Amazing Benefits of Infant Massage for Mothers with Postnatal Depression

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There are a lot of types of depression and the stage is also varying from mild to severe. Today, the case of postnatal depression is progressively increasing though the main factor that triggers this condition still remains unknown. There are several types of diabetes and there are also several types of depression and postnatal or postpartum depression is one of them which not only putting the mothers in a dangerous situation but so does the baby.

What Is Postnatal Depression?

Being a parent is no picnic. It is probably one of the factors that trigger the postnatal depression, a type of depression that commonly develops between one up to 12 months after the birth of the baby. It is similar to baby blue syndrome but the symptoms of depression is in more severe stage because usually baby blue syndrome is only last 2 up to 3 days after giving birth but postnatal depression is a bit longer than that. The symptoms of postnatal depression is including the frequent failure feeling as a mother, having senses of hopelessness as a mother, easily getting panic and anxiety, mood swing without reasons, excessively worrying about their baby. A professional help is strongly required in this stage but support from friends and family are the most important ones. One of the methods to treat mothers with postnatal depression is by doing infant massage.

How Infant Massage Could Help Mothers with Postnatal Depression?

The question above is probably the most frequent question asked because everyone wants to know what how infant massage could help mothers overcoming their depression though of course the benefits of taking medication for mental illness is also important to know but the list below will tell you the answers how infant massage could be super helpful as well.

  1. Improves Communication between Mother and the Baby

One of the reasons why mothers are losing interest toward their babies and suffering the postnatal depression is because they cannot understand what their babies want. Though the fact is no mother could understand completely about their baby but it is completely instinct. However, according to studies, when mothers are massaging their babies, it may improve the communication between the mother and the baby, so mothers could understand their babies in better way.

  1. Helps Mothers Increase Their Confidence

A mother with postnatal depression always feels in failure as mother. It is because they are not confidence with themselves. Some psychological studies have revealed a surprising fact that massaging their infants by themselves are also excellent to improve the confidence of the mothers; that they are worthy as mothers for their babies. Basically, baby loves to be massaged, so when mother does it baby will reward the mother with all the cute babbling, eye contact and smiles that will be good for the mothers psychologically. There are a lot of benefits of physical activities for mental illness and massage is the type of physical activities all the babies and mothers will love.

  1. Increases Happy Hormones

What do you know about happy hormones? Well, happy hormone is generally well-known as serotonin. This hormone is essential for human because it regulates mood and beneficial to prevent depression. A simply ‘cuddling’ has proven to be able increasing happy hormones and massaging baby is among top activities that could increase happy hormones because baby is super lovable, especially when they are in a good mood and during massage session, baby always in a good mood.

  1. Mothers Could Relate Better with the Baby

When mothers are difficult to understand their baby, some of them prefer to stay away. That is when mothers are losing the bonding. When mothers are losing the bonding or connection with their babies, the one that remains is the stressful situation that could lead to postnatal depression. Studies have proven that massaging baby could create a strong bond between mother and baby, so mother could relate better with the baby.

  1. The Learning Process of Being A Mother

There is no class especially designed for mother but being a mother is lifetime experience that you cannot get anywhere. As mentioned above, taking care of a baby is no a picnic but once you know the trick, you will be more than a super hero because you are a mother. When you have received yourself completely as a super mom, postnatal depression will leave you no matter what.

  1. Forms A Stronger Bonding for Mother and the Baby

A bonding is essential for mother and the baby especially for the baby. For baby, mother is everything. When the bonding is broken not only mothers that are suffering but also the baby. Have you ever feel so alone in the world? Just imagine that feeling is experienced by the little baby. Infant massage for mothers is one of the ways to build a stronger bonding.

  1. Develops A Normal Relationship

As mentioned in the previous point, the bonding between mother and the baby is not only important for the mother but also for the baby. There are some studies have been conducted to see the trend between babies that are raised by mothers who love them and babies who aren’t. The normal childhood experience has prominent effect to the development of the children. That is why postnatal depression experienced by the mothers could prevent babies from having a normal childhood experience and probably a normal life in their future.

  1. Mothers Will Understand Their Babies in Better Way

There is no one who understands their babies but the mothers. If mothers are losing interest to their baby due to postnatal depression, the problem could be really big because not only affecting the baby’s present psychological experience but also the baby’s future. If you know someone who is suffering from postnatal depression, asking them to join a massage class so mothers could understand their babies in better way. Once they understand the babies, things like postnatal depression will leave them naturally.

  1. A Blissful Moment of Motherhood

One of the thing that mother will lose when she is suffering from postnatal depression is a blissful moment of motherhood. Though there is no 101 book that will tell you how to be a good mother but the learning process of being a mother is more valuable lesson you will get for your life.

Motherhood could be super stressful but aside from that, this world is also super blissful. Postnatal depression could be the stone in the road that prevent mothers to enjoy the world of motherhood. Being a mother is a lifetime experience that only mothers could have. Untreated postnatal experience is not only affecting the mothers in negative way but also could affect the baby development physiologically. Aside from that, the most important thing is, a direct support from friends and family, so mothers could overcome their condition. Moreover, get more information about the benefits of exercise for mental health that may be helpful in reducing the symptoms. One thing you should know that the benefits of infant massage for mothers with postnatal depression mentioned above are more than just claims but already proven by professionals.