22 Health Benefits of Chinese Kale #Top for Dietary Habit

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Consuming vegetables is highly recommended because it is one of the ways to maintain a healthy dietary habit. There are many types of vegetable that can be consumed, one of them is mustard leaves. Generally, mustard leave has a rather wide leaf with fresh dark green color.

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But, have you ever seen any mustard leaves that are smaller than its usual size? The smaller leaves of mustard leave commonly known as Chinese kale or Brussel sprout in Europe. Chinese kale really has the same shape as mustard leaves, but it has the smaller size. Same as mustard leaves, Chinese kale also has many benefits to be consumed and also can be processed into a stir-fry or any other food. It also has many benefits for health because its nutrient is very diverse and good. That is way, the health benefit of Chinese kale is very recommended for people who want to keep a healthy body.

Nutrients of Chinese Kale

Not only its shape that is similar to mustard leaves but also its nutrient is very similar to mustard leaves. The plant, which has a binomial name as Brassica oleracea,  has some nutrients in it such as :

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Chlorophyll
  • Carbohydrate
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C

All of its nutrients is very good for health.

Health Benefits of Chinese Kale

Even though it has a small size, but the health benefits of Chinese kale are so many, they are :

  1. Keeping a Stomach Health
    Stomach health is very important to be kept because every food that comes from the mouth will have to be received by the stomach. To keep a healthy stomach, there are some substances that are needed to reduce the gastric acid levels and also to recover its irritation. So, the stomach can be more healthy with a normal gastric acid level and its wall that is not damaged. You may also read about Health Benefits of Meatless Diet 
  2. Smoothen Digestive System
    The fiber in Chinese Kale is good to help the digestive system so the food can be digested well. You may also read about Health Benefits of Camote Leaves
  3. Reducing Cholesterol Level
    A very high cholesterol level in the body can cause many diseases that will damage the body. Consuming some kind of vegetables like Chinese kale can reduce the cholesterol level. So the body can avoid some diseases that caused by a high cholesterol level.
  4. Maintaining the Body Cells
    A protein is known as one of the good substance that can maintain the health of the fetus and pregnant women. Besides that, the protein inside Chinese kale is also good to maintain the body cells. You may also read about Health Benefits of John Dory 
  5. Overcome The Sinuses
    Its chlorophyll content is very good to overcome some infections in our body. For example the infection of the sinuses that happened to some people.
  6. Preventing Pancreas Disorder
    Green vegetables must have chlorophyll for its content. The chlorophyll from Chinese kale can help people who have some problems with their pancreas to keep them healthy.
  7. Preventing Cancer
    Some nutrients from Chinese kale such as vitamin and the other nutrients is very good for our health. Its antioxidant can prevent the growth of cancer cell so it won’t be spread to another part of the body and won’t be developed to make a damaged to the body.
  8. Keeping Eyes Health
    Its vitamin A content is very good for eyes health because it can avoid myopic eyes, freshen the eyes, and avoid cataract for advanced age people.
  9. Avoid Diabetes
    The sugar level in Chinese kale is very low and that is the way it is very good for people who suffered from diabetes because it won’t make the blood sugar level increase. Its nutrients can also help to increase the insulin level, so consuming Chinese kale is safe for diabetics. You may also read about Health Benefits of Atis Leaves for Diabetes
  10. Keeping Bones Healthy
    Phosphor and calcium from Chinese kale are very good to strengthen the bones and avoid them from the bone loss that can cause osteoporosis.
  11. Keeping Teeth Healthy
    The phosphor and calcium of Chinese kale are also very good to keep our teeth healthy and avoided from tooth decay that can cause a cavity.
  12. Good for Brain Health
    The phosphor is also good to keep our brain healthy because of its function is keeping the brain memory and developing the brain for children in their growth period.
  13. Increasing Metabolism
    Its protein can increase the metabolism. If a body has a good metabolism, then the body can be stronger and more healthy.
  14. Avoiding Anemia
    The chlorophyll is very good to help red blood cell production so it can avoid the body from anemia.
  15. Maintaining Muscle Function
    Iron from Chinese kale can help keeping the function of the muscles. Not only bones, muscles also have to be maintained to strengthen the body movement.
  16. Increasing Immune System
    Not only for muscles, iron from Chinese kale can also help to increase the immune by consuming it. When the immune system increased, our health will be kept also.
  17. Accelerating Oxygen Circulation in The Body
    Oxygen is very needed by the body. If the circulation of the oxygen is not smooth, the body will be weak, lethargic, and feel tired. To help it smooth, the body needs iron like from Chinese kale.
  18. Energy Sources
    What’s more health benefits of Chinese kale? The energy needed by the body to do an activity well. It can be received from some kind of vegetables, for example, Chinese kale which has a carbohydrate that is needed by the body as its content.
  19. Maintaining Body Weight
    Its carbohydrate content can also help to stabilize the body weight by being the energy source but also can help to avoid the body from overweight.
  20. Increasing The Function of Cardiovascular
    Chinese kale has vitamin B1 as its nutrient which can help increase the function of heart and blood vessels by being responsible for acetylcholine production to stabilize the heartbeat.
  21. Maintaining Nerve Function
    Vitamin B1 can also help to maintain nerve function to be protected by myelin layer. Enough vitamin B1 intake can help guarantee the myelin layer to develop and always protecting the nerves.
  22. Reducing The Effect of Premature Aging
    Vitamin B1 in Chinese kale is antioxidants which can help to against the effect of premature aging that caused by cells which are damaged by free radicals that went into the body.

Having the smaller size than mustard leaves does not make Chinese kale has fewer benefits than mustard leaves. Even though has the smaller size, the health benefit of Chinese kale is very big and can help our body to be healthy and avoid any health disorder.