19 Benefits of Orchids Flower for Health That You Should Know

The orchids flower is one of the many flowers scattered in various areas which have a tropical climate. Orchids flowers have the Latin name Orchidaceae. If you want to find the orchid flower, you can find it in the place that contains low water. Usually, orchids will be placed in areas exposed to indirect sunlight […]

10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Magnolia #Asian Herbs

Magnolia is a kind of fragrance flower.  This flower is commonly used in various traditional ceremonies such as for wedding gear, or used in ritual nyekar or pilgrimage grave. For the people of Java, magnolias have a ritual meaning which means to have a close relationship although it has different nature. In some societies, Magnolia […]

12 Benefits of Flowers for Health and Happiness

Flowers are one of the most common plant species found in all places. There are many species of flowers that are found all over the world. Many people who deliberately buy flowers as a symbol of love, as an ornamental plant, or also as a natural perfume room. However, did you know that flowers also […]