11 Unpredictable Benefits of Guava Leaves for Weight Loss, Must Know

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Any people that curious on the benefits of guava leaves for weight loss shall read this article. This is because recently there are some findings on the benefits of this extract leaves, apparently can help to reduce the weight and manage a better weight too. Therefore, it can be a good natural alternatives for those that want to make a new resolution by eliminate some of their weights.

Many people aware that weight problems is commonly happen in this era. Due to a lot of unhealthy food consumption, or unhealthy habit, people increase their weight too fast and bring some diseases and symptoms to their wellness condition. Therefore, many medication and treatment focus on managing people’s weight as part of keeping a healthy life and body too.

How to Use Guava Leaves for Weight Loss

Recently, some research finds that guava leaves can be an effective way to manage the weight too. It is not quite difficult to extract the plant’s leaves. Therefore, follow below instruction if want to get a homemade guava leaves extract:

  • Get some fresh guava leaves and dry them all.
  • Boil some water in a pan and put the dried leaves after the water boiling.
  • Wait for a minute and turn off the heat.
  • Strain the extract into a jar.
  • Put the extract in a cup and add some flavor such as lemon or honey.

By consume the extract tea in the early morning, it will help to manage the weight to keep stable. Therefore, it is suggested to consume the tea as a breakfast or morning snack.

Nutrient Content of Guava Leaves

The extract tea from guava leaves are rich with various nutrient. Therefore, do not surprise if in each 100gr of this extract tea may contain nutrition such as fiber, carbs, calories, protein and else. Even there is no specific information on the nutrient percentage, it has been prove that the guava leaves extract bring some great result for managing weight and wellness.

If want to know further, below are some detail lists of benefits of guava leaves for weight loss.

1. High Fiber

The leaves are rich with fiber content. Therefore, the extract leaves will contain enormous number of fiber too. This is the same health benefits of black quinoa that help to supply a high number of fiber too.

2. Carb Blocker

One of the capability of the guava leaves is to help with carb blocker. Therefore, it helps to avoid any calories forming from consuming any carbs. This is good to make sure that not much fat produce in the body due to extra carbs from the food. Hence, it is good to manage the weight too.

3. Avoid Fat Absorb

Since the extract leaves rich in fiber, it will help to avoid any fat absorption too. Therefore, it is a good advantages for those who want to reduce weight naturally. This is the same mechanism of the health benefits of lovaza that works to avoid fat absorption too.

4. Increase Metabolism

Consume the extract tea can help to increase body metabolic rate. Therefore, it will manage a faster metabolism system in the body. Furthermore, it helps to convert more energy from absorbed food too. This is why not much fat will result by consume the extract leaves. 

5. Improve Digestive

The fiber content will work to improve intestinal movement in the stomach. Therefore, it will lead to a fasten digest and manage a better digestive system. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that also works to improve digestive system too.

6. Avoid Digestive Problems

By regularly help the digestive system, it will be a good way to avoid digestive problems too. Therefore, it will be good to avoid any constipation and bring a better digestive condition.

7. Detoxification

Another health benefits of guava leaves for weight loss is too help with fasten detoxification process. Therefore, it helps to flush out toxin that will delay any digestive hormones in the body. This is the same way as the health benefits of cherry blossom tea in help better detoxification process.

8. Manage Weight

Through a balance digestive system and body metabolic rate, it will ease anyone to manage their weight. Furthermore, it even will help to reduce weight faster. Therefore, this natural treatment is good to avoid overweight and also to avoid increasing weight.

9. Improve Wellness

When the weight can manage better, automatically it can help to improve body wellness. It can make the body feel light and helps a better metabolism process too. This is the same health benefits of Russian sage that works to improve body wellness too.

10. Manage Cardiovascular

Another advantages of this extract leaves is to help to manage the cardiovascular health. Therefore, it will lead to balance cholesterol level and keep a healthier body condition.

11. Avoid Diabetes

The guava leaves extract also believe will manage to avoid diabetes. This is because the extract work to act as insulin and avoid further glucose absorption in the blood system that will avoid any risk of diabetes.

Recommendation of Guava Leaves

Even there are many benefits of guava leaves for weight loss, still there are several cautions that needs to attend. Therefore, before consume the extract tea from the leaves, it is better to check on below recommendations:

  • Make sure to clean it well to avoid any dirt that can cause stomach ache.
  • If experience any sudden nausea or dizziness, it is suggested to stop consume the extract tea.
  • People with allergically condition such as experience itchiness, redness skin or breath difficulties shall avoid consume the extract tea.
  • Always ask the doctor first when plan to consume the extract tea during pregnancy.
  • Beware of the interaction between the extract leaves with any medical prescription consumed at the same time.
  • Do not over consume to avoid unwanted effects such as diarrhea or dropped blood sugar level.

Those all the incredible and amazing benefits of guava leaves for weight loss. As many people loves to reduce their weight in better way, this extract tea might be one of the best solution. However, make sure to inline the effect with your medical condition. As the result in each person may not be the same. Therefore, always use and consume the product wisely, then it will bring an optimum benefit for the health.