10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Rukem Fruit

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rukem fruitRukem fruit is one type of fruits native to Indonesia but now its existence is quite a step. In fact, if consumed has a lot of benefits for our health.

Has the Latin name Flacourtia rukam, it tastes sour, rounded shape and when ripe red-purple.

Nutrition content on rukem fruit include:

  • vitamin C
  • fiber
  • fat

You will be able to feel the many benefits of the health benefits of rukem fruit, including:

  1. Maintain eye health

Rukem fruit is also rich in vitamin A, so it is good for eyes health. The leaf part of the rukem plant is also commonly used to treat inflammation of the eyelid.

  1. Energy sources

If you are tired after exercise or work, rukem fruit can be an alternative to restoring your energy. This is because in the fresh fruit rukem contains about 345 kJ / 100 gr. Read more: health benefits sago rice

  1. Treating diarrhea

Rukem fruit and leaves are still young can be used also to overcome diarrhea. The trick is to boil the fruit and leaves rukem, you drink boiled water. You may also like: health benefits of basil leaves

  1. Relieve the pain during menstruation

Nutrient content found in rukem fruit can ease the pain that is often experienced by most women when menstruation comes. Read more about health benefits of mayana plant

  1. Prevent cancer

Vitamin C in rukem fruit is an antioxidant compound that can prevent damage to body cells and also DNA mutations. So you also will avoid cancer. Vitamin C is also known to help regenerate vitamin E which is also a powerful antioxidant compound. Related article: how to prevent cancers

  1. Maintaining healthy hair

Vitamin C found in rukem fruit also has a function to maintain healthy hair. Consumption of fruit rukem regularly will keep your hair healthy.

  1. Cures indigestion

The content in rukem fruit is also very good for your digestive system. The bad bacteria found in your intestines will be destroyed so you will be protected from digestive problems.

  1. Disguise insect bites

Insect bites like mosquitoes often make a brace on our skin and this can disturb your appearance. Simply put water on the rukem fruits in place of bite marks, then you will see the traces will fade so not so visible.

  1. Maintain bone health

Mineral content of calcium in rukem fruit function to keep your bone density. Thus the bone structure will be strong at the same time preventing osteoporosis.

  1. Maintain healthy skin

The content of vitamin C in rukem fruit helps the production of hydroxyls and hydroxyproline, both of these compounds serve to produce collagen. While collagen will make the skin structure becomes firmer. So that the skin wrinkles that indicate the aging themselves will be reduced.


For those of you who have never eaten the health benefits of rukem fruit, if you eat it right then the taste will definitely come up and most will judge this fruit tastes uncomfortable. Before you eat the fruit, you massage the fruit first and then you can eat it, then the taste will be reduced even lost.