10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Magnolia #Asian Herbs

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Magnolia is a kind of fragrance flower.  This flower is commonly used in various traditional ceremonies such as for wedding gear, or used in ritual nyekar or pilgrimage grave. For the people of Java, magnolias have a ritual meaning which means to have a close relationship although it has different nature.

In some societies, Magnolia is one type of flower that has some myth like, the tree used as a residence for the magical creature such as kuntilanak (Kind of woman ghost in Indonesia). But in the medical world, Magnolia flowers are believed to be able to treat some health problems. The content of natural compounds such as mikelarbina alkaloids and liriodenina is believed to have properties as expectorant and diuretic.

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Although it is loaded with myths, in fact, the flower of Magnolia has various uses for life, such as:

1. As a Complement to Traditional Ceremonies

There are health benefits of Magnolia. In some societies such as Java and Bali, the benefits of  Magnolia flowers are commonly used in various types of traditional ceremonies such as weddings. This flower is used as decoration bun and ornament of ancestral weapons such as keris and so forth.

2. As Hair Fragrances

In some societies, the Magnolia flowers are usually used as a decoration head or tucked in the ear. This can give a fragrance effect on the hair. You also may read health benefits of coconut milk on hair.

3. To Eliminate Body Odor

Flowers that have this distinctive aroma can help in overcoming the problem of body odor. The way is by boiling the flowers with or without adding a mixture of betel leaf. Then, use the stew as the water bath or it could be by boiling dried flowers with some amount of water, then, the water can be drunk to drink to overcome body odor. In addition, to overcome odor naturally, read health benefits of pandan leaves.

4. Can Treat Vertigo Disorders

Vertigo is a health disorder where the sufferer will experience the sensation of swirling. This can be overcome by boiling about 5 to 7 dried flower buds using +/- 500 ml of clean water. Boil until the water stay + / – 200 ml and the consumption of the stew of the flowers while in warm conditions.

5. Can Help to Treat Flatulence

Flatulence disorders that definitely feel uncomfortable, can be overcome by using herbs derived from the flowers of the Magnolia. The way is to boil +/- 5 Magnolia flower buds mixed with ginger +/- 5 grams, 3 cardamom grains, and 5 grams of mandarin orange skin that has dried along with +/- 700 ml of clean water. Boil a few moments until water is only +/- 300 ml only. Consumption of these herbs when the water condition is still warm.

6. To Treat Sinusitis

Well, there are many health benefits of Magnolia. Sinusitis is a health disorder that occurs due to infection in airway cavities such as nose, face, and forehead. Benefits of Magnolia flowers as one of the herbs help to overcome such disorders. The trick is to regularly consume herbs made from:

  • Mixed +/- 30 grams of dried cotton flowers
  • Mix other ingredients such as 30 mint leaves, ginger 15 grams, and garlic as much as 2 cloves.
  • Boil all the ingredients with clean water +/- 800 cc for a while until boiling water to stay half.
  • Use the ingredients  2 times a day every 200 ccs in one consumption.

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7. Can help Treat Whitish Problems

Although this is normal among women, but if the disruption of whiteness is ignored can be fatal. To help overcome these disorders, women should be diligent to consume herbs made from the flowers of the Magnolia, how to use:

  • dried cotton flowers of +/- 30 grams,
  • Soaked until the texture becomes soft as much as +/- 60 grams, and pomegranate skin +/- 15 grams
  • Boil with enough water for a few moments, then consumption of the stew and jelly it is still warm.

8. Overcoming Respiratory Tract Inflammation

To help overcome health problems such as inflammation of the respiratory tract, we can also utilize the content of the Magnolia flowers to help overcome the disorder. The way to use is to regularly consume a concoction made of:

  • leaf +/- 15 grams, lily bulbs, and dried mandarin orange peel
  • boil these ingredients using +/- 500 ccs of clean water
  • Boil all the ingredients until the water is left +/- 200 cc
  • To add flavor, we can add a little honey
  • Drink the potion while still warm

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9. To Help Cure a Cough

Whooping cough and cough with phlegm can be treated by using herbs derived from Magnolia flowers, ginger, and mandarin orange skin that has been dried. Boil all ingredients using a few cc of clean water until the water is only half. Before drinking, the herb can also be added with honey, to add the sweet taste. Drink boiled water as much as 2 times a day each 150 cc.

10. Helps Overcome Chest disruption

Sometimes we feel our chest feeling full that will eventually cause bloated. This can be overcome by using the ingredients derived from the benefits of Magnolia flowers, as for the how to use it: Dried cotton +/- 15 grams boiled with 500 ccs of clean water for some time until the water becomes half. Drink the potion while warm on a regular basis. 

Characteristics of Magnolia Flower

The tree of high Magnolia reaches up to 30 The flower. The flower that has a Latin name michelia alba is much found in various regions in Indonesia such as Central Java, Bali, and other areas.

The characteristics of plants that enter the family of Magnoliaceae include:

  • The height of the tree can reach 30 meters
  • It has woody stems
  • On ordinary branches flavored with soft gray hairs
  • Has a single leaf that is oval
  • Has a long stalk almost half of the length of the leaf.
  • Rarely or lacked fruit
    Vegetative breeding
  • Living in an area that has a tropical climate with an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level.
  • Flowers have a white color with taper, small, and elongated petals.

In Indonesia, Magnolia flowers have several names such a white Cempaka, kempai, Cempaka bodas, Cempaka, jeumpa gadeng, campaka putieh, sampaka mopusi, kebo flower spell, mapja map flower, capaka bobudo, and capaka bobulo. While in the international world, the flower is better known as white Cempaka.

Thus, some information that we can obtain from the Magnolia. Although, it is full of myths, but behind the myth,  there are many health benefits of Magnolia that we can take. Good luck!