12 Wonderful Health Benefits of Drinking Dutch Mill Yoghurt Milk

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There are a lot of peoples aware the health benefits of drinking Dutch mill and really loves to consume this drink. As one of delicious beverages, this drink also bring many advantages for the body system. Mainly for digestive system and good intestinal. Therefore, people which having problems with their stomach prefer to consume this drink as one of the natural alternatives.

Dutch mill is actually an UHT drinking yoghurt. This drinking are famous with the delicious taste and several delicious variant too. The drink is made of cow milk that mixed with some flavored fruits. This is why this yoghurt milk taste very good and many people loves to consume it. The drink is fermented using some microbes to result a yoghurt. Therefore, not only taste great, it also rich with various vitamins and minerals too.

How to Use Dutch Mill

Consume Dutch mill can be perform in various way. It will depends on each person preferences. Therefore, if needs information on ways to gain the advantages, see below several common consumption of it:

  • For children, it is suggested to take 1 to 2 pack of 90ml Dutch mill yoghurt drink every day.
  • For adult, it is suggested to take 1 to 2 pack of 180ml Dutch mill yoghurt drink every day.

Nutrient Content of Dutch Mill

There are several nutrients inside this delicious drink. Normally in each 100ml of Dutch mill yoghurt drink will contain below lists of nutrient:

  • 80kcal of calories
  • 1.6gr of protein
  • 1.1gr of fat
  • 4mg of cholesterol
  • 15.5gr of sugar
  • 15.5gr of carbohydrates
  • 0.5gr of fiber
  • 45mg of sodium
  • 52mg of calcium
  • 55mg of vitamin A
  • 33mg of vitamin D
  • 0.1mg of vitamin B1
  • 0.1mg of vitamin B2

If needs to know further the health benefits of drinking Dutch mill yoghurt, below are several lists of advantages:

1. High Nutrient

One of the most important benefits of this yoghurt drink is to provide several contents of nutrient. This is because the yoghurt drink contain a quite high nutrient content. Therefore, it can help to supply vitamins and minerals for the body. This is the same mechanism of the health benefits of elderberry tea that bring a high nutrient content too.

2. Supply Vitamin D

The yoghurt also rich in vitamin D content. Therefore, it is a good way to supply needed vitamin D for the whole body system. Mainly to develop the bone, muscle, and brain.

3. High Fiber

This drink is rich with fiber content. Therefore, consume the Dutch mill yoghurt will help to supply the needs of the fiber for body. This is the same health benefits of uncle sam cereal for diet that also bring enough fiber as needed by the body too.

4. Improve Digestive

The fiber content from the drink will help to improve the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it will be a way to improve the digestive system and even lead to a fasten digest. Furthermore, it will work to keep a healthier digestive process.

5. Avoid Digestive Problems

A good digestion system can help to avoid any digestive problems. Therefore, the drink will suitable to avoid any constipation or even upset stomach. Furthermore, this will act the same health benefits of Korean cooking that will help to avoid any digestive problems too.

6. Better Metabolic Rate

The health benefits of drinking Dutch mill can help to improve the body metabolism system. Therefore, it can increase the body metabolic rate. Mainly to help with better conversion of food to needed energy.

7. Probiotic

Dutch mill yoghurt drink also contain probiotic. This is because the fermented process through microbes content inside the drink. Furthermore, it can help to be a good laxative in the intestine. The same health benefits fermented vegetable juice that also works to be a good probiotic too.

8. Improve Immunity

Consume the drink will help to supply needed vitamins for keeping the body health. Therefore, this can be a good solution for those who wants to improve the body immune system. This also a way to avoid further infection by bacteria or viruses.

9. Strength Bone

This yoghurt drink also suitable to manage a healthier bone condition. It will add more bone mass and develop a strong bone. This benefit is actually the same benefits of turmeric for bones that also good to manage a strength bone too.

10. Against Osteoporosis

When the bone mass is increased, this will be a mechanism to help avoid any osteoporosis symptoms. It will help to manage a strength bone density and help to avoid any possible fractures. Therefore, not only good for young age, consume the drink also good for adults too.

11. Support Children Grow

Through the various nutrient inside the drink, including the vitamins and minerals content inside this yoghurt, it can help to support a better children grow. Therefore, this drink is suitable for the children during their development age.

12. Weight Loss

A good digestive system can help to maintain the weight. Therefore, it can be a good way to support the weight loss program. Furthermore, it will lead to improve nutrient absorption and avoid further fat absorb.

Recommendation of Dutch Mill Consumption

Drinking Dutch mill yoghurt is good for the health system, however there are several things need to consider. Therefore, for the best advantage of this drink, it is better to check on below recommendation:

  • Always store the drink in the room temperature or refrigerator to avoid any damage content.
  • Do not consume in case the drink has been expired. It can cause sickness.
  • Do not consume if the packaging is broken or the seal is damage.
  • Make sure to avoid consume too much of the product to avoid diarrhea.
  • Do not put added sugar as this may lead to diabetic symptoms.
  • In case of having allergy to dairy products, avoid to consume this drink.
  • Avoid the drink if having lactose intolerant.

Through the health benefits of drinking Dutch mill, it will bring the body to get a good digestive system. Furthermore, it also can help to supply a lot of vitamin D and calcium. Therefore, it is best for supporting children growth. However, several consideration still needs to attend to avoid further side effects that can be dangerous.