Top 10 Health Benefits of Caraway Oil – Natural Essential Oil

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Caraway oil is one of the types of essential oil which has a lot of benefits for human health. When it comes to spices, caraway is one of the spices easily found in the kitchen but the health benefits of caraway oil is even more amazing compared to the spices. The essential oil of caraway has been written in some traditional medical books for over centuries as one of the oil that cure nearly all diseases.

What Is Caraway Oil?

Caraway oil is extracted from caraway seeds derived from caraway plant. This plant has scientific name Carum Carvi. Aside being popular to be made into essential oil, caraway seeds are also used widely as spices. Most people have been mistaken caraway with anise because the health benefits of anise seeds not really different with caraway and they come from the same family Apiaceae but they come from totally different genus. When anise is popular among Asian regions, caraway is more popular in Europe and some regions in Middle East though right now, caraway is also one of the spices easily found in Asia and have been used widely as part of important spices in Asia cuisines.

Values Contained in Caraway Oil

Some studies have been specially conducted in order to find out more about the values contained in caraway oil due to some claims about how beneficial this essential oil is for human health. Those studies supported the claims that caraway oil is indeed containing some essential properties such as anti-histaminic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, expectorant and astringent properties and so on. To find out more about health benefits of caraway oil, the list below may tell you more about this essential oil.

  1. Recommended for Lactating Mother

One of the amazing health benefits of black caraway oil is the galactogogue contained in this essential oil. It means, consuming caraway oil during lactation could help increasing the production of breast milk. Moreover, caraway oil also contains other substances that could help improving and protecting the baby’s digestion, so conditions like indigestion and flatulence could be prevented.

  1. Natural Solution to Cough

There are two reasons why caraway oil is excellent solution to deal with cough. First, it contains anti-histaminic properties and expectorant. Anti-histaminic is very potent to help dealing with seasonal allergies with cough as the symptoms while expectorant could help dealing with the common cough and sore throat.

  1. Contains Antiseptic and Disinfectant Properties

Just like the health benefits of anise oil, caraway oil also contains antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Surely you have known the role of antiseptic and disinfectant properties for your body metabolism. Caraway oil contains both properties. In other words consuming caraway oil regularly could help preventing infection caused by bacteria or viruses. Studies have proven caraway oil may help curing infections occur in colon and digestive system, respiratory, urinary up to excretory system.

  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Some studies regarding the health benefits of caraway oil showed positive result that this essential oil may be helpful to maintain healthy heart rate. Furthermore, consuming it regularly could help strengthening the cardiac muscles as well as arteries and veins. Not only that, caraway oil also contains properties that may beneficial in maintaining the blood pressure and cholesterol level.

  1. Relieves Muscle Spasm

For external usage, caraway oil could be used as massage. Among the health benefits of full body massage is to help relieving muscle spasm but when massaging using caraway oil the result will be better. Furthermore, caraway oil has aromatic properties that are not only good for your body but also for your soul.

  1. Excellent for Digestion

Consuming caraway oil regularly may help improving digestion. Caraway oil contains stomachic properties which is not only optimizing the digestion process but also protecting the digestive system from infection. As mentioned in point number one, caraway oil is safe enough to be consumed by lactating mother and the benefits are not only for the mother but also for the baby.

  1. Has Diuretic Effect

Most people are not really away of the essential function of diuretic. Well, having healthy diuretic condition is not only related to the urination process but also the sign of healthy liver and healthy diet. When you have normal diuretic, you could maintain your blood pressure in easier way, reduce fat, prevent weight gain and the sign of healthy kidney.

  1. Reduces the Post Menopause Syndrome

Post menopause syndrome may not be fatal but could be really uncomfortable. Caraway oil contains emanogogue properties that could help reducing the post menopause syndrome in women and make them a bit bearable. Women who are currently suffering from obstructed or delay menstruation is also recommended to consume caraway oil to help dealing with the conditions.

  1. Fights Depression

Initially, most people prefer to hide the symptoms of depression that may occur due to some factors. However, you should know that depression is not something you could deal with lightly. Seeking help immediately once you find something wrong with yourself is highly recommended. It is because caraway has stimulating effect to help fighting depression.

  1. Solution to Healthy Skin

There are a lot of people have proven how effective caraway oil is in maintain their healthy skin. It is due to the antioxidants properties found in this essential oil. Moreover, for external use, caraway oil is also able to be used to fight inflammation like rheumatism, arthritis and for skin health caraway oil is even used to cure rashes.

Cautions of Caraway Oil

From the list above you could see how amazing the health benefits of caraway oil for human. However, still there are some cautions you should aware of.

  • The case of allergic reaction caused by caraway oil is very rare but there are some cases reported regarding skin irritation when caraway oil is applied in high dosage.
  • You should be aware of from where your caraway oil is coming from. Today there are a lot of products claimed to be made from caraway oil. To deal with it you should be a smart buyer and purchase caraway oil from the respectable supplier only to prevent being fraud.
  • Be careful with several types of caraway essential oil. Some essential oil is made for the purpose of external use only. In other words you cannot consume it.

So, why don’t you check your first aid box whether you have caraway oil in stock or not? From the list of health benefits of caraway oil mentioned above, surely you would not forget to always keep caraway oil by your side. For the sake of healthy living goal, you may add caraway as part of spices because the health benefit of caraway as spices are probably different from what you get in the form of essential oil.