12 Benefits of Flowers for Health and Happiness

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flowersFlowers are one of the most common plant species found in all places. There are many species of flowers that are found all over the world. Many people who deliberately buy flowers as a symbol of love, as an ornamental plant, or also as a natural perfume room. However, did you know that flowers also have benefits of flowers for health and happiness? Here’s the explanation for you!

  1. Overcoming red eye

Red eyes are usually caused by allergies to dust or mites. You can treat red eyes using any of the flowers that can be found around you such as Telang Flower. The flower is from Southeast Asia. It contains anosianin, amino acids, flavonoids, lactones, proteins, ramnos, and other substances that can cope with red eyes.

  1. Curing inflammation

One of the flowers that can heal inflammation is the Corong flowers. This flower is very easy to find by humans. In the flower funnel, there are saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols that can cure inflammatory diseases.

  1. Lowering fever

High fever can endanger the sufferer. Therefore, if a person has a high fever within a few days, should get treatment from a doctor. In addition, there are also flowers that can reduce the fever is Lonceng China flower. It comes from East Asia and has a beautiful purple color

  1. As an anti-fungus

Flowers can also be used as an anti-fungal. Like one of the flowers that have a distinctive aroma, namely Srigading flowers. This flower has several substances that can fight the growth of fungi.

  1. For leukemia therapy

Leukemia is a deadly disease commonly referred to as white blood cell cancer. Apparently, there is a flower that can be used as a therapy for this disease, namely Tapak Dara flower. This flower contains ajmalicine, akuammine, vindoline, lochnerine, vincamine, and other substances. However, the use of this flower as a drug also has side effects: nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, coma, even in severe levels can cause death. Read more: health benefits of bee pollen with royal jelly

  1. Overcoming seizures

Seizures are usually caused by excessively high body temperature. One of the flowers that can overcome the seizures and easy to find is the Pacing flowers. Besides being a live pharmacy can also be used as an ornamental plant. Pacing flowers contain saponins and toxins that can help overcome seizures.

  1. Heal canker sores

Canker sores in humans often occur. The cause is due to lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C can be found in several types of vegetables and fruits. In addition to taking vitamin C, thrush patients should also get treatment. Natural medicine that can be used is Jotang flowers. This flower is found in many areas of Southeast Asia and also South America.

  1. Relieve stress

Flowers are also often used as a therapy to relieve stress. This can happen because by looking at flowers, can cause a sense of calm and comfort. So as to make anyone who is the collection of flowers, the stress will be lost. Read more: health risks of stress

  1. Perfume natural room

There are also some flowers that are used as the room’s natural perfume. Because the flower has a distinctive aroma and very fragrant. Some examples of flowers that can be used as perfume room are roses, jasmine flowers, and night flowers.

  1. Stopping diarrhea

Peacock flowers are flowers that can be used to overcome diarrhea. This flower comes from Asia as well as Africa. The contents of this flower include alkaloids, glucose, benzoic acid, lumbagol, tannins, red substances, and saponin.

  1. Relieves pain

To relieve the pain there is usually a chemical drug to be consumed. But it turns out there are natural remedies that can be used to ease the pain of the flower, namely Senggani flowers. This flower has analgesic properties so it can relieve pain in the human body. Read more: health benefits of paw-paw leaves

  1. Natural sedatives

Flower beads are flowers that can be used as a natural sedative. This flower comes from America with its distinctive color yellow. You can find this flower in the square of the town square. Because usually, the city government planted this flower as an ornamental plant.


If you decide to use the benefits of flowers for health and happiness as a medicine, you should consult the experts first.