10 Super Health Benefits of Indian Classical Dance

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indian classical danceDancing is a fun activity. You can move to the rhythm of the song and create fascinating movements. Not only can make the mind fresh. But dancing is also good for health. One of the dances you should learn if you have a hobby of dancing is the health benefits of Indian classical dance.

Indian dance is a dance used for healing and inner consciousness. Indian society also believes that supported by the fact that dancing accompanied by music and song is useful for human health. Physical and mental health.

There are many benefits you can get by doing Indian classical dance.

  1. Strengthen muscles

Dancing can strengthen your muscles. this can happen because there are dance movements that have the same function with exercise to strengthen muscles in health benefits of moringa leaves

  1. Train breathing

In addition, Indian classical dance can also be used as a breathing exercise. Every movement requires rules of the game and also rhythm. That’s where your breathing will be arranged so that your movements can match and not lose excessive breath

  1. Smooth blood circulation

An active movement can prove to dilate your blood circulation in health benefits saffron. if the blood flow smoothly, then all the organs in the body will get enough nutrition

  1. Make your body healthier

It has something to do with the smooth circulation of blood as well as the active movements of the limbs. Dance is a fun sport.

  1. Healthy heart

A smooth blood circulation will make your heart healthier with benefits of honey for heart disease. In addition, any gentle movements in the dance will make the heartbeats become more stable

  1. Good for mental health

Dancing is also good for mental health because someone will become fresher by dancing. The entire burden of the mind will be lost for doing a pleasant thing. Surely this is excellent mental therapy in health benefits of singing for mental health and well being

  1. Overcoming stress

Stress is part of mental health. By dancing, stress can also be handled well. Because prolonged stress not only affects the mental health alone. But it also affects your physical health in health benefits of popping bubble wrap

  1. Improve memory

This is based on a study by The New England Journal of Medicine which states that dancing can improve memory and prevent dementia. Because, during the dance, you have to remember every movement you’ve learned before

  1. Increase flexibility

The body will become more flexible by dancing. The benefits of a flexible body are to minimize the occurrence of muscle injury if something happens to your body

  1. Lose weight

This is because, during the dance, you spend a lot of energy to perform dance moves. In addition, the fat in the body will also burn because of the movement you do cause heat


If you want to get a lot of benefits from dancing, do not just do health benefits of Indian classical dance only. But there are many types of dance that you can do. Starting from gentle movements to fast movement.