Benefits of Head Massage for Hair Growth and Health Generally

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One of the thing you could do to have lush and healthy hair is by doing head massage regularly. You could do it yourself at home if you have time or you could just rely on the professional to do the job. No matter which solution you choose, head massage is not only good for your head but also remarkable stress relief. The list below will tell you in more details about the benefits of head massage for hair growth and your health generally.

Head Massage for Hair Growth

Some studies have found out a strong and close relation between scalp or head massage with the hair growth.

  1. Increase Blood Circulation

There are a lot of health benefits of full body massage for human health and one of them is increasing blood circulation or blood flow. It is also applicable for head massage. By optimizing the blood circulation to the scalp will optimize the oxygen distribution and nutrients absorption.

  1. Optimizes the Oxygen Distribution

As mentioned in the previous point, head massage could optimize the oxygen distribution. The benefits of oxygen are essential for human. For hair growth optimal oxygen distribution is super essential because it will optimize the function of hair follicles in producing healthier and stronger hair.

  1. Optimizes the Nutrients Absorption

Beside oxygen your hair and scalp is also requiring some essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and vitamin C benefits or some essential minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. However, without good blood circulation could be really hard for your hair to get those nutrients optimally.

  1. Reliefs Stress

If you think that stress has nothing to do with your hair loss problem and then you thought wrong. If you want to have healthy and strong hair but somehow you always in a stressful situation perhaps you could consider having head massage to relief your stress and at the same time optimizing the hair growth.

  1. Optimizes the Hair Growth

Head massage could optimize the hair growth is exactly the main point of this articles. So, if you have several hair problems, choosing head massage as a solution is highly recommended especially when you combine it with the right products that suit your needs specifically.

  1. Promotes Healthy Scalp

Not a lot of people realize that the key to healthy and strong hair is actually healthy scalp. Before you focus on growing healthy and strong hair you should have fresh, clean and healthy scalp first. Head massage could optimize the circulation so you could prevent some scalp problems like dandruff and yeast that may affect the hair growth.

  1. Prevents Hair Loss

As mentioned in some points above, hair loss is likely one of the problems that could occur if you suffer too much pressure, have unhealthy scalp and when your scalp and hair don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. So, just by doing head massage regularly you could solve all of those hair problems in one time solution.

Others Benefits of Head Massage for Health

Aside from good for hair growth, scalp or head massage is also good for human health generally. The list below is not only claimed by some people but also proven scientifically by experts.

  1. Could Act as Detox

It is highly recommended to detoxify your body regularly. There are a lot of unnecessary compounds you should eliminate from your body and head massage by improving blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage could help your body detoxify your body from waste and improve immunity system.

  1. Relief from Migraine

Migraine may not kill you but could cause a lot of troubles in your life whereas you cannot finish your work on time, your schedule will be in a mess and many more. However, just by doing simply head massage could help you relieving from migraine. You don’t even need to consume specific drugs because migraine is free from any side effect and could be done anytime you need it.

  1. Cures Several Sleeping Problems

Insomnia is not the only sleeping problem but there are also sleeplessness, anxiety and restlessness that will lead to more severe health problems. Head massage has been proven to be effective in cures those sleeping problems.

  1. Boost Memory Capabilities

When you feel your head is about to explore it means you need a relaxing time and it is the perfect time for head massage. Head massage will optimize the oxygen distribution to your brain cells so your brain could work optimally and your sense will be significantly improve. The result you could memorize in better way.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure

It is not easy to deal with the symptoms of high blood pressure especially in women. However, some scientific studies have found out that doing massage regularly could help relieving the tension and significantly reduce the high blood pressure and one of the recommended massages is head massage because it could improve blood circulation and slow down the heart rate.

  1. Good for Respiratory Health

Not a lot of realizes the strong connection of head massage and reducing some respiratory problems such as overcoming the symptoms of asthma, sinus problems up to allergies. Some studies have found out that head massage is actually effective in improving breathing capacity so respiratory system could function optimally.

  1. Promotes Hormonal Balance

There are a lot of problems that could be caused by hormonal imbalance from stress issues up to sleeping problems. Head massage could provide relaxation that will lead to condition when you could calm your mind, relax your body and increase energy.

  1. Stimulates Blood Flow

Having healthy blood flow or circulation is essential for human health because it is the strong indication that your metabolism is working properly. Head massage is one of the solutions to ensure that your blood flow is okay and your metabolism is in perfect condition.

Those are the list of benefits of head massage for hair growth and human health generally. It is even better if you choose the right ingredients to be used for scalp or head massage. You could use olive oil or coconut oil for better result in hair growth and maintain the health of your scalp. Moreover, some scented essential oil during head massage could act as stress relief as well.