9 Health Benefits of Python Oil (No. 1 Super Potent)

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People have a lot of reason to avoid snake, not only because most of snakes are venomous but there are a lot of superstition that snakes bring bad luck. Asian people are probably the first ones that find out about the health benefits of python oil. That’s why is easy for you to find snakes are sold legally in countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam and even India, not only for its meat but also for its blood because the Asians know well about the health benefits of drinking snake blood and then of course the snakes oil.

What is Python oil?

Python oil is just one of the varieties of snake oil extracted from snakes from species python. Python is snake that commonly found in Asia region but also in Australia and Africa from family Pythonidae. So, it is among the largest snakes species. Don’t be fooled by the size of python because this snake is actually nonvenomous, but still this snake is not something you want to deal with empty handed because their muscles are enough to crush their prey to death.

Values of Python Oil

According to Western Journal of Medicine, some studies about snake oil are actually showing some legitimates health benefits that most peoples don’t realize due to its bad reputation. Snakes oil is extracted from the fat of some species snakes, such as python, Chinese water snake, boa and some others species. So, the oil is rich of omega 3 fatty acids and some others active compounds that are really beneficial to human health. More information about the health benefits of python oil is as below.

  1. Treat Eczema

Surprisingly, python oil has been used as part of traditional Chinese medication since ancient time to treat some skin conditions. Just like the health benefits of eating snakes, the python oil also contains anti-inflammation properties that are effective to treat condition like eczema.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

As mentioned above python oil or most of snake oil contain omega-3 fatty acid which is active compound that great for cardiovascular health. It is because omega-3 fatty acid is effective to reduce the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessel.

  1. Treatment for Depression

Symptoms of depression are not something you could deal with easily. It could be fatal if it is not treated properly. Python oil contains EPA and that compound has been proven to be effective treating several mental illnesses such as depression and even schizophrenia. Though further studies about EPA found in python oil is strongly required.

  1. Control the Triglyceride Level

America Heart Association has recommended the use of EPA to help controlling the triglyceride level. As mentioned above python oil contains EPA in quite high amount to help treating the condition.

  1. Solution to Blood Pressure

National Institute of Health also has reported the fact that one of the omega 3 fatty acid health benefits are great solution to blood pressure because basically this type of fatty acid is good for cardiovascular health. In other words, the using of python oil could be applicable as well to reduce the risk of hypertension.

  1. Relief the Arthritis

As anti-inflammation, python oil is effective to treat arthritis as well and it has been using by Chinese as part of their traditional remedies for over centuries. Furthermore, the National Institute of Health also has proven the effectiveness of snake oil which is rich of omega-3 fatty acid in treating conditions similar to arthritis such as osteoarthritis and bursitis.

  1. Natural Skin Care

Well, most women will do everything to have healthy, radiant and younger skin. If somehow you are suffering from dry skin or cracking skin, just applying python oil to help bringing back the moist of your skin and at the same time protect and shield your skin.

  1. Solution to Healthy Hair

The health benefits of python oil are not only for skin but also for hair. The omega-3 fatty acid found in python oil is effective to prevent hair loss and provide nutrients to the scalp by improving the health of hair follicles, so conditions like hair loss, dandruff and dull hair could be prevented.

  1. Tonic to Boost Immunity

Most people thought that python oil is only for external use but this oil is also excellent health tonic to help boosting immunity. It is because python oil also contains several compounds that could act as antiviral and antibacterial. Though some studies also stated that it is still less effective than omega 3 benefits of fish oils based.

Cautions of Python Oil

There are so many negative reputation about python oil, not only from the snakes itself but also dishonest salesmen that sell fake python oil because indeed, in the form of concentrated oil is impossible for you to make sure whether the oil is really extracted from snake’s fat or not. It is one of the caution you should aware of from python oil but not only just that, below is more things about python oil you should know as well.

  • Allergic reaction is the first thing you should aware of. If you are experiencing swelling, itchy skin after using the oil, you should stop using it immediately.
  • As mentioned above, is impossible for you to differentiate between original or fake python oil, so buy it from the respective supplier only.
  • Skin inflammation is one of the conditions that could occur due to allergic reaction. So, if you use it for the first time, don’t rub it thoroughly but drop it to your skin and wait whether there is any reaction occurs or not.

Python oil is concentrated oil which the health benefits of python oil have been well known worldwide and some studies have been conducted in order to proof the claims. However, still due to its bad reputation most people still think twice to buy it especially when they don’t really sure about the originality of the product. So, if you are interested to buy python oil, just go to countries like China, Thailand or Vietnam to buy it directly from the supplier to make sure the originality.