10 Science-Based Health Benefits of Krill Fish Oil

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Krill oil comes from the krill, a small prawn-like crustacean that is found in oceans across the world. The main characteristic of the krill is the transparent shell that explicitly showcased its internal organs. It is also considered among the bottom predators of the food chain, as krills primarily feed on planktons such as phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Krills are considered a common staple in today’s fishing industry, with approximately 294,000 tons of krill biomass being utilized for consumption. That amount is equals to 39% of total fishing yields during 2010-2014. Meanwhile, the two most popular types of krill extracted by the fishing industry are the North Pacific and the Antarctic krills. Among the nations that practice krill fishing, Norway, South Korea and China made it to the top 3 consumers, which accounts for 56%, 19% and 18% respectively. Here are also the health benefits of Norwegian fish oil.

One use of krill for human consumption is the manufacturing of krill oil. Krill oil is used for medicinal purposes, and it is seen as an alternative to conventional fish oil. Indeed, in some respects krill oil is seen as having more advantages compare to that of ordinary cod or salmon oil. But before knowing what health benefits krill oil carries in particular, below describes the main similarities and differences in between krill oil and ordinary fish oil.

Comparison in Between Krill Oil and Conventional Fish Oil


  1. Each of them provides DHA and EPA, which are two forms of essential omega-3s.


  1. Despite both having high contents of DHA as well as EPA, however both of them is more prevalent inside krill oils.
  2. Omega-3 inside fish oils are bound for triglycerides, whereas omega-3 inside the krill oil leads to the digestion friendlier phospholipids. These are the 17 health benefits of omega 3 fish oil.
  3. Krill oil has astaxanthin, which is a potent carotenoid that possesses numerous benefits to the body, in which one of them is a natural free radical scavenger agent to preserve its freshness as you consume it.
  4. Being harvested in unpolluted waters, krills have less exposure towards marine toxins which leads to shorter life span compared to those of conventional fishes.
  5. In shorter words, krill oil is a way more organic yet sustainable option for human consumption rather than cod or salmon oil.
  6. Consumption of fish oil supplements are regulated at a maximum of 3 grams per day, meanwhile there are currently no standards set for the consumption of krill oil supplements.

Benefits of Krill Fish Oil

The information above suggests that krill oil is the healthier alternative to conventional fish oil. Below are the health benefits that you can get from consuming krill fish oil.

  1. A Wealthy Source of Protein

Krill oil is known to be rich in protein, with contents as high as 60-80%. As we all know, protein is needed by the body to build and maintain bodily tissues. Here are the 5 incredible health benefits fish oil muscle building.

  1. Plenty of Omega 3 Supply Inside

Omega 3 is the main reason why one should try to consume krill fish oil supplements. Omega 3 is what you need to maintain a good heart health, reducing cholesterol levels by raising the LDL levels, normalize blood pressure as well as preventing blood clots. Aside from those health effects, omega 3 also reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases, cancer, as well as inflammation. 

  1. Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis

Krill oil consumption helps to arthritis symptoms by reducing pain, functional loss, stiffness as well as inflammation caused by it. A Canadian research discovered that krill fish oil works better than placebo pills in this regard. Krill fish oil promotes healthy joints and bones through omega 3 that increases the amount of calcium absorbed, improve as well as strengthen bones, plus producing bone collagens. These are the 8 health benefits of yoga for arthritis.

  1. Relieves Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS is experienced by nearly all women who are in their early stages of menstruation. Despite that, different women experience different physical and psychological changes during this stage. Krill oil supplements are thought to have the potential to relieve emotional changes, joint pain or breast tenderness that occurs frequently among menstrual women.

  1. Supports Cognitive Health

Research suggests that krill fish oil supports cognitive health in one way or another thanks to the abundant presence of omega-3 fatty acids. Those fatty acids are incorporated inside phosphatidylcholine, a substance that provides better outcome to the brain when compared to triglycerides. It is thought that this is possible due to the fact that phosphatidylcholine is better absorbed by the brain compared to triglycerides.

  1. Its Omega-3 Content also Helps Cardiovascular Functions

The omega-3 inside krill oils also help cardiovascular functions to work optimally as well as reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes. A 2011 journal titled “Lipids” has found out that it is possible to achieve the acceptable omega-3 content as regulated by American Heart Association through the consumption of krill oil supplements. 

  1. Counters Mental and Psychological Disorders

Thanks to omega 3 again, mental as well as psychological disorders can be prevented or neutralized through regular consumption of krill fish oil. Krill fish oil is known to be good in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), schizophrenia, bipolar disorder up to Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. It is Indeed Sustainable

Here comes the good news for those that are environmentally conscious. Krill oil is in fact certified environmentally sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC is a non-profit organization that helps to transform the seafood into a sustainable one by recognizing and rewarding sustainable environmentally responsible fishing practices.

Krills have been certified sustainable thanks to modern fishing practices in which krills self-destruct when they are extracted from the water before processing due to its high presence of digestive enzymes contained by the krills’ body. The modern technology ensures that krills are transported into the factory in live and healthy condition, in order to make way for a superior product quality. With that way, oceanic pollution can be greatly minimized.