10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Lobelia Herb #Scientific

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Sun is ready to set, a chill breeze of wind is rippling through your skin, what can make it better? A cup of warm tea of course. There is perhaps nothing can compare the satisfaction of a cup of tea in the afternoon. There are hundreds upon hundreds variety when it come downs to tea.

Most of them had come through our body, green tea with its high level of antioxidant, caffeinated black tea to help boost your day, up to tea with herbs included. Sometimes there is fruit infused tea like this Lo Han Guo fruit that can make your tea experienced becoming something else. Many of us, once in a while ever consuming herbal right? What kind of herbs did you consume?

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Enjoying tea in the afternoon is surely a wonderful thing. How do you enjoy your tea? Did you smoke? If so you might have a high risk of lung health problem since smoking is directly use your lung as a receptor. You might had wondering if there is some kind of method for you to stop smoking. What if there is a tea that can cure your addiction? Or how about curing your smoking habit with Tobacco? Seems a bit strange at first, but down the line we might come to an agreement how to cure smoking addiction with more tobacco.

This tea is infused with some flower. This flower called Lobelia Inflata. Lobelia Inflata that also known as puke weed or Indian tobacco in one of the species native to eastern north America or southeastern of Canada. Lobelia Inflata Health Benefits worked as an herbaceous plant which is mean that this plant doesn’t have woody structural on its body above the ground level.

Lobelia Inflata can be annual plant or biennial plant or a plant that finish its lifecycles in one year (annual) or two year (biennial) before its start a new lifecycle. Lobelia Inflata has tiny hairs cover its entire stems and height between 15 cm to around 1 meters tall. The flower itself bloom between mid-summer throughout fall season with violet and a speck of yellowish tint in the middle. Also, there are many health benefits of Lobelia Herb.

Lobelia Inflata Overviews

Lobelia Inflata history tracked a few hundreds years back at 16th century. Lobelia Inflata named after the honor of French physician who is also a botanist Matthias De Lobel. Based on long research, scientist now agreed that Lobelia Inflata Health Benefits is vary and mainly cure lung related disease.

Lung related disease arranging from small coughing to some serious cancer is believed to be curable by lobelia herbs tincture. This can be obtained by the substance inside the flower which when extracted may have a potent result. All of the plant part is poisonous if consumed in large uncontrolled quantity.

The taste of Lobelia Inflata when chewed is similar with tobacco. This flower firstly to be found used by Indian tribe native to North America, Thus why is named after the taste and the origin as Indian Tobacco. Historian write down the Indian tribe specifically the Penobscot tribes consume this flower by smoked the dried leaves as the substitute to the effects of alkaloids on the central nervous system.

According to medical data, Lobelia Inflata become one of the most medically important plants, used mainly as a valuable remedy for asthma. Up until today this flower / plant is still in use for a remedy and herbs purpose. In more modern way, Lobelia Inflata was extracted and synthesized. The substance taken is mainly is Lobeline. Lobeline that in next process will be the main ingredient as the drugs cure many lung related disease.

Lobelia Inflata As A Medicine

Even though Lobelia Inflata as a medicine is not the sole purpose but we can’t deny that Lobelia Inflata has been synthesized for its Lobeline substance. Health benefits of Lobelia Herb, as a medicine to cure a number of disease surely unquestionable which is: 

  1. Asthma

Study suggest that by injecting Lobeline unto the animal tend to make the animal breath more deeply and / or more slowly. With more deeply and slower breath asthma patient could be helped by resetting their respiratory system. Furthermore Lobelia Inflata as an asthma remedy is already done since early 19th century.

In traditional terms Lobelia Inflata treats cough and spams which is used by the eclectics. Though is not that potent to stop acute asthma attack Lobelia Inflata still considered as an anti-spasmodic.

  1. Bronchitis

Because its anti-spasmodic trait and anti-inflammatory feature Lobelia Inflata can actually ease the cough caused by Bronchitis. Just by a small amount of Lobelia Inflata the substance of alkaloids is vary with Lobeline became the most active one. Lobeline is the one responsible for antitussive agent that creating anti-spasmodic trait and anti-inflammatory feature which ease the cough and restarting the breath rhythm.

  1. Natural Antidepressant

Alkaloids in Lobelia Inflata is known to have a similar feature as that found in nicotine. This feature can naturally play with brain chemical, altering the dopamine releasing euphoria feeling. As dopamine released cortisol hormone will fall significantly which lead to stress reliever. Researcher believe that a controlled dose of Lobelia Inflata as antidepressant can help so many people and patient regarding their condition. 

  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD can restricting air from coming in or out of the lung this could lead to another symptoms. COPD causing breathing difficulty, cough, mucus (sputum) production and wheezing. Substance inside Lobelia Inflata can actually promote the discharge of mucus that lead too feel of relief and reducing further symtomps.

  1. Smoke Quitter

As an home for alkaloids with similar feature as nicotine, Lobelia Inflata can actually replacing the need for cigarette that promote stop smoking. Even though the used of this flower firstly discover is to be smoked but infusing the flower unto tea or simply chewing it will cause a similar effect as smoking. Releasing dopamine by taking the advantage of alkaloids contained by Lobelia Inflata actually is safer than smoking and with fewer chance of addiction.

  1. Obesity Cure

Obesity that is now concern many people for reaching as high as 30% worldwide is considered as a pandemic. Based on earlier research Lobeline, the substance inside Lobelia Inflata cause a slight suppression of appetite, therefore this trait can used for the treatment of eating disorder.

Lobelia Inflata Intake and Dose

Almost all part of the plant is usable. Many method can be used for extracting the benefits from the plant / flower. To get the health benefits of Lobelia Herb, here are the recommendations.

1. As a Tincture

Lobelia Inflata commonly sold in the form of a vinegar tincture. The typical dose of this tincture is 20 to 60 drops taken three times daily. The tincture recipe as bellow:

  • Dried The Lobelia Inflata just enough.
  • Add:
    • 1 oz of Raw Apple Vinegar
    • 4 oz of Organic Vodka
  • Mix by slightly shake the tincture
  • leave in the dark (away from direct sunlight) cool spot for 3-6 weeks.

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2. As an Ingredients

Lobelia Inflata as ingredients means the plant is used for some quick more direct use. For instance Lobelia Inflata as ingredients commonly used as an additional infuser for tea and / or a soup. 

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Caution of Lobelia Inflata

Taking advantages of Lobelia Inflata Health benefit is need to be careful and not consume recklessly or uncontrollable since the substance actually actually is some kind of poison in large dose.

Lobeline that have a similar trait as a nicotine (event hough many scientist and research suggest that this is no longer true) when use which contain inside Lobelia Inflata could raise a slight problem of worsen the condition of patient that suffered from Parkinson’s. This condition can be achieved due to the substance could interfere with the drugs use for the treatment.

Lobelia Inflata poisoning symptoms is: stomach pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If you experienced one of this condition after consuming products containing lobeline you should seek profesional medical help immediately. Even though there are no cases of death related to consuming of Lobelia Inflata but medical help is still needed.