be identified in blood, urine, saliva, and hair. As commonly well known, smoking is one of the habits that can decrease quality of health as it may cause many disease and disorder

Nicotine that found in the blood

  1. Nicotine will disapear in around 1 – 3 days for common after someone decided stop smoking. If the level of cotinine contains in the blood tested through laboratory examination, cotinine will always be detected for 1 – 10 days after the last time someone consuming tobacco.
  2. Nicotine that found in urine

The level of nicotine and cotinine in urine usually can be detected in 3 – 4 days after someone stop smoking. For passive smoker, nicotine urine test can be detected as positive for around 15 – 20 days. Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of not smoking for 1 month.

1. Stop smoking for 20 minutes

one of many good impacts after stop smoking is the blood pressure and heart rate are getting lower than it used to be while someone is smoking. Whenever people started to stop smoking, the good impacts already come in the fastest ways like under 20 minutes after the last cigarettes, the heart rate already go slow down and stable to normal rate.

2. Stop smoking for 2 hours

The nerve ending will feel harm because the perifer blood circulation that being cured step b step. But remember that in this period, someone is vulnerable to face withdrawal syndrome. Sign and symptoms you get withdrawal syndrome of nicotine are anxiety, frustrating, high tension, sleepy or insomnia, increase of appetite, headache, and tingling.

3. Stop smoking for 8 – 12 hours

If someone consumed high number of carbon monoxide, it will replace the position of oxygen to be bended at red blood cell ant it can cause any problem related to cardiac/ heart. The first 8 hours after people stop smoking, the number of carbon monoxide inside the body start to decrease and start to be changed by oxygen

4. Stop smoking for 24 hours

The possibility of heart attack for smokers are more than a group of people who don’t smoke, and it hits  until 70%. Fortunately, after people commit to stop smoking for 24 hours, the risk to get heart attack that haunted smokers going to decrease step by step.

It’s also works in lung, the mucus that block the lung and block the respiration tract, start to melted. As the condition of lungs getting better, there will be the symptoms of common cold like sore throat, cough, and any respiration related problem. 

5. Stop smoking for 3 days

For this step, all of nicotine level that left inside the body is going to disappear. Unfortunately, in this phase the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome start to begin. The  symptoms that might be appear are stomach spasm, nausea, and any emotional related problem as the addition symptoms for withdrawal of nicotine.

In order to avoid any bad things come, people need to reward themselves for example by doing something that can make them happier (buying some clothes, and eat favorite foods). Thus, try to eat fruits so you can get many Benefits of Eating Apple for Breakfast

6. Stop smoking for 1 month after stop smoking

There are many health benefits of not smoking for 1 month as it’s a good start. After people stop smoking for a month, the lungs will go to a regeneration process. Inside the lungs, there are cilia as a smooth hair that go out the mucus and make the lung function getting better and decrease the possibility of someone to get infections. As the infections getting away from body, it will prevent someone who stop smoking from the possibility to get cough, common cold, and any infections related disease. 

7. Stop smoking for 3 – 9 months

Months after someone stop smoking, body’s health is getting better every day. Cough, wheezing, and short breath as the bad impact of smoking will start tp diappeared as the start of lung’s regenerative process. Generally, withdrawal syndrome stop in this phase

8. Stop smoking for 1 years

This phase gonna be the jump stone for some of people who try to stop smoking. Cigarettes destroy the wall of artery and cause blockage in arteries because athero (fatty substances) that collect in the body. After one year someone getting free from tobacco, the risk to get any heart disease (Coronary, angina pectoris, stroke) will dramatically decrease until 50 % compare with someone who smoke.

9. 5 years after stop smoking

If someone had succeed to be a smoker free, the risk to get disease like mouth cancer, throat cancer, larynx and bladder will decrease for 50 %. The risk to get a carcinoma like cervix carcinoma also will decrease like the risk of people who never smoke. Risk to get stroke also will dramatically decrease after two – five years stop smoking.

10. Stop smoking for 10 years after stop smoking

After 10 years the possibility of active smoker to die because of lung cancer will be decrease compare with the people who actively smoking. It’s also happened for larynx cancer that attack vocal cord and other disease like pancreatic disease.

11. Stop smoking for 15 years after stop smoking

The risk to get heart attack will dramatically decrease like people who never smoke.

Commit to stop smoking is not as easy as flipping the hands. Moreover there will be some symptoms that will be appear s people start to begin a day without smoking like nausea, diarrhea, headache, insomnia, and numbness. Those symptoms are something normal if it’s ever happened. Also read about Health Benefits of Tobacco Tea

Why You Should Try to Stop Smoking Right Now

there are some myth that people sometimes believe regarding the symptoms that may appear

  1. Stop smoking will make people sick

While the fact is commonly the cigarette addict has been addicted to nicotine and it will cause the smoker who commit to stop smoking will feel the certain disease like headache, cough, constipation, anxiety, ot tired. This condition is the situation that commonly happened and will getting better in weeks. So, it’s not a certain disease, but the symptoms that appear after someone try to not consume nicotine anymore, and it will be heal after weeks. 

  1. Some people believe it’s already too late to stop smoking just because they already become tobacco addicts for years.

While the fact is there’s no such ‘too late’ to stop doing something bad. The longer people smoking, the bad impacts that may happened will be higher. Based on some studies, people who don’t smoking while they are 35 years old, it will create 90 percents to the lower risk to get any bad impact because of cigarettes.

How to Stop Smoking

There are many health benefits of not smoking for 1 month, if you can try this, you can be a non-smoker as soon.

  1. Do not bring cigarettes
  2. Say no if your friends brought you one
  3. Bring candies instead
  4. Try some good lifestyle by eating fruits
  5. Give a big suggestion to yourself to not smoke
  6. Eat a lot won’t make you smoke
  7. Do some exercise such as Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercise
  8. Get busy with yourself with good things
  9. Call someone you love to give you valuable motivation for you to not smoking
  10. Please read about Health Risks of Smoking

Thus, may you get the health benefits of not smoking for 1 month and continue to not smoking forever. Stay healthy, people!