12 Health Benefits of Peruvian Beans You Should Know

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Beans, as we know that in this beautiful and rich mother Earth, we have tons of beans varieties which spread over the globe. Those beans magically contribute big impacts for human health as one of the best and richest source of vitamins and mineral as well. One of the less known beans that we will describe in this article is Peruvian beans. Health benefits of Peruvian beans for human health are fantastic.

The bean is such a big bean grown in tropical rain forest in South America countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and Guianas. However, the biggest producer and exporter is Peru. Scientifically, based on Health Journal of Beans Varieties, this bean has a very similar look to macadamia beans which also belong to same family. The bean grows in the tree called Bertholletia excels. Most of people in South America and now over the globe use this bean as the substitution of macadamia beans in cooking.

Peruvian beans are truly containing quite much calorie, yet they also have a lot of anti-oxide, mineral, vitamins and protein which can fulfill your daily need of those essences. Usually, in its original habitat, the locals process them into cooking oil and boiled or baked snack. Sometimes, it is included too into the daily menu. The trend of consuming beans which has been gaining popular day by day as part of healthy style influenced the incline consumption of Peruvian beans.

Now, it is your turn to start a healthy life style by consuming more beans into your daily mode and get some dose of health benefits which will stimulate your life into a better version one!

Nutrients and Scientific Benefits of Peruvian Beans

Peruvian beans in each 100 grams have about 687 calorie and total fat contained of 68%-69%. The highest fat contained is single unsaturated lipid which is a very good and healthy fat for your heart. The single unsaturated lipid fat helps the body to control the bad cholesterol or popularly called LDL. It also gains more HDL or good cholesterol for the body. Furthermore, the essential acid fat contained by the beans is oleic acid and palmitoleat acid. This kind of beans has magnificent benefits of the richest mineral selenium source.

Each one ounce of the beans, the selenium contained can be up to 544 mcg. Though selenium itself is not an anti-oxide, it works as well as vitamin E and being part of anti-oxide enzyme. In short, according to the medical research of some prestige hospitals in the United States show that the beans have multiple useful and magic essences for health as follows:

  • Strong mineral which found around the land soil where the tree planted.
  • Selenium which helps the body to activate enzyme to detox the fat inside the membrane.
  • Asam amino
  • Metonin
  • Calcium
  • Mangan
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Anti-oxide
  • Omega 6 fat acid
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B12

The Peruvian beans have been scientifically approved to have multiple benefits. The health benefits of Peruvian beans for the body will be described more by the following explanation as you might need to know for your additional information for your fit and healthy life. The information below is cited from the Amazing Benefits of Peanut Journal.

  1. Healthy Pregnancy

The folate acid essence inside the Peruvian beans is really needed by the pregnant women, particularly in the early pregnancy period. The essence of folate acid will prevent the baby from any risk of disable condition of incomplete organs forming.

Furthermore, by consuming beans for the pregnant women herself, will strength the body immunity just like the health benefits of pinto beans does.

  1. Depression Lowering

Next benefits of Peruvian beans for health is gained from the essential amino acid with its tryptophan which stimulates the serotonin hormone. The hormone has enormous impact to reduce and calm the depression syndrome due to higher level of stress.

It can also stimulate your mood to be maintained well. The impact of tryptophan can be even better if it is combined with health benefits of chocolate. The calm and peaceful mood is something you will have then.

  1. Kidneys Stone Treatment

In every one ounce of Peruvian beans or if it is made into jam, then it will reduce your risk of suffering from kidneys stone. Or else, if you have suffered the disease, the best way to treat the diseases is by consuming the beans regularly in moderation along with consuming much water.

In very short moment, the stone will be stimulated to be out of the body and lessen the risk of having the same disease in the future.

  1. Big Colon Cancer Preventing

Beans, as well as health benefits of Peruvian beans, has much benefits for reducing the risk of having big colon cancer, particularly for women. Thus, eating at least 2 table spoons of Peruvian beans twice a week can reduce the risk of having big colon cancer up to 58%. Isn’t it terrific?

  1. Body Weight Maintaining

Women who consume more beans including Peruvian beans at least twice a week tend to have less risk of obesity compared to them who do not. Therefore, consuming more beans with moderation especially on your breakfast time with little slice of whole wheat bread will make you have such a stable and good body weight.

  1. Heart Disease Prevention

Consuming beans, as well as health benefits of ice cream beans, regularly in weekly mode and in suggested portion, will really help maintaining your heart health. Inside the Peruvian beans, they have folate acid which is really good for the heart.

It also reduces the risk of having cardiovascular which leads to worse diseases such as coroner heart attack and stroke. Consuming it optimally by not frying the beans, you better do boiling or steaming methods instead.

  1. Source of Vegetable Protein

Beans, as well as Peruvian beans, are the best source of vegetable protein by combining the health benefits of rice. The beans have much of complete protein with all kinds of amino acid needed by the body.

Differently to the meat, the beans have lower fat and free of cholesterol, of which is great for your health. In each cup of Peruvian beans can give you more than 15 grams of protein.

  1. Body Energy Boosting

Peruvian beans can also be a good source of iron and mangan. The iron of Peruvian beans is very high and can fulfill your daily need of energy. In each one portion of the beans cooked well may have more than 5 mg iron. This is equal to 30% of nutrient need daily. When your body does the metabolism, it also needs the iron as well.

Furthermore, the iron is the integral component of hemoglobin which transports oxygen from the lungs over the body. Therefore, consuming beans can be really needed to help the smooth process of oxygen transportation inside the body.

  1. Digesting Smoothing

Health benefits of Peruvian beans are really popular by their high contained of fiber compare to the other beans such as health benefits of green bean. The fiber will just perfectly work to help the digesting system on the colon.

Fiber helps the colon moving well, at the end of the day, it can give you multiple benefits of smooth digest and metabolism process. If you have such good digest system, you will get rid of having colon cancer risk.

  1. Blood Sugar Controlling

The fiber inside the Peruvian beans can help to reduce the blood cholesterol level by pushing the cholesterol out of the body through the digesting system before the body absorbs it.

The fiber contained of the Peruvian beans can identify a very smooth food digesting and has such a low glycemic index. Thus, this bean can be a very healthy choice for those suffering from diabetic.

  1. Optimal Brain System

As the source of vitamin B, the Peruvian beans have close relation to the brain cells function. Brain cell nerves can be well maintained by the vitamin C as well as contained as the health benefits of Peruvian beans.

Vitamin B by its thiamin functions very well to the enzyme reaction as the source of energy production and cognitive moving. The thiamin is also needed in the essential process of neurotransmitter for the brain memory.

  1. Anti-Aging

Last instalment series of health benefits of Peruvian beans will be described further of its anti-aging contains. The researchers in the Agriculture Department of United State do some surveys to 100 different foods. They find out that the anti-oxide on the Peruvian beans far more than the anti-oxide on health benefit of fruits, even the fruits which are popularly known as the best source of anti-oxide such as blueberry, cherry, and cranberry.

The anti-oxide has multiple benefits for human to maintain the cells function, particularly on the free radicals exposure related.

Cautions of Peruvian beans

You are not suggested to fry the beans since it will just stimulate the unsaturated lipid to turn into saturated ones, of which can be dangerous for the heart. The beans will be much better to be boiled or steamed as well it will maximize the health benefits of the contained essences.

Those are health benefits of Peruvian beans which must get you shocked of how magical the bean is for human. However, just like the health benefits of beans sprout for human body, the useful benefits of the beans can be more maximal if it is consumed by moderation and right cooking method.