List of Herbs with 4 Letters and Health Benefits

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There are a lot of ways you could do to learn a bit more about herbs, spices and herbal plant with amazing medicinal properties perfect for home remedy or alternative option of medication. If it is difficult for you to memorize all the herbs around you perhaps you could start memorizing and learning the list of herbs with 4 letters and health benefits as below.

  1. Amla

Amla is the local name of Indian Gooseberry which is like any other berry is packed with fiber and antioxidants to promote healthy digestion and boost immunity system. Consuming amla regularly could help slowing down the aging process.

  1. Dill

The list of health benefits of dill leaves is as long as the benefits of the seeds. For women, consuming dill leaves could help reducing the symptoms of PMS like stomach pain and cramp. As rich of antioxidants dill leaves and seeds are great to fight cancer.

  1. Fern

Fern is herbal plant which commonly consumed as vegetables. Compared to other plants fern is excellent source of mineral to support bone health and optimize the function of nerve system.

  1. File

Sassfras is the local name of the plant from where file powder was made. File powder is commonly consumed by those with hypertension problem to help reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure.

  1. Gabi

Speaking of vegetables that are rich of fiber, gabi leaves is among the highly recommended vegetable to consume in daily basis. Health benefits of fiber are essential for human metabolism such as improving digestive system and managing cholesterol level.

  1. Goji

Goji or goji berry is excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene. Surely you know how essential health benefits of beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C for human health especially for children during development stage.

  1. Hemp

Hemp seed is commonly used as herbal remedy in the form of essential oil. Hemp oil is excellent source of fatty acid, antioxidants and protein.

  1. Hops

Not a lot of people know about the health benefits of hops herbs because this bitter herb is not pleasant to consume. However, some scientific studies have proven how effective this herb in preventing insomnia and stress relieve.

  1. Ilex

Those who are familiar with yerba mate tea must know that ilex or Ilex paraguariensis. This herbal plant is super helpful to boost energy and excellent for mental focus improvement. There are a lot of athletes are drinking this herbal tea to help them enhancing their physical performance.

  1. Kale

Speaking of green leafy vegetables, kale is in the top of the list. Health benefits of kale are including rich of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C and some essential minerals.

  1. Kino

Kino tree is as well known as herb especially growth for diabetic patients. Consuming kino herb could help diabetic patients managing their blood sugar level naturally by controlling the production of insulin.

  1. Kuri

Those who are suffering from insomnia could consume kuri squash because some studies have found out how kuri squash could help improving sleep quality naturally.

  1. Kush

Traditionally kush weed is used to treat muscle spasm while in modern medication kush weed is used to help people fighting Alzheimer and dementia.

  1. Lime

Lime is excellent source of vitamin C benefits which are good for metabolism, skin and hair. Vitamin C assists in optimizing the mineral absorption especially iron and calcium.

  1. Mint

Mint is probably the most well known herbs around the world. The aromatic aroma of mint has a lot of benefits from relieving anxiety up to reducing the symptoms of depression.

  1. Napa

Napa cabbage is well known as vegetables for kimchi, the traditional dish from Korea. Aside from that napa cabbage is excellent source of essential minerals which is good for RBCs production to fight anaemia and some mineral deficiencies.

  1. Neem

Neem leaves are also well known as insulin plant which is good for patients with certain types of diabetes due to its ability to reduce the level of blood sugar level.

  1. Noni

Both noni fruit and noni leaves have essential benefits of human health due to its anti-analgesic properties and its high content of vitamin C which is natural immunity booster.

  1. Okra

Okra is rich of fiber and among foods that lower cholesterol level. The fiber content in okra could help eliminating the excessive amount of cholesterol in human body.

  1. Pine

Pine is one of the tree plants which bark is well known since ancient time used as herbal remedy to help men overcoming their erectile dysfunction condition.

  1. Ragi

Ragi is staple food from India and highly recommended for mothers during pregnancy. Ragi is packed with essential minerals, carbohydrate and plant-based protein which are important for fetus development.

  1. Rose

It is a common knowledge that rose water has a lot of benefits for skin health. The active compound found in rose water could help eliminating excessive oil that could lead to acnes, pimples and other skin conditions.

  1. Sage

There are a lot of health benefits of sage leaves but the most important is a home remedy to prevent diarrhea for both children and adult.

  1. Taro

Taro is excellent source of carbohydrate which is good as energy booster and among foods that are recommended to be consumed for breakfast.

  1. Ugli

Ugli fruit is one of the exotic fruit in the world with amazing medicinal properties such as packed with vitamin C and fiber which are good for digestion and weight loss.

  1. Weed

Weed is another name of cannabis which is probably having a super bad reputation due to its flying effect. However, in modern medication weed has been used to treat anxiety and depression due to its potent anti-depressant content.

  1. Yuzu

Yuzu looks like lemon and comes from the same citrus family. It means yuzu is rich of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants which are good for skin.

The list of herbs with 4 letters and health benefits as mentioned above may not give you all the information you need about the world of herbs and spices which is enormous but they are informative enough for those who are willing to learn about herbs and spices from the beginning. The knowledge of herbs and spices may not make you an expert but knowing about them could be beneficial in everyday life or during emergency time.