Amazing Health Benefits of American Ginseng Tea for Men

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Speaking of healthy herbal tea for men, the one made from ginseng has been well known to be good for men even since the ancient time. American ginseng tea is one of the herbal tea that becomes the men’s favourite due to the benefits of ginseng for males, especially for stamina, reproductive and also libido.

What Is American Ginseng Tea?

American ginseng tea is type of tea made from the extract of American ginseng. Ginseng itself has several species and among them is American ginseng from ivy family with sub genus Panax quinquefolius which is different from Chinese ginseng which has scientific name Panax ginseng. This type of ginseng is native to America and has been commercially cultivated for its medicinal properties in these recent years. Though it is quite easy to find the fresh American ginseng but people prefer to enjoy the American ginseng tea because it is more practical and tastier compared to the original extract of American ginseng.

Nutritional Values of American Ginseng Tea

The herbal tea from the extract of American ginseng contains similar nutrients as the health benefits of American ginseng extract which is still fresh. American ginseng tea is high in minerals but quite low in calories, just a perfect combination for those who are looking for healthy beverage to be consumed in daily basis. Below is the detail of the health benefits of American ginseng tea for men.

  1. Improves Stamina

The adaptogen content found in American ginseng tea is the main reason why this kind of beverage could help improving stamina. That is why ginseng is one of the beverages that is not only loved by men but also by most athlete who need optimal stamina.

  1. Excellent Energy Booster

Those who are depending on caffeine from coffee to provide energy booster in the morning may replace it with American ginseng tea. It is because there are a lot of caffeine side effects for health compared to its benefits. So, it is better to avoid coffee which is high of caffeine and instead get all the health benefits of American ginseng tea for men.

  1. Natural Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also well known as impotency. There are a lot of factors that could cause this condition but scientific fact said that consuming American ginseng tea regularly could help curing this condition.

  1. Lowers the Blood Sugar Level

It is not easy to manage diet of those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes. Even the choice of beverage could affect their blood sugar level significantly. Well, American ginseng tea is among the choice of beverages that are safe to be consumed by diabetic patients due to its ability to increase the ability of your body tolerance toward carbohydrate to help managing the blood sugar level.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

American ginseng tea is effective to help improving the blood circulation. It is one of the reasons why those who consume this tea regularly may feel better in all aspects from stamina, energy level up to sexual performance.

  1. Increases Libido

It is a common knowledge that one of the reasons why men love ginseng is due to its ability to increase libido. This fact has been proven scientifically through some intensive scientific studies.

  1. Prevents the Development of Cancerous Cells

Antioxidants found in American ginseng tea are those that are super potent to fight free radicals which become the root of cancer. Ginseng contains ginsenosida which is super effective in fighting cancer and preventing its development.

  1. Reduces Stress

American ginseng tea contains some active compound that could help optimizing the human metabolism and at the same time enhance the energy level. That combination is perfect to reduce the level of stress.

  1. Manages the Cholesterol Level

Speaking of foods that lower cholesterol level herbal tea is among foods and beverages that are highly recommended to manage the cholesterol level. American ginseng tea is not only tasty but also great to help reducing and managing the high cholesterol level and reduce the risk of plaque accumulation in the arteries caused by excessive amount of ‘bad’ cholesterol.

  1. Great for Digestive Health

American ginseng contains some potent anti-bacterial agents that could help maintaining the digestive health such as how to prevent diarrhea and other types of digestive disorders caused by infection.

  1. Improves Cognitive Function

A scientific study which published by The Cochrane Library stated that there are some active compounds found in American ginseng tea that could help improving the cognitive function such as focus and memory span.

  1. Contains Anti-Aging Benefit

The antioxidants found in American ginseng tea could act as anti-aging that will help preventing premature aging and optimizing the regeneration of new cells.

Cautions of American Ginseng Tea

Though there are a lot of health benefits of American ginseng tea for men as mentioned above there are some cautions from consuming this type of herbal tea you should know as well.

  • Tea contains caffeine and it is not a good combination when it is combined with ginseng. So, it is important for you to know your present condition and those who are sensitive to caffeine probably need to avoid consuming this type of tea.
  • The choice of brand is also important. Choosing one that is reliable only with American ginseng as the main ingredient with percentage more than 75% for optimal result.
  • Ginseng could affect blood circulation. If you are currently taking medicine that has similar effect may cause some negative interaction.

If you are consuming American ginseng tea for its medicinal properties are better for you to consult it with your doctor first especially when you have specific condition that may contradict with the effect resulted from consuming American ginseng. Furthermore, American ginseng tea is super tasty and also healthy.