12 Important Health Benefits of Corn Chapati for Breakfast

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Some people may not aware that there is some health benefits of corn chapati. this traditional food that comes from India, apparently contain some nutrient consist of several vitamins and minerals that good for the health. Therefore, people start to interest consuming this food as one of their healthy food every day. Furthermore, the taste also quite good and delicious. Hence, corn chapati is one of the famous meal for breakfast in most India countries.

Chapati is actually another form of bread. It is Indian traditional kind of bread that serve for breakfast. Therefore, it is common and easy to find in India countries. By the time the recipe is start to known by many people, some Indian restaurant outside the country introduce this meal too. Hence, by the time, other people outside India start to love chapati too. Including in western and other Asian countries.

Nutrient Content Of Corn Chapati

Most of chapati are plain taste and made of corn. This is why chapati is good for the health. Corn chapati not only bring enough energy in the morning, but rich with various nutrient. Usually in one serving plate of corn chapati will contain below nutrient:

  • 300 calories
  • 6gr of fat
  • 48gr of carbs
  • 5.3gr of fiber
  • 2.6gr of sugar
  • 7.9gr of protein
  • 289mg of sodium
  • 15.8mg of iron

Furthermore, the health benefits of corn chapati is as listed below.

1. High Fiber

Chapati contain enough fiber that good to support the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, no wonder if the meal will able to supply the fiber needs of the body every day. As fiber is one of the important part for a healthier body system. This benefit is the same way as the health benefits of barley and lentils which also contain high number of fiber too.

2. Digestive Aid

As this food is rich in fiber, the corn chapati also works to aid the digestive system. It helps to improve the intestinal bowel movement and lead to a faster digest system. Furthermore, it can help to avoid further digestive problems.

3. Avoid Constipation

When corn chapati manage avoiding the digestive problems, it can help to avoid any constipation. It will relief the heartburn sensation and help to eliminate the gas content inside the stomach. This is also the same benefits of banana for constipation that will help to avoid constipation and help to manage a better gas content inside the stomach.

4. Add Energy

Corn chapati contain enough calories and carbohydrates that good for supporting the energy forming. Through consume the chapati in the morning, it will be equal with providing enough energy and calories to perform daily activities. Therefore, this food is suitable to support the daily activities.

5. Improve Metabolic Rate

Consume corn chapati apparently also work to improve the metabolic system. It can manage to fasten the metabolic rate in converting absorbed food into energy. Therefore, it help to absorb important nutrient and help to avoid fat forming too. This is the same health benefits arugula that will lead to improve the body metabolism system too.

6. Supporting Diet

Consume this meal also can be another way to support the diet. Therefore, no wonder if some people add this food to their daily menu. Mainly for breakfast, that still help to add energy but with less fat to forms.

7. Maintain Cholesterol

The health benefits of corn chapati also good to balance the cholesterol level inside the blood. Hence, it helps to avoid blood cod and manage to avoid further cholesterol problems. This is the same way as the benefits of red wine soaked with purple onion that will help to maintain the cholesterol level too.

8. Health Cardiovascular

Since the food is good to manage cholesterol level, it will help to manage a healthy cardiovascular too. It will avoid any cardiovascular diseases including avoid stroke symptoms and heart attack possibility.

9. Treat Anemia

Corn chapati is rich with iron content. Through this content, the food will able to stimulate the formation of red blood cells. This is how the food will be good for those with anemia symptoms. This is the same benefits of guava for anemia that can help to improve the blood cell and avoid anemia too.

10. Anti-Cancer

Another benefit of this meal is to prevent any potential cancer diseases. However, this benefit still need further evidence and research. It might good for the body, but it not yet proven to avoid the cancer cell to grow.

11. High Protein

Corn chapati also known contain high number of protein. As one of the important nutrient, protein is needed for the body and shall be absorbed everyday to support various body system. Therefore, having chapati in the morning can help to add protein number in the body everyday.

12. Healthy Brain

The protein content inside corn chapati will lead to a better brain system. Therefore, this food can help to improve the mind and brain capacity. Furthermore, it can help to avoid dementia and avoid possibility of brain infection too.

Corn Chapati Recipe

For those who loves this bread, you might be curious on the special recipe of corn chapati. Therefore, if having any plan to produce the corn chapati during this weekend, take a look closer one of the best recipe of making the corn chapati below.


The ingredients of this corn chapati consist of:

  • 2 cups white masa harina (mix flour that usually made for tortilla, it can easily get in the store)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of boiling water

How To Prepare

While preparing the chapati is as below steps:

  • mix all the ingredients and make some soft dough from it.
  • knead it with wet hands.
  • divide the dough into 8 smaller dough.
  • pat each piece to thin layer.
  • place it in heated griddle.
  • moist with wet paper towel.
  • flip when one side is slightly brown.
  • when the other side is brown too, then baked it over the flame for a second.
  • place the corn chapati in a plate.
  • add some toppings as preference.

Those all the health benefits of corn chapati. One if this traditional India meal apparently can bring many advantages and taste delicious too. Furthermore, it is good for diet and exact meal for breakfast too. Through consume corn chapati, it expected that the body will get numerous health advantages and lead to maintain a good weight too. Happy morning breakfast with corn chapati!