Benefits of Banana Honey Hair Mask for Natural Hair Look

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Though there are some people who were born with beautiful and lush hair but more people should strive to have it. There are even more people who are willing to spend time and money just for hair treatment because hair is crown not only for women but also for men. Applying hair mask regularly is one of the solutions to keep your hair healthy and strong. Nowadays there are a lot of instant hair mask products you could use but still natural hair mask like the combination of banana and honey is still highly recommended and below is the benefits of banana honey hair mask you should know.

  1. Effective Solution for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair could be cause by pollution, free radicals and some internal factors. There are a lot of banana benefits for skin and hair and banana is rich of vitamins and minerals that could solve some hair problems while honey is natural humectants to add moisture to hair.

  1. Excellent Source of Natural Vitamins and Minerals for Hair

As mentioned in previous point banana contains some essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, vitamin B6, health benefits of potassium and zinc that are good for hair. Meanwhile honey protein and fat that good for hair follicles.

  1. Get Rids of Split Ends Naturally

Well moisturized hair will solve the split ends problem naturally because split ends will occur when you suffer dry hair. Health benefits of honey are containing fat that is good to add moisture to hair and combat dry hair.

  1. Maintains the Elasticity of Your Hair

Applying banana honey hair mask regularly will rejuvenate your hair and maintain its elasticity. Not only that banana and honey will make your hair look healthier and shinier.

  1. Gives You Stronger Hair

Strong hair means you could do whatever you want with your hair such as styling it, straightening it, curling it or whatever. Applying banana honey hair mask will give you the stronger hair you have been dreaming of.

  1. Adds Volume to Your Hair

The original banana honey recipe will include egg yolk. The benefits of applying egg yolk on hair are good to add volume to your hair to make it look shiny and bouncy.

  1. Used as Natural Conditioner

If you are depending on chemical-based conditioner product perhaps considering using banana honey hair mask could replace it, beside it is more natural, healthier and cheaper.

  1. Ideal For Dry Hair

As mentioned above honey is natural humectants that good to provide moisture to your hair naturally so applying this hair mask is super ideal for dry hair.

  1. Say Good Bye to Dull Hair

Once you could say good bye to dry hair, you could say goodbye to dull hair as well. Dull hair will make your hair look sick and so unattractive. Applying banana honey hair mask will give you back your hair the natural glowing.

  1. Nourishes the Hair Follicles

Healthy hair follicles are the key to healthy hair and healthy scalp. The protein contained in honey has important role in nourishing the hair follicles.

  1. Natural Moisturizer for Your Hair

If your hair is well-moisturized you don’t need to worry about conditioning your hair anymore because banana honey hair mask will do the magic for you.

  1. Encourages Faster Hair Growth

When your hair gets enough nutrients and the health of your scalp is well-maintained will encourage faster hair growth and at the same time could prevent hair loss.

  1. Hydrates Every Stand of Your Hair

The fat contained in honey will help hydrating the every stand of your hair. It is even better if you could add coconut oil benefits to your hair mask recipe for easier penetration.

  1. Good for Scalp and Eliminates Dandruff

It is essential to apply the hair mask thoroughly to the scalp and hair because it could help eliminating dandruff and hydrating your scalp to promote healthy and fresh scalp.

  1. Solution to Frizzy and Tangled Hair

You could say good bye to frizzy and tangled hair because only dry hair will suffer from them while well-moisturized hair will be easier to manage or style.

  1. Applicable for All Hair Types

The most important thing you should know is that banana is cheap and available in all seasons, as well as honey. Aside from that, banana honey hair mask is also applicable for all hair types. So no matter what your hair types are, you could use banana honey hair mask to help you solving the hair problems.

Banana Honey Hair Mask Recipe

Once you have known about the benefits of banana honey hair mask surely you want to try it yourself at home. Instead of paying a professional some bugs you could have your own banana honey hair mask yourself and below is the receipt.


  • 1 or 2 Ripe Banana depends on how long your hair is
  • 2 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice (optional)
  • 1 egg yolk (optional)


  • Pick the ripe banana and blend it first;
  • Then add honey, olive oil or coconut oil and lime juice;
  • The last one you could add egg yolk;
  • Making sure to blend it well because you don’t want to leave any chunk.

How to Apply:

  • It is essential to start applying the hair mask from the root of your hair and then work your way to the very ends;
  • It is also important to make sure that you apply it thoroughly of your scalp and hair;
  • Let it sit for up to 30 minutes under shower cap. If you have long hair you could put your hair in a lose bun;
  • Rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo. After applying banana honey hair mask you don’t need to use more conditioner;
  • Let your hair air dry and avoid the use of hair dryer.

Additional olive oil or coconut oil will add more nutrients to the hair mask. There are a lot of benefits of hair massage with olive oil and coconut oil benefits for hair. While lime juice may add more Vitamin C benefits which is not only good for hair but also your scalp. Before you put your hair under the shower cap, you could do a bit head massage to your scalp as well.