9 Health Benefits of Asian Cuisine (No. 1 Is Very True)

A must thing to do when you are visiting some Asia countries is culinary tour. Well, though perhaps for some people when it comes to Asian cuisine, the first thing that crosses their mind is Chinese food. Chinese food is so popular worldwide though you should know that it is not the only food in […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Asian Ginseng – Natural Tonic

Ginseng is widely well-known as energy tonic and commonly related to stamina booster, especially for men. However, there are a lot of people out there don’t know about the fact that generally there are two types of ginseng, first is Asian ginseng from genus Panax ginseng and second is American ginseng from the same genus […]

9 Top Asian Herbs and Its Benefits You Should Grow in Your Garden

The power of Asian herbs has been well known worldwide because even since ancient time, Asian people have been studying and applying herbal plants for the sake of medicinal practices. Even now, when most people are tending to choose modern medicine than traditional medicines, still some people consider herbs as alternative or home remedy solution. […]