Surprising Benefits of Eggplant for Anemia #Iron Source

Anemia is one of the diseases caused by lack of iron nutrient in the body. This disease has symptoms such as chronic fatigue. To deal with this, you can consume foods which have the source of iron for sure. In this case, it is advised to consume fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins […]

Miraculous Benefits of Guava for Anemia Treatments #Proven

Every human being must have a metabolism system and immunity that are different from one another. The difference between these body’s organs is affected by the quality of your food intake and the nutrition contents of it that you consume every day. This is also how it works for those who suffer from Anemia. They […]

22 Super Fast Anemia Treatments Naturally & From Foods

Do you know the disease called anemia? So, anemia is the disease that occurs whenever your body have the level of the red blood cells in your blood that is lower than normal. There are a lot of types of anemia, but the iron deficiency anemia is the most common types of the anemia. So, […]

20 Symptoms of Anemia (No. 3,4 & 5 Unexpected)

We bet that everyone one of you have already know about the disease called anemia. So, the anemia is the disease that occurs when the amount of healthy red blood cells in the body is too low and the symptom related to anemia is also commonly occurring because of the decreased oxygen supply to the […]