4 Benefits of Brushing Teeth With Castile Soap

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In fact, most people in the world brush their teeth using toothpaste. Even our parents and teachers taught us to brush our teeth with toothpaste. But in fact toothpaste has negative impact to our teeth.

Scientifically toothpaste contains substance called glycerin which eliminates the teeth ability to re-mineralize itself. It makes teeth stop to kill bacteria and remove plaque inside your mouth. Therefore, it makes your teeth get gingivitis and tooth decay. The glycerin is very sticky. It needs 27 times mouthwash to clean it off. Despite, brushing teeth with castile soap is the best alternative.

The best alternative to keep your teeth healthy is to brush your teeth using castile soap. It keeps your mouth fresh and less-dangerous than toothpaste product you usually use.

According to Dr. Gerard F. Judd, who published book ‘Good Teeth, to create the best cleanliness of teeth and mouth is to use castile soap. In addition, using castile soap to brush teeth eliminates the prevention of teeth re-mineralizing.  Those are the benefits of brushing teeth with Castile Soap just like health benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil.

1. Castile soap kills bacteria without harming your teeth and gums

Castile soap is detergent free unlike toothpaste you usually use. The detergents and glycerin contained in toothpaste can hurt your teeth and gums slowly.

On the contrary, castile soap disinfect your teeth and gums while killing bacteria inside your mouth. In addition, castile soap also boost your teeth and gums ability to kill bacteria itself. You may also read benefits of coconut oil for skin.

2. Castile soap strengthen gums and whiten teeth

Have you ever wondered why castile soap has strong ‘soapy’ taste? It’s because castile soap contains olive oil. Olive oil is normally used for dental purposes.

Furthermore, olive oil substances are able to strengthen gums, whiten teeth, and eliminates plaque. You may also read benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil.

3. Castile soap contains minerals which will absorb to the core of your gums

The glycerin substance prevent the minerals absorbing to your gums. On the contrary, castile soap has rich minerals which will absorb to the core of your gums. It did, because there is glycerin that prevents minerals to absorb. You may also read benefits of calcium.

4. Castile soap removes strong plaque

You wondered why your plaque is very hard to stop? You wasted your money paying dental bills to remove plaque? If so, you should change your behavior of brushing teeth with toothpaste. Toothpaste doesn’t remove plaque in your teeth. It even prevents the natural elimination of plaque.

As alternative, you should brush do treatment of brushing  teeth with castile soap. You may also read benefits of applying race water on face.

How to brush teeth using castile soap?

  1. Prepare castile soap and toothbrush
  2. Wet the toothbrush
  3. Rub the toothbrush gently to your castile soap. Do not take the soap too much.
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Rinse your mouth
  6. Enjoyed the your clean mouth

Recommendation intake to brush teeth with castile soap routinely

At first, you might not believe that you it’s actually better to brush teeth with castile soap. Then you also might think that brushing teeth with castile soap would taste terribly. Remember, only rub the castile soap so little to your toothbrush.

  • At the first 1-4 times it might tastes different. But it’s brushing teeth and you will rinse.
  • Then you will get used to it. For better result, brush your teeth with castile soap at least 2-3 times a day.

In addition, eat more healthy food such as fruits and try to avoid sugar. Indeed, you may also read benefits of brushing teeth with coconut oil and benefits of calcium. Indeed, there are many benefits of brushing teeth with Castile Soap.