10 Super Health Benefits of Wearing Emerald

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emeraldEmerald is a high-value gemstone with green to dark green. The beauty of the shape and color is able to hypnotize many people in the world. With variations of fresh green color, yellowish green, and bluish green. Health benefits of wearing emeralds have relatively low or fragile hardness of 7.5 in Mohs scale. Emeralds include beryllium silicate minerals and their green color due to chromium’s chromite content.

Among the health benefits you can get by using jewelry of emerald stone are:

  1. Strengthens memory or thinking power

The beauty of emerald precious stone sightings can stimulate a clear vision and understanding to function as a stimulant of creative ideas.

  1. Cure eye disease

Fresh green color is believed to make eyes that look more healthy because the green color can make the view fresher. Try the benefits of honey for eyes

  1. Prevent poisoning

Like other precious stones, health benefits of wearing emeralds are also believed to absorb toxins in the body if their use is in direct contact with the body. So as to prevent the occurrence of poisoning in the body.

  1. Increased confidence

In addition to physical health, emeralds also have a positive impact on spiritual health. Because of the historical factors and also the beauty that captivated the eyes of anyone who looked, then for people who wear emeralds will arise high authority and confidence is enough for the health of the wearer’s soul.

  1. Cures a neurological disease

In fact, some people use emeralds to cure neurological diseases. This is because the magnetism of the emeralds can stimulate the nerves to function as usual. Read more about health benefits of broccoli

  1. Good for those who often forget

For you or an elderly person, forgetting is a disease that is often experienced. One way to overcome this is to use emeralds

  1. For body health

Its because wearing emerald can maintain your body health. Or you can try benefits of full body massage

  1. Prevent epilepsy

Patients suffering from epilepsy should get proper treatment. besides using drugs, the patient also can use emerald as epilepsy therapy.

  1. Reduce symptoms of dysentery

If you are suffering from dysentery, there is no harm in you trying treatment with emeralds. The trick is to place the emerald right in your mouth. And dysentery symptoms will be reduced. You can also try health benefits of cactus leaves

  1. Heal the liver

The liver is one of the important organs in the body. therefore you should keep it well. One of them is by using emeralds


Health benefits of wearing emeralds are very fragile and fragile compared to other precious stones. So in the care, you need to be extra careful not to fall or hit a hard object. In addition, the use of emeralds or other precious stones on the ring you need to be aware of with regard to the material of the ring bracelet itself. Usually, the material used is silver or gold. Both silver and gold have considerable health hazards due to chemical reactions when in contact with the skin from itching, skin irritation to nerve disorders.