5 Hidden Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea for Weight Loss

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If you are a tea enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard or even tried Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey tea is a blend of several types of Chinese tea, like benefits of drinking black tea for example, with citrus flavor. 

In addition to its distinctive taste and smell, this tea also has some health benefits.

As with all types of traditional tea, Earl Grey tea leaves are derived from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, which contains several types of flavonoids and flavonol. 

The leaves of this tea will then be dried and rolled to produce a black tea. This process triggers the formation of several additional components that are beneficial for health such as theaflavin and thearubigins.

A Premium Tea for The Kings

The tradition of drinking tea now not only belongs to the British nobles, but has been transmitted to general people. The type of tea you drink varies according to your event and mood. 

Earl grey, is one of the legendary teas belonging to the Kings since long ago that is still favored until now.

Drinking tea is not just about relieving thirst, but becoming a tradition that has been done for generations by Europeans. Earl grey, is one of the teas that is quite popular among the kings of England.

Earl grey tea is a mixture of black tea with lemon and bergamot. The aroma is very fragrant and fresh with a light taste. Suitable to drink in the morning, because the aroma and taste can quite evoke the mood. Earl Grey Tea premium can be found in Twinings Tea products.

Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea for Weight Loss

Carrying similar benefits of black tea,  Earl Grey tea also contains caffeine in different levels depending on the process of planting the tea leaves and the way the tea drink comes from this black tea.

Even so, there are many benefits of earl grey tea that are very potential for health.

Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea for Weight Loss

1. Helps to Lose Some Weight

If you’re on a diet program, it may be perfect to drink Earl Grey tea every day. Earl grey tea contains orange extract and caffeine. This content will break down the calories of food into muscles or secrete it through the metabolic system.

Similar to health benefits of turmeric, it also carries a unique character that can’t be found on others. So, use this tea as an alternative for refreshment. It’s much better than soda or syrup.

2. Overcoming Stress 

Stress heavily affected someone’s weight. During the state of stress, there’s some people who tend to do stress-eating, which is a very bad habit in general.

When you are stressed, you need a warm drink and something that has a calming effect. You are advised to drink one warm cup of earl grey tea to help you feel more relaxed. 

Bergamot also has an aromatic fragrance that is usually used as an aromatherapy ingredient to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, or simply fatigue. There are many benefits of earl grey tea for health, but more research is still needed to prove the potential health benefits clinically.

3. Supports Digestive Health 

One of the most important benefits of earl grey tea is to improve digestive health. Earl grey tea contains flavonoids that are responsible for overcoming inflammation related to your digestive problems. 

Several studies have been conducted on animals to test the benefits of earl grey tea related to digestive problems. The result of the study is that earl grey tea can help prevent stomach ulcers and other digestive problems from theaflavin content in black tea, but the study has never been tested in humans.

So, other than consuming the tea itself, eating healthily is always recommended. Start to organize your diet with fruits and vegetables, and add variations to prevent boredom.

Also, combine this method with adopting workouts, like having the benefits of squats with weights, which can make the process a lot faster.

4. Good for Your Heart

The next benefit of drinking earl grey tea is to improve heart health. Earl grey tea is believed to reduce various risks of heart disease such as lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels because bergamot contains flavonoids. 

A study was conducted on 80 people who had high cholesterol levels. They take bergamot extract daily and the result is that their levels of triglycerides or fats in the blood, cholesterol and LDL levels drop significantly within 6 months.

5. Prevents Cancer 

Earl Grey Tea is a very high source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are agents that are responsible for fighting cancer-causing free radicals. Drinking earl grey tea can reduce the risk of developing cancer cells.

Caution and Recommendation

In addition to the benefits of drinking earl grey tea, you should also know about the side effects of earl grey tea when you drink it in excessive amounts, like muscle cramp, and blurred vision.

This tea can also cause mild gastric disorders in some people. This tea also contains caffeine, which may cause you to feel restless when consumed in large quantities. 

In addition, tea can also inhibit the absorption of iron from various types of vegetables, milk, or iron supplements so it should not be consumed in large quantities by pregnant and lactating mothers.

Even though the benefits seem promising, you still need to adapt to healthier life, doing healthy activities like running, jogging, or having the benefits of surya namaskar.

Steps to make earl grey tea are basically the same as brewing other types of tea. You can buy powdered packaging or earl grey tea bags on the market, then brew them with hot water. You can add honey or lemon as a natural flavoring to make the taste better.