10 Health Benefits of Fern Leaves (Mineral Source)

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Fern is well known as one of the ornamental plants commonly grows in the pot to be put in the corner of the room. Who could guess that there is actually such thing like the health benefits of fern leaves in this world? Though of course not all types of ferns contain amazing health benefits because when it comes to the variety of ferns, you must be surprised to find out about how long the list is.

What Is Fern?

Generally fern is one of the plants in the group of vascular plant which have neither flowers nor seeds. It reproduces through spores and commonly found as ornamental plants though some varieties of fern are actually edible and quite popular among the Asians in Indonesia and Malaysia regions which is well known as paku, the Malay for nail in English, due to its appearance which is quite spiky. Due to its ability to reproduce via spores, this plant required moist and woody habitats in where the plant could grow optimally. However, there are also some varieties of fern that could grow in desert and even rocky conditions.

Nutritional Values of Fern Leaves

You must be surprised to the fact that the humble fern leaves actually contain quite high amount of protein and minerals like zinc, potassium and calcium. Furthermore, it is also the excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and some vitamin B complex. Among the locals who are familiar with fern as edible vegetables are considering this plant to be one of the plants with home remedy qualities. To learn more about the health benefits of fern leaves, you could read the list below.

  1. Supports the Bone Health

One of the amazing medical properties found in fern leaves is calcium. It means, this green vegetable is great for bones and teeth because they are the main benefits of calcium.

  1. Help Reducing the Symptoms during PMS

Though fern leaves are not recommended for women during pregnancy but this vegetable is highly recommended for women to be consumed during PMS because ferns are packed with minerals to help reducing the symptoms caused by PMS.

  1. Promotes Optimal Function of Nerve System

To make sure your nerve system is fully working you have to make sure that the absorption of minerals is optimal. Fern leaves are packed with minerals that will be beneficial to promote optimal function of nerve system. Moreover, fern leaves also contain thiamine, one of the vitamin B which helps optimizing the function of nerve system.

  1. Excellent Source of Phosphorus

When talking about mineral, phosphorus is the least popular one but with prominent function. This mineral will make sure optimal utilization of fats and carbohydrate to prevent excessive body weight. A serving size of fern leaves could help fulfilling the daily intake of phosphorus.

  1. Packed with Iron

Besides phosphorus and calcium, fern leaves are also packed with iron. Iron is one of the important minerals and the main health benefits of iron is promoting the production of red blood cells. RBC is essential to distribute oxygen and nutrient to the whole body system.

  1. Promotes Healthy Vision

Fern leaves also packed with vitamin A which means this plant is great for vision. Those who are currently suffering from poor eyesight is highly recommended to add fern leaves to their daily diet to help reducing the symptoms and promoting healthy vision.

  1. Prevent the Development of Cancerous Cells

Fern leaves are also packed with antioxidants, vitamin C benefits and vitamin A. The combination of such vitamins and minerals are able to prevent the development of cancerous cells by fighting free radicals effectively.

  1. Great for Heart

One of the reasons why fern leaves are great for heart is because it is packed with potassium. Potassium is one types of electrolyte and one of the benefits of potassium could help reducing the blood pressure by eliminating the excessive sodium in the blood stream. When blood pressure is under control, stroke and heart attack could be prevented.

  1. Food Recommended for Diabetic Patient

Those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes must know that managing their daily diet is not as easy as it used to be. However, fern leaves could be an excellent dish for diabetic patient because it is friendly for them because fern leaves could help reducing the blood sugar level.

  1. Improve Appetite

There must be the time when you lose your appetite to eat. Well, why don’t you add fern leaves to your daily diet to help overcoming the condition? Fern leaves could be great addition to those who are currently in recovery state.

Cautions of Fern Leaves

There are some facts about fern leaves you should aware of and some of them are cautions you should know.

  • You should know that not all types of fern leaves are edible. Some inedible fern could be very toxic if you eat them.
  • Allergic reaction is one of the common thing when it comes to fern leaves especially those that are growing in the wild.
  • Due to some specific compounds, ferns are not supposed to be consumed by women during pregnancy. Though the case reported regarding this matter is small but still it is better to be in the safe zone.
  • To get all the health benefits of fern leaves are by consuming them in moderate amount only because some studies stated that large dosage of ferns could lead to muscle weakness.
  • There are some reasons why you should know where your ferns came from and better to consume organic vegetables only.

If you are from Asia, you must be very familiar with fern plants because they could easily grow in your back yard even when you are not growing them yourself. Among the Asians, ferns could be considered weeds because they could grow vigorously. However now since you have find out the amazing health benefits of fern leaves surely you should think twice to kill them.