18 Amazing Health Benefits of Plumeria You Never Know

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Cambodian flowers are generally planted in the yard of the house to beautify the house. Plumeria is not only found in Indonesia, but many also used by other countries. Behind the beautiful colors of the Cambodian plants, it has unexpected unique facts.

The Unique Facts of Plumeria

There are some unique facts that many people do not know about Cambodian Flowers:

  1. In Taiwan, Japan, and China, Plumeria has been processed into perfume, brewed tea, and mosquito repellent.
  2. Plumeria actually includes to the type of flowers that can be eaten as well as turi flowers and papaya flowers.
  3. Plumeria that had been dried will be very useful because it can lower body temperature, treat gingivitis or throat, chapped lips, and appetite enhancer.
  4. Plumeria flower found by a French Botani named Charles Plumier in the 16th century.
  5. Flower of Cambodia is known by many names: Flower Semboja (Java), Flower Jebun (Bali), Flower Samoja (Sunda), Flower Lomilate (Gorontalo), Campaka Flower (Madura), Flower Pandam (Minangkabau), Flower Kolosusu (Minahasa), Flower Capaka Kubu (Tidore).

The Benefits of Plumeria Flowers For Herbal Medicine

Here are the health benefits of plumeria as an herbal medicine:

1. Treating Diabetes

With plumeria, gonorrhea can be healed naturally and minimal risk. How to make it:

  • Prepare a piece of plumeria root and wash it thoroughly
  • Boil one piece of plumeria root that has been clean with one glass of water to boil
  • Drink boiled water once a day until healed

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2. Healing Inflammation

Swelling that is usually caused by insect stings or hit by a collision can be treated with plumeria flowers, the way to do it is:

  • Prepare 1 shell of plumeria skin and wash thoroughly
  • Mop until smooth and boil with ½ water kettle to boil
  • Use boiled water to soak the swollen body

3. Treating ulcers

Ulcers can interfere our daily activities because when exposed to touch they will cause pain. You can treat it by:

  • Prepare plumeria leaves and wash them thoroughly
  • Apply the plumeria leaves with coconut oil
  • Stick the plumeria leaves that have been smeared coconut oil on the body parts that have ulcers
  • Do this regularly until the abscess disappears

4. Smoothen Digestion

If you have digestive problems, boil plumeria flowers with tea because plumeria flowers are believed to give a cool and good effect for the digestive problem.  

5. Antibiotics

The sap of plumeria flower contains alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and triterpenoids and in sap contains poisonous pentameric triterpenoids. Because of its toxicity and lethal then plumeria’s sap with the right dosage can be used as an antibiotic medicine.

6. Eliminating Warts

Warts on your body can be cured by Plumeria Leaves naturally and quickly, how to do it:

  • Take a sap of plumeria flower using cotton and stick it on the wart
  • Should be careful because the sap of plumeria is so dangerous that it should not be exposed to other body parts

7. Treating Tooth Cavities

Teeth with holes would make our lives disturbed because the pain is so great. Therefore, immediately treat the teeth with holes in plumeria leaves. Follow this way:

  • Take the sap of plumeria tree using cotton
  • Apply the cotton on the tooth part of the hole

There are many alternative medicines besides Plumeria Flowers that you can try :

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8. Eliminate Moles

Moles that are too much on the body effect not beautify themselves but disturbing. If you want to remove the mole naturally and minimize the risk of using plumeria leaves. How to do it:

  • Take plumeria sap using cotton
  • Stick the cotton on the mole
  • Do this regularly until the mole disappears

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9. Treating Skin Disease

Panu can be cured easily by plumeria leaves, therefore it is advisable to try to treat panu with plumeria leaves, the way is:

  • Take bark of plumeria leaves
  • Boil with enough water to boil
  • Use the cooking water to bathe or wash the body parts of the panu or skin disease 

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10. Smoothen Cracked Feet Skin

The crack of feet skin is disturbing the appearance because it makes us not confident when wearing shoes. You can make the skin of the foot becomes smooth and beautiful again with plumeria leaves, how to do it:

  • Take one piece of plumeria  flower and boil with 3 liters of water
  • After boiling wait until warm
  • Soak the cracked feet skin using the boiled water
  • Do it regularly once a day before bed

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11. Vegetable Complement

Plumeria flower mixed in cooking is believed to give the effect of delicious taste and health therapy that is beneficial to the body.

12. Treating Frambusia

To treat Frambusia by using plumeria leaves are:

  • Take the bark of plumeria as many as three palms
  • Wash and cut into pieces
  • Boil with 3 liters of water to boil
  • Wait for the boiled water to warm up and take a bath or soak in the boiled water

13. Treating ulcers

Treat ulcers by applying a plumeria sap on a washed ulcer with warm water.

The Health Benefits of Plumeria’s Other Parts

In addition to the Flower part of plumeria plant that can be utilized, there are many parts of the plant that can be used as herbal medicine, following the review:  

1. Flower Stalk

Stalk of plumeria contains white resin containing resin, kautscuk, rubber compound, triterpenoid amylin and lupeol compounds. The bark of plumeria itself is useful for relieving pain due to swelling or the presence of crack on the soles of the feet.

The plumeria flower containing the glycodic compound which is toxic and can, therefore, be used as a toothache or wound medicine if the dose is appropriate. One thing to note, plumeria sap can not affect the eye because it will lead to blindness. 

2. Flower

Plumeria flowers can be used to prevent rheumatism or uric acid for health, relieve high fever, launch urine, treat digestion, and cure constipation. In addition fragrant of plumeria flower is also often used as a mixture of soap, mosquito coils, and perfume.

3. Flower Skins

Plumeria gum can cure itching because it contains a kind of antiseptic. However, in the usage to note the dose and skin condition of the patient because if the skin type of sensitive patient then the use of plumeria sap will cause irritation. Plumeria flower sap can be taken by breaking the base of the leaves or pruning the plumeria tree trunk.

Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of plumeria for natural treatments.