14 Science-Based Health Benefits of Ice Cream Bean

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Ice cream bean, is it something new of ice cream flavor? Well, you are wrong. This is not a new type of ice cream which is being everyone’s favorite. Ice cream bean is pea family with Inga feuilleei Latin name. As we know that pea is such a very popular bean consumed by many people, we should start to know that pea actually has a lot of varieties. Ice cream bean is called so since the taste of the fruit is really like vanilla ice cream. It is so creamy, soft, and sweet. Behind the skin which looks like acacia peas, there is the fruit similar to cotton. It also has black seed which covered by the fruits. The fruit is usually eaten for the vanilla ice cream sensation taste.

Ice cream bean is an original plant from South and Middle America. People in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico really like the ice cream bean and often consume it as their favorite snack. Reported by Community Table Journal, the Amazon tribes usually collect and consume the beans as the part of their daily menu. No need to be cooked, the ice cream bean can just be eaten provided that the bean has been ripe. In South America, we can easily find the ice cream bean tree planted in the edge of the street and function as the shadowing tree. The tree can grow up to 60 feet while the bean pea fruit can be up to 1 meter.

Until now, the ice cream bean tree is quite difficult to find unless in Latin America. However, the tree is predicted will be one of the queen botany plants in the future. It is caused by the high level of economic value of the tree either the plant or the fruit can be maximum utilized for multiple purposes. In this article, there will be described further about the health benefits of ice cream bean, particularly for human health. As we know that beans have various magnificent benefits for human health, so does ice cream bean. Health Benefits of Edamame is already popular, now it is the turn for ice cream bean.  Let’s check them out!

Nutrients and Compositions of Ice Cream Bean

The seeds of ice cream bean contain much of essences and nutrients. They are one of the super food just like Health Benefits of Tropical Almond which is strongly recommended to be consumed. Here are several nutrients contained by ice cream bean in every 100 grams of beans:

  • 12,6 % moisture
  • 338 calories
  • 18,9 protein
  • 1 fat
  • 62, 9 carbohydrate
  • 3,4 fiber
  • 3,9 ash
  • 0,04 mg vitamin A
  • 0, 14 mg vitamin B1
  • 0,09 mg vitamin B2
  • 19,6 mg vitamin C
  • Anti-oxide

Mostly munched as one of the healthiest and favored sweet snack, you may consume the beans by its white pulp raw. Meanwhile, if you want to consume the black seeds as well, you need to cook and eat it as the vegetable. It is due to the toxic compound contain in the seeds and they can only be destroyed by cooking process.

As the beans are not really popular outside Latin America, but the world really needs to know that there is super food option which has multiple benefits for human body. Based on American Health Journal, there are at least 15 health benefits of ice cream bean as follows.

  1. Muscle Health

The very first health benefit of ice cream bean is to health the body muscle. It has similar benefit to Health Benefits of Green Beans which is also beneficial to form the muscle mass. The most effective way to maximize the benefits of ice cream bean for muscle health is by consuming the beans while doing regular sport. The beans will work to form the mass muscle. In continuous exercise, you will the result immediately.

  1. Natural Diet Menu

One of the most beneficial health benefits of ice cream bean is as the natural diet food. The healthy bean has a lot of complete nutrients essence to help you to gain weight loss. Of course, you need to do regular exercise while consume the bean regularly in order to make your diet be successful.

  1. High Cholesterol Treatment

Health benefits of ice cream bean can be used to cure high cholesterol which can lead to multiple horrible diseases. While increasing the portion of ice cream bean, you also need to reduce the consumption of red meat such as beef and lamb. If you do it regularly, your high cholesterol can be instantly reduced.

  1. Eyes Health

Ice cream bean has much of vitamin A compositions which is good to maintain the health of eyes. If you consume ice cream bean continuously, you will have such a clearer and sharper sight. Your eyes will be not easily suffered from the night blindness or cataract. Carotenoid or beta carotene is natural essence contained in the fruits or vegetable which has red, yellow, or orange color.

However, there are others color of vegetable which has beta carotene too such as spinach and ice cream bean. The function of beta carotene is to convert the color essence of the vegetables and fruits to be vitamin A and therefore being the source of vitamin A.

  1. Body Cells Health Maintaining

The next health benefit of ice cream bean is to health the body cells. The natural composition of the beans will get into the body cells and prevent from the broken and destroyed cells due to bacteria attack or free radical. This also results stronger protection from cancer cells growth. You can also find the same function in the Health Benefits of Pinto Beans.

  1. Diabetic Prevention

Consuming ice cream bean continuously if are suffered from diabetic or been in gene line of diabetic inherited. The bean has low level of natural sugar which will not create incline of blood sugar. The health benefit of ice cream bean will reduce the higher level of blood sugar instead.

  1. Bones Strengthening

The ice cream bean has much of calcium and mineral compositions which can strengthen your bones into stronger and healthier. Therefore, there are many health sciences which suggest the patients to consume the bean in order to prevent the osteoporosis of the bones.

  1. Heart Health Maintaining

It is not exaggerated to say that heart organ is one of the very essential one for the human life. Therefore, you need to maintain and keep the organ healthy earlier in order to prevent many diseases attack in the future. Maintaining the healthy life style and diet menu moderation are the easiest way to health your attack and the food you need to consume is ice cream bean.

  1. Stay Full Longer

Consuming ice cream bean will make you feel full longer without easily get hungry anymore. This is due to the ability of the beans to prevent the excessive appetite. It surely will benefit you if you are in diet mode. The beans can make you full and health as well.

  1. Constipation Curing

One of the health benefits of ice cream bean is being the anti-constipation food. The bean is really good to smooth the digest system and make your digest organ healthier so that you can get rid of constipation.

  1. Regenerating Broken Cells

The Health Benefits of vitamin C are very essential. The vitamin is easily lost out of the body due to the physical activity. However, the vitamin C is also natural anti0oxide which function to regenerate the broken body cells. Because of the function to regenerate, the vitamin C then is very useful for women beauty too such as to repair dried and hair fall due to lack of vitamin C, brighten the dull skin since vitamin C can produce collagen to make you get brighter and tighter skin.

  1. Blood Sugar Balancing

Ice cream bean is the food which rich of protein and fiber contained. Due to its high level of fiber and protein, the work of kidneys to control the blood sugar in the blood is much easier. Higher protein and fiber is also well known as the natural therapy to control the blood sugar.

  1. Meat Replacement for Vegetarian

Since the high contain of protein with rich of fiber and less fat, the ice cream bean is really recommended to be consumed as the meat replacement particularly for those who are being vegetarian. It is also good for you who are on diet menu. Why does ice cream bean is very good for diet menu? The answer is on the protein.

The benefit of protein can help the fat burning and less your appetite so that it really matches for diet menu. It is quite suggested to consume ice cream bean 2 up to 3 hours before you eat heavy meal to reduce your appetite. The rich of protein composition of the ice cream bean will make you feel full longer.

  1. Body Immunity

The anti-oxide essences such as carotenoid, flavonoid, polyphenol, and phenol eat acid are really beneficial in the process of broken cells regenerating so that it can boost your immunity much better. If you have such a good immunity system, then you can also have a better natural healing of multiple diseases. This is also found as the Health Benefits of Quince. Besides, the ability of ice cream bean to regenerate the body cells will contribute much to maintain the skin elastic.

Those are 14 health benefits of ice cream bean which you know now. It is quite essential to know the information as the benefits of the bean is still less compared to other kinds of bean. However, you can start to consume the ice cream bean as the replacement of vanilla ice cream with healthier and even tastier taste!