10 Health Benefits of Picking Your Nose, Is It Good?

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Picking nose is one of the activities that’s done by so many people, either they realize it or not. This activity is done a lot on people’s spare time, that turns out to have many benefits. Picking nose is an activity when someone is cleaning the inside of their nose from leftover of dust and is usually done every day by everyone.

How Does Nose Picking Happen?

Booger inside the nose is basically the leftover of slime that dried up. Nose is one of human’s body organs that naturally produce slime over and over through the mucosa membrane. The slime then would dry out due to natural cycle. This will then cause the nose to be itchy and trigger someone to pick their nose.

Nose picking itself is actually very useful for the body. Are you curious what are actually the benefits of nose picking? Here are the explanations about the health benefits of picking your nose:

  1. Clean the Nasal Cavity

The first benefit of nose picking is definitely to help clean your nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is the way for air to go in, that if the cavity is dirty, then the dirt as well as bacteria can enter the body too. The nose picking activity then can directly maintain the cleanliness of your nasal cavity, helping it to avoid any disruptions from bacteria and germs.

  1. Soothe Breathing Process

The second health benefits of picking your nose is that it can help to soothe out the breathing process. The breathing process can sometimes have some problems and clogged if there are some dirt on the nasal cavity. Sometimes the dried dirt can cause uncomfortable feelings inside the nasal cavity.

Besides cleaning the nasal cavity and avoids germs as well as bacteria, breathing will also be a lot easier and cleaner. It can be say that your nose will be lighter after the nose picking. Do you know that one of the health benefits indian classical dance is to make your breathing process smoother too?

  1. Get Rid of Irritation on Nasal Cavity

Booger that is let to dry out for too long can cause irritation in the nasal cavity. The fact is, dried out booger can’t go out of the nose by itself and needs some assistance, one of it is through the nose picking. Therefore, nose picking is basically helping to prevent irritation on the nasal cavity due to booger that have stick to the nasal cavity for too long.

Bad Sides of Nose Picking

Although it has some benefits, nose picking also cause some down sides. Here are some of the downsides of nose picking:

  • Wound the Nasal Cavity and Cause Nosebleed

This is one of the things that happen the most. When someone is too busy picking their nose, they may not realize that they have reach the limit of the nasal cavity, where the nails can sometime cause wound. This then can lead to nosebleed or irritation when nose picking. Therefore, you should be very careful when nose picking, to avoid your nose from irritation as well as nosebleed. One of the good things from zinc oxide for skin is also good to heal wound, as well as one of the health benefits astragalus root

  • Germs from Nails Can Enter the Body Easily

Besides increasing the risk of nosebleed, nose picking can also cause irritation. This is because sometimes we are not aware about the cleanliness of the fingers and nails. This can lead any germs inside the fingernails to enter the nasal cavity and cause infection on the nasal cavity.

  • Get Flu Easily

Besides of infection, nose picking can also increase the risk for someone to get flu. Just like the explanation before, a lot of germs can enter the nose and they as well as the bacteria can cause many diseases, such as flu, that can attack the nose and the body’s respiratory system. Here’s a fun fact, one of the blood donation side effects is that it can cause you to get flu too. Here are some symptoms of flu that you might want to know.

Things to Be Paid Attention when Nose Picking

After you know about the health benefits of picking your nose, there are some things that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid the negative effects from the activity.

First, of course you have to make sure that your hands are clean when nose picking. So, make sure to wash your hands first before doing it as well as when you’re done with it. This can help to prevent the germs and bacteria from spreading out, therefore the negative effects and risks from nose picking can be avoided.

Second, try to be careful when nose picking because this can cause bleeding as well as nosebleed. Don’t pick your nose too deep or too hard. Picking nose too deep or too harsh and hard can increase the risk of bleeding, nosebleed, and irritation on the nasal cavity, that will certainly cost you a lot. These are the explanations on how nose picking is useful for you and we hope it’s been helpful.