10 Health Benefits of Kokum (Garcinia Indica)

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Kokum is one of Indian fruit with scientific name – Garcinia Indica. Many people also called it as like Aamsul, Bindin, Bhiranda, katambi, lookiya, panarpuli, ratamba, thekera. In addition, the outer dried Kokum fruit has been used as spice that provides typical sour and acidic taste with red color. It also used as an alternative of tamarind in food and marinate for fish recipes from Kerala.

On the other hand, it also used for beverages where one of the most popular is Chilled Kokum sherbet. The drink acts as energizer for the body in hot tropical climate of India. Furthermore, the seeds, bark and roots for many years give many impacts as Indian medicine because of the health benefits. The health benefits of Kokum are:

  1. Improves immunity

Some healthy nutrients you can find in Kokum such as citric acid, carbohydrates, malic acid, acetic acid, hydro citric acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin B complexes, garcinol, manganese, potassium, magnesium, hydroxycitric acid even dietary fiber. Those all of nutrients can improve immunity and means fight many diseases.

  1. Anti-inflammation properties

When it applied directly to skin, Kokum eliminates allergies and rashes due to anti-inflammation properties. In addition, one of the most effective benefits of Kukum is to relieve burns as well as wounds or injuries.

  1. Supports for the health of digestion

People with constipation and dysentery often used Kokum to treat the conditions. Furthermore, it also prevents some conditions since it has the ability to improve the process of digestive system.

  1. Against diabetes

One of the health benefits of Kokum is to against diabetes. Furthermore, the benefit is related with the benefit of Kokum to control cholesterol in the body.

  1. Prevents cancers and other diseases

Vitamin C and other polyphenol which have good antioxidant properties in Kokum have been believed can reduce tumour and cancer.  They remove free radicals in the body that can trigger cancer cells to grow.

  1. Acts as anti-aging properties

The other benefit of vitamin C, or you can read in vitamin c 1000 mg benefits, in combine with many antioxidants in Kokum helps to support for the health of the skin. It acts as anti-aging properties that is suitable to reduce the sign of aging like wrinkles and dark spot.

  1. Cools the body

Kokum has cooling properties where are useful to reduce body heat. It rehydrates the body and moreover energizes it. However, it protects the body from dehydration even sunstroke.

  1. Promotes the health of hair & skin

Some people used Kokum butter for hair and skin including lips as well, due to the nutrient content named vitamin E, or you can read in health benefits of vitamin e. The vitamin is popular to support hair and skin health. Furthermore you can find it the product of skin lotions, soaps, balms and lipsticks.

  1. Controls cholesterol

Provided with acid, the fruit has the ability to against bad cholesterol or LDL, where the most important is to control cholesterol level in the body.  Since then, it will protect the heart from such conditions like stroke or heart attack, while improving its function.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Without no saturated fats as and low in calories, Kokum helps to lose weight. In addition the decreasing production of excess fat and also high in fiber, or you can read in health benefits of fiber, supports to lose the body weight.

The health benefits of Kokum are almost as same as other Indian fruit or spice, or you can read in health benefits of indian gooseberry and health benefits of indian long pepper.