10 Health Benefits of Xanthan Gum for Skin and Health You Must Know

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Xanthan is made from the fermentation of glucose by Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. In personal care, Health benefits of Xanthan Gum is used as an additional ingredient to make cosmetics in Health Benefits of Honey to smooth the skin, such as face wash like benefits coffee scrub skin, moisture lotion, and moisture cream. Based on some sources, this product does have benefits, but little. While in the food mixture, xanthan is used to keep food soft (like ice cream), moist, and has a unique texture.

Based on some sources on the internet, xanthan gum is very good for your skin and hair.

  1. Fight cancer

Xanthan gum is also proven through research to fight cancer cells to avoid developing like benefits of pomegranate for cancer.

  1. Helping oropharyngeal dysphagia patients

Patients suffering from this disease have problems with swallowing. Where the person is difficult to empty the esophagus. While xanthan gum helps the patient to be able to swallow well.

  1. As an emulsifier

Usually, for those who are accustomed to making food, Health Benefits of Xanthan Gum can be used as an emulsifier.

  1. As a thickener

Aside from being an emulsifier, xanthan gum also serves as a food thickener. Usually, the chefs in the restaurant use xanthan gum for thickener on salad dressing. As for the cake, xanthan can keep the cookies fresh. You may also read Health Benefits of Rice Cakes

  1. Used in making ice cream

Do you like ice cream? How is the texture? It must be soft. This is because there is a mixture of xanthan gum which prevents the crystallization of ice cream. So, ice cream that you eat still has a soft texture. You must read this: Ice Cream Benefits

  1. for the manufacture of gluten-free foods

For people who avoid gluten-free foods, they usually contain a mixture of xanthan gum.

  1. as an ingredient of skin care products

In skin care products such as lotions, creams, and foaming solutions, xanthan gum is often used. Xanthan provides a liquid texture but is more viscous and solid. Another product that uses xanthan gum is toothpaste.

  1. used in industry

Have you ever thought how paint can stick well on the wall? In fact, xanthan gum is also used as a mixture of some industrial products such as paints. With a mixture of xanthan gum, the paint will be attached more stable.

  1. smooth the skin

Some beauty products may have a delicate effect on your skin. Did you know that it is because of the mixture of xanthan present in the product?

  1. make skin moist

The last benefit is xanthan gum can make the skin become moist. Because xanthan gum binds water.


The US FDA and the European Food Safety Authority state that xanthan gum is safe to use. However, for nursing mothers or in children do not give xanthan gum because it can endanger health. In addition, in some people, xanthan gum can cause bloating as well as digestive problems.