20 Proven Health Benefits of Neem Tea (The Indian Healer)

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Are you a tea person? that has regular habit in the morning to always drink a cup of tea, or drink it just to perk up your mood when you feel stressed out?

Well, tea has been consumed for a long time. Firstly, it originated in Southwest China then began to spread to other countries, such as Europe. During 17th century, tea drinking habit became popular and fashionable among European people, specifically Britons. Nowadays, it is not surprising if lots of people like drinking tea for its fragrant aroma and benefits.

There exist various kinds of teas with their own individual appearance, aroma, and taste. You might be similar with green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, or even pu-erh tea, but have you ever heard about neem tea? Have you ever tried to drink it?

For your first information, neem tea is a tropical tree and its origins lie in a hot country. The word of “neem” comes from Sanskrit, the origin of all Indo-European languages, and stands for “reliever of sickness”. This plant that has “Azadiracha Indica” as its botanical name, recently has received considerable attention worldwide due to its multifarious medicinal properties.

Do you know that neem tree is known as “The Indian Healer”?

Why “The Indian Healer”? First is because its native is in India (but it can be found also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar). Second, because it has always been honored there as a health provider for plants, animals, and humans. Not only that, neem tea has a long history usage for curing a wide variety of ailments in the Indian traditional medical systems (Ayurveda, Unani, Tibetan). It is such a very useful plant because almost every part of it can be used for medicinal purposes and cosmetic counter. You may also read about Benefits of Neem Leaves For Health.

One of the parts of neem tree which is very useful in treating ailments is the leaves. The leaves can be consumed as an herbal tea. You might hesitate to drink it because the taste is incredibly bitter on its nature, but you should consider its positive sides for your health.

Neem Tea Nutrition Value

It can’t be denied that many people tend to like sweetness and try to avoid foods or drinks that have a bitter taste. Many of them prefer coffee rather than tea because they think consuming coffee is more modern and only old people who drinking tea.

Talking about healthy life style, this negative mind-set of tea should be slowly removed from the society. They need to open their mind and see the facts of tea that could be beneficial for our health.

Consuming neem tea is really beneficial because it has many nutrients and compounds contained in it. According to the laboratory test results (an analysis report) done by the researcher, chemical content of neem tea can be seen in the following.

  • Water 11.95 %
  • Carbon 0.39 %
  • Aluminium (Al) 0.0008 %
  • Nitrogen 9.25 %
  • Chlorine (Cl) 0.0134
  • Iron (Fe) 0.0376 ppm
  • Potassium (K) 3.623 ppm
  • Phosphorus (P) 1.036 ppm
  • Copper (Cu) 1.397 ppm
  • Manganese (Mn) 0.111 ppm
  • Boron (B) 0.069 ppm
  • Sulphur (S) 0.007 gr/litre
  • Sodium (Na) 59.612 ppm
  • Magnesium (Mg) 182.05 ppm
  • pH 5

Besides, chemical substances above, neem tea also contains chemical compounds, such as flavonoid, triterpenoid, glycosides, and any other compounds which are active antiviral compounds. 

Neem Tea Health Benefits

Here are the health benefits of Neem Tea:

  1. Cancer prevention. Neem tea is known to possess anti-cancerous properties called antioxidants. The high levels of antioxidants are believed can act as cancer prevention. Antioxidants will neutralize the free radicals that can cause cancer and other chronic disease throughout the body.
  2. Controlling diabetes. Although, the work mechanism of neem tea against diabetes disease have not been found in certain, but the extract of neem leaves are able to improve the function of insulin receptor as well as to ensure the amount of insulin needed by the body. Moreover, drinking neem tea can reduce the dependence of insulin therapy. You may also read about Benefits of Neem Leaves For Diabetes
  3. Detoxing agent.  Drinking neem tea regularly can be an effective blood cleanser and effective in purifying blood, removing toxins by detoxification. It also helps to prevent and repair DNA damage from free radicals in the body. Furthermore, it helps to dilate blood vessels improving blood circulation and decreases elevated heart rates. It relaxes erratic heart beats and controls high blood pressure.
  4. Malaria. One who suffers malaria could consume neem tea, because it has been used for treating malaria symptoms and can reduce the fevers.
  5. Arthritis. It is a disease referring to joint pain or joint disease. People of all ages can do have this kind of disease. Drinking neem tea can reduce arthritis symptoms as well as increase joint flexibility and muscles. 
  6. Maintain digestive health. Neem tea also plays role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It will reduce the occurrence of inflammation in the digestive tract area and reduce various problems which interfere the intestinal health. It also prevents constipation, stomach cramps, and bloating.
  7. Antibacterial. Neem tea has very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Consuming it will also increase the body’s immune, maintain the body’s health and prevent infection of the skin due to bacteria and fungi.
  8. Anti-viral. Neem tea also acts as anti-viral agent that deal with herpes, and many other viral infections. You may also read about Health Benefits of Neem Soap
  9. Suppress  Staphylococcus Aureus. It is a common source of food poisoning and many pus-forming disorders, this bacterium also causes secondary infections in peritonitis, cystitits, and meningitis. Many strains are now resistant to penicillin and antibiotics, one reason for the widespread occurrence of staphylococcal infections in hospitals.
  10. Suppress Salmonella Typhosa. This much feared-bacterium, which lives in food and water, cause thypoid, food poisoning, and a variety of infections that include blood poisoning and intestinal inflammation.
  11. Treat skin. There are more health benefits of Neem Tea. Neem tea is used to treat skin problems because it has properties to detoxify free radicals that might cause skin issues. It is used to treat schema and any other skin infections. Moreover, it helps to tone skin and give it a lustrous healthy look. You may also read about Benefits of Drinking Milk with Turmeric for Skin
  12. High blood pressure. Since it helps to releasing stress, it also means it lowers blood pressure.
  13. Immune boosting. Neem tea is a good immune booster agent that works well to keep away cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.
  14. Tired feet. When you are tired after spending time dealing with your work, you can drink neem tea just to release the pain you feel. Just soak your feet in cool neem tea and it will help you to cure the sore, aching, or tired feet.
  15. Chickenpox. Add neem tea to your bath water will keep irritation and pain associated with chickenpox under control.
  16. Birth control. Neem is being looked at as a natural birth control agent for both women and men.
  17. Reduces the Length of menstrual cycle. We, women have to deal with the pain when we are in period. Yet, by drinking neem tea every day during period will reduce the pain during period.
  18. Treat anemia. Neem leaves are a great source of iron. When you take food that are rich in vitamin C, neem tea can help increase the level of haemoglobin.
  19. Treat AIDS. Neem tea contains immune modulating polysaccharide compounds; the polysaccharide  may be responsible for increasing antibody production. Other substances of neem have the power to stimulate immune function by enhancing cellular mediated response. Meanwhile, this dual substances help the body t ward off the frequent infections that generally accompany AIDS.
  20. Healthy and fresh tea fr body. You may also read about Health Benefits of Apple And Cinnamon Tea That’s all the health benefits of Neem Tea.

Special Precautions and Warnings

In spite of its benefits for health, it is better to consume neem tea wisely. Neem tea is possibly safe for most adults but when it is consumed by a pregnant mother, infants, toddler, or those who have problems with their kidneys or liver it could cause health problems. Serious side effects in infants and toddler include vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, seizures, etc. Consuming neem tree regularly can treat various stomach ailments and disorders, ranging from diarrhea to indigestion. 

It is not suggested to drink neem tea if you had organ transplantation. It might decrease the effectiveness of medications that are used to prevent organ rejection. Moreover, it can reduce the ability to have children, so for couples looking for conceive is better to avoid drinking neem tea. You may also read about Health Benefits of Formosa Oolong Tea

Recommendation Intake

The appropriate intake of neem tea depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and any other conditions.

If you want to drink neem tea please consider some of the following things.

  • Make sure that the neem leaves you use are clean; it does not matter whether you use the fresh one or dried one.
  • Boil 7 whole neem leaves using 2 up to 3 glasses of water until the water remains a glass of water; or boil it for around 5 or up to 20 minutes.
  • If you can bear with its bitter taste, you can mix it with other herbs or with honey, sugar, lemon juice.
  • It can also be blended with green tea or black tea for a milder taste.