14 Incredible Benefits of Bay Leaves for Weight Loss For Herbal Lover

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How many of you consider the benefits of bay leaves for weight loss? If most of you say no, then you might be not the only person. Since a lot of people know bay leaves for cooking or food. But not many of them aware, that apparently this leaves also can be a good solution when dealing with increasing weight. Therefore, it is one of the suitable natural method to help with weight reduction.

Bay leaves actually can considered as an aromatic leaves. That is why this leaves normally use for food and cooking. For many years, the leaves known with its bitter taste that suit for flavoring. Therefore, it is more common to use it in some cuisine rather than for other uses. But today research find that the extract from bay leaves also works to help with weight management. Hence, it is now start to famous as one of the herbal solution for them who having problems with their diet.

How To Use Bay Leaves

If interest to consume bay leaves for weight loss, then the first thing to do is to find the product. There are some sufficient products in the market that ready to consume. However, if curious and interest to make your own homemade extract, than easily follow this step:

  • Get some fresh dried bay leaves.
  • Boil some water in a pan.
  • Wait for some minutes until the water is boiling and add the dried leaves.
  • Stir the leaves for some second and turn off the heat.
  • Strain the extract water to the jar and let it warm.
  • Pour the extract into a cup and add a teaspoon of honey for flavoring.

Nutrient Content of Bay Leaves

As one of the herbal solution, this leaves contain many nutrient that good for the body. Usually in each 100gr of dried bay leaves will contain below nutrient.

  • 313kcal calories
  • 7.61gr of protein
  • 74.9gr of carbohydrates
  • 26.3gr of fiber
  • 834mg of calcium
  • 43mg of iron
  • 120mg of magnesium
  • 113mg of phosphorus
  • 46mg of vitamin C
  • 1.74mg of vitamin B6

Furthermore, it want to know the benefits of bay leaves for weight loss, see below points for more details.

1. Contain Fiber

The same as many other herbal, this leaves also rich with high number of fiber. Therefore, it is a good way to manage the body system and fill the fiber needs of the body. This benefit is actually the same way as the health benefits of quinoa for breakfast that will help to supply enough fiber for the body.

2. Better Intestine System

Through a good supply of fiber, it will help to bring a better intestinal movement. Therefore, it will be a suitable way to manage with better digestive too. Furthermore, this is one of the important mechanism in managing the over weight of the body.

3. Improve Digestive

By the time the digestive run faster, then digestive system will works optimum. This is good to avoid increasing weight and lead to a better way in keeping the body weight. 

4. Healthy Colon

Consume bay leaves also good to promote a healthier colon. Therefore, it will manage a better processed food circulation inside the colon. This is the same mechanism of the benefits of senna leaves for weight loss that will lead to bring a healthier colon too.

5. Increase Metabolic Rate

Consume the bay leaves extract will be good to increase the body metabolism too. Therefore, it will produce fasten metabolism rate and works to bring more needed energy for the body.

6. Detoxification

The leaves also a good alternative to perform a better detoxification process of the body. Therefore, it will help to eliminate any toxin that mostly interfere the body system.

7. Avoid Constipation

Another benefits of bay leaves for weight loss including to avoid any possible constipation. Therefore, it will result a better colon and stomach condition. It helps to avoid upset stomach and manage to bring the same health benefits of Russian sage that also works to avoid constipation too.

8. Control Calories

Consume the leaves extract will also help to control the calories inside the body. It will manage to absorb important nutrient but eliminate unimportant nutrient content. Therefore, it will efficiently manage a good weight level.

9. Manage Weight

Through a good body system, it will help to manage a better weight. This is the main way how the leaves extract lead into an optimal weight loss.

10. Avoid Fat

Consume bay leaves extract also will help to manage the body avoid fat absorption. Thanks to the leaves capability in improve the digestive and metabolism. Therefore, it bring the same benefits of guava leaves for weight loss that works to avoid fat absorption and improve the weight reduction.

11. Reduce Stress

The extract leaves will also help to reduce any stress. Which is normally can cause increasing weight. Therefore, this herbal alternative is a good solution to avoid weight increment.

12. Improve Sleeping

When the stress is relieve, it will help to improve a better sleep. Therefore, it will help the body to promote weight loss. Since sleep enough will let the body works optimum in produce hormones to support a better body metabolism. 

13. Avoid Diabetes

The leaves will help to manage the insulin level of the body. Therefore, it works to avoid higher blood glucose level. Furthermore, it is good to avoid any diabetes symptoms. This is the same benefits of rambutan for diabetes that works to avoid diabetes too.

14. Anti Oxidant

The leaves also rich with anti oxidant. Therefore, it can be a good way to avoid free radical effect and help to eliminate dangerous toxin. This also help to improve the body hormones and lead to a better weight management too.

Cautions of Bay Leaves

The extract leaves might rich with many benefits. However, it also might consider some cautions. Therefore, it is better to check on below recommendation when plan to consume the extract for reducing weight.

  • If experience any allergically symptoms, it is better to stop consume the bay leaves extract. Mainly if experience itchiness, redness skin or mouth irritation.
  • Do not consume the extract too much as it can make serious digestive problems mainly diarrhea.
  • Make sure to ask the doctor first before consume the extract is still under medical treatment or prescription.
  • Pregnant woman suggested to avoid consume the extract to avoid any unwanted effect during their pregnancy.

By getting the benefits of bay leaves for weight loss, it will be easier to manage the weight for those with over weight problems. Furthermore, it even will works as natural treatment to help reducing the weight. Therefore, consume bay leaves extract may be a good resolution for anyone who wish for alternative method on diet. However, always consider consume the extract in safe manner. Hence, it will bring optimum benefit as expected and not cause any unwanted negative effects.