15 Proven Health Benefits of Mangosteen Tea for Body System

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Mangosteen is a kind of fruit which comes from a tropical country tree. The fruit is known for its sweet-sour taste. It is originally coming from Java, Indonesia and grow well in most of the Southeast Asia countries. For years, people start to believe that there is some Health Benefits of Mangosteen, including the famous one is as an anti-oxidant. Therefore, some local company start their research to get the extract tea of the fruit.

The fruit have a unique texture. It is also has a spesific fragrant when opened. The rind color is purple and can produce stain. While the flesh is segmented like orange, but the color is white. Mangosteen fruit can be consume directly. It can also consume as a juice. While the tree is normally grow from 6 to 25 meters tall.

To cultivate mangosteen tree is an easy way as long as in a tropical country. It can be cultivated from the seed. For a better growth make sure it receives sunlight for minimum of 12 hours. The tree will produce fruit after 5-6 years. This plant can be included as a plant with the long duration of trees yield fruits and the long resulting breeding cycles.

Nutritional Value of Mangosteen Tea

Below is the nutritional value of Mangosteen Tea (216gr):

  • Calories 158cal
  • Total Fat 1.3gr
  • Sodium 15mg
  • Potassium 104mg
  • Carbohydrates 39gr
  • Dietary Fibers 3.9gr
  • Protein 0.9gr
  • Calcium 6.5gr
  • Iron 6.5gr
  • Magnesium 15gr
  • Vitamin A 4gr
  • Vitamin C 22gr

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

For those who feel curious on the mangosteen tea benefit, below are the health benefits of mangosteen tea:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Mangosteen is contain nutrients called xanthones. It works as a natural anti-oxidant. Therefore, consuming mangosteen helps to fight the free radical effect to the body.

It is also preventing body metabolism breakdown. There are also some fruits which give benefits as an anti-oxidant. You can read the Health Benefits of Almond Tea which including as a natural anti-oxidant.

2. Maintain Healthy Skin

Due to the capability as anti-oxidant, mangosteen help to maintain a healthy skin. It can produce a smooth and silky body skin. It helps to treat eczema and acne.

Therefore, it is a good alternative to use as a skin treatment. Consuming the tea daily can help to supply the nutrients for a healthy skin. It is good treatment whether for oily skin and neither the dry skin.

3. Rich of Vitamin C

Mangosteen is known rich with vitamin C. The same as orange. You can read the Health Benefits of Oranges that contain a lot of vitamin C inside. Hence, it helps to prevent gum disease, maintain a healthy body and prevent the diseases.

4. Rich of Mineral

The fruit is rich of various minerals. These minerals work to maintain healthy and reduce the possibility to get disease. The minerals also help as prevention of many types of infection. Therefore, it helps the body to avoid bacteria and increased natural antibody capability.

5. Anti-Aging

The capability of anti-oxidant and the content of vitamin C can work as an anti-aging. It helps to avoid early aging signs such as early menopause or avoid wrinkles. The same way as the Health Benefits of Starfruit, which can act as an anti-aging too. Hence, it makes people look younger.

6. Maintain Body Immune System

What’s more health benefits of mangosteen tea? The vitamin C help to maintain body immune system. Therefore, the body is not easily to get sick. It is also can prevent bacteria. It develops body resistance to disease, so it helps to prevent cough or fever.

7. Anti-Inflammatory

Mangosteen can also works as an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it good to prevent inflammation such as sore throat. It is also work to relieve the nerve so that it helps to reduce pain such as arthritis. It helps the inflammation by releasing histamine and prostaglandin.

8. Prevent Anemia

Some people believe that the tea can help to prevent anemia. It helps to produce a good blood cell. It increases the body metabolism to circulate the oxygen to the entire blood. Hence, it produce the forming of hemoglobin inside the blood and prevent the dilation of blood vessels. Therefore, it is good to consume every day.

9. Treatment for Diarrhea

Mangosteen tea is an effective treatment to cure diarrhea. The vitamin C help to fight bacteria inside the body. Therefore, it gives a fast healing from the disease.

10. Astringent Properties

Some mention that mangosteen tea can work as an astringent property. It’s beneficial to cure thrush and sterilize wound. This is due to the subsurface chemistry of the fruit comprises of polyphenols that assure astringency which discourages infestation by insects while the fruit is immature.

11. Weight Loss

To include mangosteen tea into a diet meal is a correct way. Since it helps with weight loss. It various nutrients can help the body needs of nutrients during diet. The vitamins also keep the body immune while on diet.

While the dietary fiber helps to increase the digestive metabolism in processing the fat into energy. It absorbs only the good nutrients and prevent the body to gain unnecessary fat.

12. Reduce Cholesterol

The mangosteen tea is able to reduce the number of LDL and triglyceride inside the blood. It is also stimulated the forms of HDL, which maintain a proper working of human heart. Therefore, it is works as a natural way to reduce cholesterol.

13. Control Blood Pressure

The tea consists of various minerals which help to control heart rate and blood pressure.

14. Prevent Cancer

Due to the anti-oxidant capability, the tea believed can help to prevent cancer. The anti-oxidant protects the body from free radical. Therefore, it prevents human body on developing cancer cell. Furthermore, it eliminates cancer cells by blocking the nutrients.

15. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Due to the capability of maintaining the cholesterol level inside the blood, the mangosteen tea help to reduce the risk of various cardiovascular disease. It can help to prevent stroke, heart attack and high blood risks. It helps the body metabolism to lipid peroxidation during stroke.

How to Prepare Mangosteen Tea

To make a homemade mangosteen tea is not too difficult. The ingredients are simple, the step is also simple. Below is the list of ingredients and step by step way to prepare a homemade mangosteen tea.

  1. Get some mangosteen fruit. It can be fresh fruit or dried rind. Since we will extract the rind. If choosing fresh fruit, choose the fruit with dark purple skin and without yellowing.
  2. Clean the fruit with flow water. Cut the fruit and take the rind. The fruit can be consuming directly. While the rind will be extracted. Be careful when cutting out the rind, since it can cause stain in the clothes.
  3. Dry the rind for a day, then grind the dry rind into powder.
  4. Boil some water.
  5. Put the dried mangosteen rind in a cup and pour out the boiling water.
  6. Finally, it is ready to consume. For more flavor you can add honey or lemon. You may know that there is a Health Benefit of Honey for Skin and Health Benefit of Drinking Warm Lemon Water.

Side Effects of Mangosteen Tea

Like any other fruit, mangosteen extract tea may also has side effects. For those who want to consume mangosteen tea, check the side effects below:

  1. Those with allergic history suggested to avoid mangosteen, since it can cause itchiness and rash in the body. Other reactions may lead to asthma or swelling in the lips or mouth. Therefore, it is better to consult with doctor before consume the tea.
  2. Pregnant woman shall consult with the doctor before decide to consume the tea. There is no evidence whether it is good to consume during pregnancy or not. But to avoid the negative effects, it is better to be aware on the use of this tea.
  3. A study mention that it can interfere the chemotherapy. Therefore, cancer patient which under treatment of chemotherapy suggested not to consume this tea. Due to it can decrease the effectiveness of the therapy.
  4. People with blood-thinning medication suggested not to consume the tea. Since it might lead to gastrointestinal bleeding.
  5. Diabetic patients suggested to consume the tea with sufficient doze. Since the sugar contain may increase the blood sugar. Specially is the ripe fruit, which taste very sweet and naturally able to increase the blood sugar.

For those which has normal health condition shall not be afraid to consume this fruit. Since there should be no further effects. For most people, mangosteen has no side effect. But in case you feel nausea, vomit or dizziness after consuming mangosteen tea, it is better to stop consume the tea and consult with the doctor for a proper treatment. But still, there are many health benefits of mangosteen tea you can get.