5 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Make Up Remover

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Have you ever think about the correlation between your makeup habit and coconut oil? Later on, you should know about it if you love heavy makeup but quite lazy to remove it. Well, make up is an inseparable thing for women. This is an essential thing for women. On the other hand, applying makeup may also harm your skin if you use it for a long time or if you don’t remove it completely.

It is because the heavy makeup may clog your pores, stimulate pimple and black head. Unfortunately, we often feel too tired to completely remove it after the exhausting day. Therefore, the only thing we need is the powerful make up remover which is able to wipe the make up in single swap.

The common make up remover you can get from cosmetic store may offer you those qualities. However, is there any safe cosmetic other than the natural cosmetic? Do you mind of using natural make up remover? What kind of natural make up removal we can use? If you think about the natural essential oil such as olive oil, you are in the right path. Olive oil is very beneficial and safe for beauty. Here are the benefits of olive oil. Do you know that coconut oil is also very beneficial for beauty? Besides the health benefits of coconut oil for cooking and health benefits of coconut oil for brushing teeth, it can also be used as powerful make up remover.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil as Make up Remover

Coconut oil possesses some qualities which are good for skin cleanser. It is even able to clean the hidden part which is difficult to be cleaned such as belly button. Here are The benefits of applying coconut oil for belly button. Therefore, these are the reason why we have many benefits of using Coconut Oil for make up remover.

  1. Effectively clean the make up

It is said that we better to fight oil with oil. We know that most of the cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, cream blusher, cream eye shadow, also contour and highlighter are made of oil based ingredients.

Therefore, dissolving the oil based make up using oil is the best solution. It will effectively lift the makeup residue. Unlike the alcohol based remover, the coconut oil will leave your skin soft and moist. It can also give the glowing effect to your skin.

  1. Powerful for waterproof make up

You may experience difficulty in removing waterproof eye makeup. Sometimes, swapping the waterproof cosmetic using the common cleanser might hurt your delicate under eye and eye lid skin. in another time the powerful cleanser is dangerous for your eyes.

The only solution is applying the gentle yet powerful make up remover. Therefore, you can consider coconut oil for your make up remover. According to dermatologist, Coconut oil has such a detergent effect that is able to wash away the waterproof make up effectively in single swap. It is even comfortable to use coconut oil for our under eye skin.

  1. Suitable for any skin types

Besides completely remove the makeup residue, it is also beneficial for skin.  The natural unrefined coconut oil is safe to be used by any types of skin. The dry skin type can use it, since it can also moisturizing. On the other hand, it is also safe for oily skin. The organic fatty acid of the oil won’t clog pores. In addition, it is also safe to be used for the sensitive skin type, since it has antibacterial property.

  1. Best oil for dermatitis

Dermatologist states that coconut oil contains anti bacteria and anti yeast. Ancient medication even used coconut oil to deal with dermatitis problems. Therefore, applying coconut oil as make up remover is the best option for those with dermatitis or any skin problems such as acne.

  1. Smells good

Don’t you know that coconut oil is actually smells so good? It offers you the sweet summery fragrance despite the efficacy and benefits for beauty. The fragrance will also give you such a relaxing effect while you use the coconut oil as the makeup remover. Thus, there are benefits of using Coconut Oil for make up remover.

How to Use Coconut Oil as Make up Remover

When we talk about oil, what you have in your mind might be a clear liquid substance in a bottle. However, coconut oil is solid in a room temperature.

  1. Therefore, using the oil for makeup remover, you can simply take a small amount of coconut oil on your finger and rub it between your fingers.
  2. The aim is to warm up the solid oil.
  3. The next step, rub it all over your face and massage smoothly.
  4. Consider to add the amount of oil for your tough make up such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  5. It is easier to completely remove the make up with more oil.
  6. However, make sure to avoid the oil get in your eyes. It may not be hurt, but it will leave your eyes temporally blurred.
  7. After that, you can lift the oil with dry cotton ball.
  8. In this step, you will completely take your make up. Make sure to lift it perfectly.
  9. After that, you can apply your favorite toner for in depth cleansing.
  10. Therefore you can avoid clogged pores and black head.

However, the effect of using coconut oil as make up remover may vary as the different skin types and conditions. Dermatologist recommends for those with normal and oily skin type to use this natural make up remover occasionally. It is better to use it no more than three times a week.

The excessive usage will improve your oil production. It will also stimulate skin problems such as acne. For this type of skin, you may try to use jojoba oil. Here are The Benefits Of Using Jojoba Oil For Skin.