Find Out Health Benefits of Carnation Instant Breakfast Daily

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Today people prefer to choose everything instant, including choosing the health benefits of carnation instant breakfast for their meal. This is the fastest way to serve the breakfast in limited time. More over, it contains benefit that good for the body and bring enough nutrition for daily meal. Therefore, this option is one of the good option rather than  only having a cup of coffee in the morning.

Carnation instant breakfast is more likely a cereal with milk inside it. This breakfast option is quite delicious and bring some vitamins and minerals. This instant breakfast is preferred by most of the children as replacement of bread or pancake. If it is compared, a portion of carnation vs a slice of bread will bring the same number of energy. This make this instant meal is one of the good choice in the morning.

To serve the carnation is not difficult. It also easier to find this product in daily market. Furthermore, it is sell around the world. Therefore, it is known in many countries. In serving this breakfast, simply pour out a hot water into a sachet of this product. Put on in a cup or glass and it ready to serve in one minute. This is a simple way that preferred by most children which parent has limited time in the morning with quite high activities.

Nutrient Content of Carnation Instant Breakfast

In one serving of carnation instant breakfast, or about 250ml, it is normally contain below nutrient:

  • 240cal of calories
  • 4gr of fat
  • 10mg of cholesterol
  • 150mg of sodium
  • 460mg potassium
  • 41gr of carbohydrates
  • 15gr of sugars
  • 10gr of proteins
  • various vitamins

For further health benefits of carnation instant breakfast, see below list of benefits:

1. Energy Source

The meal contain enough calories that good to support daily needs of energy. Specially for children who needs the energy to do activities in school. Therefore, it is a good replacement of other similar breakfast. This is the same health benefits of Chinese food that can help to bring the source of energy too.

2. Avoid Hunger

As the meal contain energy including carbohydrates and protein, it is a good way to avoid hunger. Therefore, it is a good breakfast replacement. It will help the stomach feel fullness. Furthermore, it can help to delay starving.

3. Strength Bone

The meal also contain enough vitamins and mineral that can support a strength bone. It will help to optimize the bone strength and avoid bone fracture. Furthermore, it is good for the bone development and help to produce higher growth in children. This is the same health benefits of lettuce that can help to perform a strong bone too.

4. Strength Teeth

Not only good for the bone, the breakfast also fit to help improving a strength teeth. Therefore, it is good to avoid tooth ache and help a better tooth grow in children.

5. Muscle Development

The breakfast contain enough number of protein. Therefore, it is good to manage a health and strong muscle. Furthermore, it is good to manage a muscle development in children. It will help a better muscle coordination. This is the same health benefits fish oil muscle building that can help to support muscle development too.

6. Improve Brain

The protein also good to manage a better brain development. Therefore, it is good to improve the brain function and help to optimize the mind and thinking.

7. Optimum Memory

Another health benefits of carnation instant breakfast including to improve the memory. It is good for children brain development that learn to remind many things. This is the same benefits of oxygen that can help to improve an optimum memory too.

8. Avoid Anemia

As the breakfast contain several minerals, it is good to avoid anemia for the children. It can help to stimulate the formation of red blood cell. Furthermore, it can improve the oxygen flow inside the blood arteries.

9. Improve Metabolic Rate

The breakfast meal also good to improve body metabolic rate. Therefore, it will optimize the change from food into energy needed. This is the same health benefits rice noodles that can help to improve body metabolism too.

10. Maintain Digestive

Consume carnation instant breakfast also good to maintain the digestive system in children. It will help to avoid stomach ache and help to avoid digestive problems. Furthermore, it can help to improve intestine bowel movement in performing fasten digest. 

11. Healthy Joint

The minerals inside the meal also a good way to bring a healthy joint. It will help to manage a better joint connection and avoid the possibility of having joint inflammation. Therefore, it can help to optimize the children daily activities.

12. Improve Immunity

Consume this breakfast also good to improve body immunity. It can help to avoid sickness due to bacteria or virus infection. Furthermore, it can help to manage a healthy body by avoid any fever. It can help to strength the body through all of the vitamins inside the meal.

Cautions And Recommendation of Carnation Instant Breakfast

Even the product claims good for the children, it doesn’t mean that this product has no side effects. For further information, check out below cautions:

  • It contains enough sugar that make this product should not consume several times daily. This can lead into child diabetic and hyperactive child due to the high number of sugars.
  • It also contain preservative. Therefore, try to switch the daily breakfast with another meal for variation. Enormous number of consuming this product may lead into cancer.
  • It contain enough calories which might not fit for dinner replacement. Therefore, it is only use for breakfast, as the calories will use to perform activities whole day.
  • People with any high blood tension or diabetic symptoms suggested to avoid this breakfast. As this product contain enough sugar and sodium.

Those all the health benefits of carnation instant breakfast. At the end, this product is more suitable for children during their development stage. When adult people decide to consume it too, it is better not to consume it frequently. Choosing a sugar free breakfast is much more better since adult will not needs the carnation nutrient for the body development.