5 Wonderful Health Benefits of Banana for Weight Loss with Tips

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The banana diet is a dietary rule where you should only eat bananas. If you are looking for an effective diet method, you may be interested in going on a banana diet. 

Know what a banana diet is, the benefits of bananas for weight loss, how to diet, effectiveness, in the article we’re going through.

Aside from the benefits of banana during pregnancy, you can start to eat bananas to lose some weight. 

Banana diet is a Japanese diet method where bananas become the main food of the daily meal menu. This method was developed by a pharmacist named Sumiko Watanabe to help her husband lose weight. 

The main rule in running a banana diet is that you have to eat bananas at all times. As a result, her husband Hitoshi Watanabe managed to lose about 16 kilograms, which is remarkable.

This method of dieting also went viral after it was published in a book in Osaka Japan. Using bananas for a diet is considered effective, easy, and inexpensive. 

Not just bananas, but this diet encourages you to eat fruits and vegetables, calculate daily calories, and keep a journal of your diet or food menu every day. 

Most of the people who apply it claim that the banana diet method or also called the Morning Banana Diet is powerful to lose weight and keep the body healthy. It’s easy to do and easy to find, a bit different from benefits of vada pav.

The main key to losing weight is that you should eat low-calorie foods such as bananas and other fruits. One banana contains only about 105 calories which is good for dieting.

If you’re interested in trying this method, here’s some of the best health benefits of banana for weight loss:

Health Benefits of Banana for Weight Loss

  • Helps to Control Weight

Bananas have a role in weight loss as well as to gain weight. Proven by dieting four bananas and four glasses of non-fat milk or liquid milk per day at least three days a week, the number of calories is only 1250 and the menu is quite healthy.

In addition, eating a glass of banana milk-shake mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, and mangoes after meals, will increase weight and make the skin not oily and clean.

However, you can also find similar benefits in benefits of earl grey tea, which is quite calming as well.

  • Controls Blood Sugar (If not taken excessively)

The first benefit of bananas is good for digestion and controlling blood sugar. This is because bananas are rich in pectin and starch.

Pectin and starch can prevent blood sugar from soaring after a meal. In addition, bananas can effectively reduce your appetite by slowing gastric emptying.

Bananas also have low glycemic index levels. This means bananas do not cause healthy people’s blood sugar. However, be careful with people with type 2 diabetes, since the sugar content of ripe bananas is quite high.

  • Good Way to Maintain Heart’s Health

Bananas contain potassium which is good to support your heart’s health. Potassium is a mineral electrolyte that makes electricity flow throughout the body and is necessary in maintaining your heart rate.

In addition, the high sodium content in bananas can also help protect the working system of the heart and prevent the heart from cardiovascular disease.

  • Cancer Prevention

The next benefit of eating bananas consistently can protect the body from kidney cancer, it’s already proven by a study held long ago. 

A 2005 study found that women who consumed more than 75 servings of fruit and vegetables reduced their risk of kidney cancer by up to 40 percent.

This makes bananas into fruit that works very effectively reducing the risk of kidney cancer. In addition, eating four to six bananas a week can halve the risk of kidney cancer.

The reason is bananas have a high content of phenolic antioxidants, who act as a protector by enhancing your immune system.

  • Gives You More Energy

Instead of consuming electrolyte drinks while exercising, it is better if you consume bananas as a stamina enhancer. This is because bananas have a natural vitamin B-6 content and also potassium that is needed during exercise.

However, if you don’t have bananas, it’s fine to have the benefits of omelette for your breakfast. It gives energy and works as wonderfully as bananas, only with different tastes.

How to Do Proper Banana Diet

The most essential way of doing a banana diet is that you should eat bananas for breakfast. The recommended portion is 1-4 fresh bananas instead of frozen or processed ones, and add 2 glasses of warm water. 

Make sure you don’t overeat bananas and make your stomach uncomfortable. If you are still hungry, wait about 15-30 minutes for the next meal schedule. 

You can combine bananas with one other low-calorie fruit such as melons, apples, berries, and others, in order to get the other benefits like benefits of blackberries

You also need to avoid fast food, fried foods, and high-fat types of foods for breakfast.

There are no special rules for lunch and dinner menus. You can eat anything with a record of having healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, as well as counting calories and fats should not be excessive. Also, do not eat snacks or desserts, avoid them as possible.

Known Side Effects

Increased blood sugar pressure, since bananas contain high amounts of fructose or blood sugar. It can also cause constipation, because too much fiber intake causes constipation so you should balance it by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. 

It causes cavities because fructose content will be sticky in the teeth and become the cause of cavities. You should diligently brush your teeth after eating bananas.