10 Amazing Limnocharis Flava Benefits

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limnocharis flavaLimnocharis flava or genjer is a type of swamp plant that is commonly found in rice fields or shallow waters. Usually thrives with other swamp plants such as water hyacinth. This plant can be eaten as a vegetable in general. Currently, genjer quite a lot of cultivated because besides it feels when in stir fry very well also has some good health benefits for your body.

Various nutrients needed by our body are found in limnocharis flava benefits such as:

  • Fiber
  • Polyphenol
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus

Here we tell you some of the benefits that you will get if consuming genjer:

  1. Maintain the health of the digestive system

Genjer has a high enough fiber content that is excellent for your digestive system. For those of you who have difficult bowel, then genjer very good to treat it.

  1. Maintain heart health

Polyphenol substances contained in genjer is one of the antioxidant substances. Which one of its functions is to destroy the free radicals that flow in your blood. So that your blood flows healthy and is closely related to your heart health.

  1. Supports regeneration of body cells

The cells in your body all the time always change. The old and broken will be replaced with new and healthy ones. Genjer plants have a very important protein content for the process of forming new cells.

  1. Increase appetite

If you eat a genjer stir, there is a bit of bitterness. But this bitter taste gives a sensation that makes your appetite will increase.

  1. Strengthens bones

Inside the genjer plant, there is also a calcium substance. As you know, calcium is believed to be a bone-building agent. So the bones not young fragile despite the increasingly twilight age.

  1. Maintain tooth strength

Calcium and phosphorus in the genjer are also very good for dental health. Teeth will not be easily porous if you consume genjer regularly. Read more about teeth health

  1. Adds energy

Usually, our energy needs are obtained from foods such as rice, tubers, etc. You would not imagine that the genjer could be a source of energy. This is because genjer also contains a high enough carbohydrate. Related article: health benefits of rice

  1. Increase endurance

Genjer contains vitamin B1 compounds. This vitamin has the function of improving endurance. If you are feeling feverish or unwell, then eat the genjer so that your body will be healthy again. Read more: health benefits of drinking turmeric with milk and honey

  1. Rejuvenate the skin

Water-rich genjer will also keep your skin in good moisture condition. So it is not easy to dry and will look bright. Related article: health benefits tea tree oil skin

  1. Good fat source (HDL)

HDL has the function of cleansing the lipid from bad fats (LDL) so you will avoid cholesterol. In other words, limnocharis flava benefits are very good for those of you who suffer from high cholesterol in your blood. Read more: benefits of fish oils


Although many benefits, if genjer thrives uncontrollably in the rice fields, it will be a serious weed for the crops of farmers.