12 Instant Benefits of Senna Leaves for Weight Loss Faster

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People might just hear the benefits of senna leaves for weight loss. Since most of herbal leaves bring benefits for the health symptoms. Therefore, not many people may aware on the leaves advantages for managing the weight. But apparently, the recent information shows that one of the natural treatment for weight management can be done through consume senna leaves extract. Hence, the leaves are now start to introduce as one of the safe alternative for those who have serious problems with weight increment.

Senna leaves mostly consume as extract tea. The way to produce the extract tea can consider quite easy. Therefore, if plan to do a homemade extract from this product, easily check below lists of steps:

  • Collect several pieces of Cassia senna plant, which mostly grow in tropical area.
  • Boil up some water in a pan.
  • When the water start boiling, pour out the leaves and wait a minute then turn the heat off.
  • Stir the extract and then strain into a jar. The extract tea is now ready to serve.
  • Put in a tea cup and add honey or lemon for more flavor.

How to Use Senna Leaves

The extract tea from senna leaves actually more often to wear as a laxative. Therefore, it will automatically help on managing the weight too. If interest to use this leaves extract, it is better to check below common dose of the tea:

  • Toddler and kids advise to consume maximum 8.5mg per day
  • Children more than 12 years and adults advise to consume maximum 17mg per day
  • Postpartum pregnancy advise to consume maximum 28mg per day.

Nutrient Content of Senna Leaves

In each 100gr of senna leaves extract, typically will have below nutrient content:

  • 298 of calories
  • 15gr of fibre
  • 18gr of protein
  • 47gr of carbohydrate
  • 779mg of kalium
  • 143mg of magnesium
  • 42mg of ferrous
  • 158mg of calcium

If want to know further on the advantages of consuming this extract, check out below some benefits of senna leaves for weight loss:

1. High Fiber

The leaves contain high concentrate of fiber. The same way as many other herbal leaves. It is rich with fiber content. Therefore, it is good for the body health. This is the same health benefits of black quionoa that also helps to supply high number of fiber for the body system.

2. Improve Digestive System

The fiber content will help to work improving the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it will work to optimize the digestive system. Furthermore, this can be an effective way to avoid further problems such as constipation or any other digestive problems.

3. Bring Laxative Effects

The leaves also known can work to be a laxative effects for the stomach. Therefore, consume the extracted tea will lead to frequent stomach ache and stimulate intestine works. This is the same benefits of papaya leaves tea that also can help to works as a laxative effects in natural way.

4. Increase Metabolic Rate

A better digestive can help to provide a better body metabolism system. Therefore, this mechanism also will work to increase body metabolic rate higher.

5. Add Energy

By the tame the body will push the metabolic system to run faster, it means the body will convert more energy. Therefore, this is actually good to keep supply needed energy. This is the same benefits of omelette good for weight loss that will work to add some energy to the body too.

6. Detoxification

Another benefits of senna leaves for weight loss including to help with detoxification process. Therefore, it will work to flush out all the toxin and bring some light body feeling. This is a good mechanism to reduce fat and provide better body weight.

7. Fasten Weight Loss

A good digestive system and metabolic rate can help to fasten the weight loss program. Therefore, the extract tea is actually suitable for diet too. However, make sure to properly do the diet with this leaves. Otherwise, it will bring unwanted effects that can be quite dangerous. This is the same benefits of rambutan for weight loss that also works to fasten weight loss too.

8. Weight Management

A good mechanism of reducing weight will be a good way for weight management too. Therefore, loosing weight means successfully manage the weight increment too.

9. Avoid Fat Absorption

A good way to managing weight can help to optimize the body hormones. Therefore, it will automatically help to avoid any fat absorption. Furthermore, it can help to reduce fat content and burn fat more effectively. This is the same benefits of shihlin taiwan street snacks that works to burn fat too.

10. Avoid Colon Inflammation

Some of the research shown that the leaf extract tea will work to avoid colon inflammation. Furthermore, it also help a fasten relieve. Therefore, it is good to avoid any colon problems.

11. Anti-Oxidant

The leaves contain high number of anti-oxidant that help to avoid any free radical or pollutant effects to the body. Therefore, it will maintain all the body system works well. Including the way the body managing the weight too.

12. Avoid Constipation

One of the advantage of consuming the senna leaves extract is to help avoiding constipation problems. Therefore, it will make the stomach feel better. Furthermore, it relief the gas inside the stomach faster.

Recommendation of Senna Leaves

The extract tea from senna leaves can bring many advantages for weight loss, however, there are some side effects too. Therefore, it is better to check on below recommendation before consume the extract tea on diet purpose.

  • The tea is recommended to use maximum for 2 weeks. Therefore, after 2 weeks if there is no significant result on weight loss, it is better to stop for a month and then start consume the extract again for two weeks.
  • Make sure to consume in proper portions to avoid any possibility of getting diarrhea or stomach problems, since it is rich of fiber content.
  • Stop consume the extract tea if feeling sudden nausea or dizziness.
  • Beware when consume the extract with medical prescription, since it can cause any interfere.
  • The leaves may be safe for breastfeeding mother, but it may not safe for pregnancy. Therefore, consult with the doctor first before consume this tea during pregnancy.

Those all the benefits of senna leaves for weight loss. With proper use, then it can be a good natural way to lose weight faster. However, some recommendation needs to attend to avoid further problems. Therefore, it can bring optimum benefit but not interrupt any other health condition of the body.