12 Incredible Health Benefits of Linden Leaves

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Linden or Tilia cordata is a kind of tree with heart shaped leaves and yellow flowers. The plant is native from West Europe, but is now reachable in any part of the world. The plant has been used for ages for its beneficial values.

The leaves, flowers, and even the wood are beneficial for human. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the health benefits of linden leaves. Despite the popularity of linden flowers as healthy herbal tea, the leaves have the almost similar health benefits.

The heart shaped leaves with pointed edges is known to be able in treating and preventing some diseases. The plant is also correlated with some folktales in many European countries. In Spain, they say sitting under linden tree is able to cure epilepsy.

On the other hand, Italian and Germany believe that linden is a tree of love of which the wood is able to be used to protect our house from evil eyes and lightning. In spite of those folktales, today’s people believe that linden leaves are beneficial from the proven research. Research proves that the health benefits of linden leaves are contributed by the nutrition value in the leaves.

The Health Benefits of Linden Leaves

The most important thing is that the leaves are enriched with antioxidant. Therefore, it is good to consume the leaves as a tea, just like when we drink a cup of peony tea as it gives the Health Benefits of Peony Tea.

  1. Relieve stress

Just like the linden flowers tea, the tea from linden leaves is also considered to be good in relieving stress. The tea does a good job in soothing our mind. Children can also consume this kind of tea as it is friendly to children. It is able to calm the stress in children.

Children tend to be stressful and nervous when they are going to face the exam, going to a new school, going to go on a performance and something like that. Linden leaves tea can also be given to children with hyperactivity or ADHD as it gives the calming effect to the children. The fact is supported by the study held in 2008.

  1. Relieve insomnia

As mentioned before, linden leaves tea is capable in bringing the calming and relaxing effect to our mind. This effect is also one of the expected effects of a supplement to get rid of insomnia. As we know, stress is the main factor causing insomnia.

Therefore, drinking linden leaves tea prior to the bed time may give you the relaxing effect and help you to sleep well. Or else, you can also take a bath using the warm water in which you boil and steep the linden leaves. It will bring the relaxing effect for you.

  1. Maintain healthy heart

This heart shaped leaves is surprisingly have the beneficial value for human heart. It is said that linden leaves are able to bring happiness to your heart as the leaves soothe the heartache. A certain research also came with an evident that the linden leaves are useful to treat some heart problems such as atherosclerosis or the artery narrowing because of fat and cholesterol, angina or heart pain, and heart palpitation. Therefore the use linden leaves may improve cardiovascular circulation which aids the healthy heart. 

  1. Ease colds

Herbalists explain that linden leaves are very good in treating colds. They are able to ease fevers and relax the body. Further, the leaves are also able in soothing the throat, chest, and sinus. Therefore, the consumption of linden leaves is able to relieve the symptoms of colds such as sore throat, breathing problems, coughing, and stuffy nose.

  1. Lower high blood pressure

As the ability of linden leaves to ease the heart problems by loosening the artery, linden leaves are able to maintain the normal blood circulation. It is because the leaves are effective in loosening the blood vessels and reducing the blood pressure. Further, it prevents hypertension. 

  1. Body detox

The consumption of linden leaves is able to improve the production of sweat and urine. The function is attributed by a component called P-coumaric.  In this case, linden leaves is capable in aiding the optimal body detoxification. As we know, our body flushes toxins through the sweat and urine excretion. The excretion of toxins and waste will keep you away from diseases and maintain your overall health.

  1. Prevent cancer

The antioxidant in linden leaves is excellent in fighting the free radicals. We know that over years, free radicals are the most potential factor of cancer.

Besides, linden leaves also have anti-inflammatory property which is able to inhibit the growth of cancer cell which is attributed by the inflammation within the cells. The ability in preventing cancer can also be performed by the Health Benefits of Olive Leaves Tea .

  1. Treat bronchitis

The antioxidants content of linden leaves, especially the quercetin and kaempferol are active in fighting the free radicals in the respiratory track. In this case, linden leaves are beneficial to solve the breathing problems such bronchitis as another health benefits of linden leaves. In addition, you can also use the topical medicament such cajuput oil as it bring the Health Benefits of Cajuput Oil.

  1. Good for skin

Besides the beneficial effect to prevent chronic disease, antioxidant n linden leaves are also good for skin. They can help relieving the skin problems such itching. It can also maintain the skin youth by slower the aging.

It can also prevent the wrinkles and freckles because of the sun exposure and aging. In addition, it the topical use of linden leaves can also effectively treat cellulite. The health benefit is similar to the Health Benefits of Banana Leaves.

  1. Relieve headache

One of the health benefits of linden leaves is relieving headache. Linden leaves and flowers are effective in reducing tension which cause headache. The leaves are able to kill the pain from the headache, particularly migraine. It is because linden leaves able to prevent the small capillary back-ups that commonly lead to headaches.

  1. Relieve rheumatism

The ability in performing anti-inflammatory property is also enable linden leaves to relieve rheumatism. It is because the leaves are effectively reducing the inflammation within the joints and bones. It can also calm the pain within the joints.

  1. Maintain healthy digestion

Linden leaves also bring an impressive effect in treating digestive problems. It is able to deal with some problems such as bloating, upset stomach, constipation, and cramping. The health benefits of linden leaves can be obtained just by sipping on a cup of linden leaves tea. The beneficial value is contributed by the compounds within the leaves which effectively relieve the gastrointestinal discomfort.

Recommendation in Using Linden Leaves

Chinese traditional medicine has been used linden leaves for a long time as it gives the cooling effect. Therefore, serving a glass of iced linden leaves tea might be perfect for your drenching sunny day.

You can just brew the tea, and add honey when it is still warm. To maximize the health benefits, you can put some local raw honey to give you Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey.

After that, add some ice cubes, and the delicious iced linden leaves tea will make you chill. Plus, you will also have the health benefits of linden leaves.

Precautions in Using Linden Leaves Treatment

However, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is better if you avoid consuming the linden leaves. The safety of consuming linden leaves on pregnancy and breast feeding have not been determined. Therefore, you’d better to stay in the safe zone by avoiding the consumption.

And also, the linden leaves tea is not recommended for those with severe heart diseases. It is because the frequent and over usage of linden leaves may worsen the heart condition.

Therefore, it is recommended asking the doctor advise when you are going to consume linden leaves along with the heart diseases medication.