7 Notable Health Benefits of Blackberries During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is something that all women and their partners are waiting for. When you are pregnant, you should pay more attention to your health more seriously. 

Perhaps you need to understand the benefits of blackberries that are very useful to maintain your health. Since they’re also easy to get, there’s no harm in trying.

As previously explained in the benefits of blackberry leaves, blackberry fruit is one of the delicious ones belonging to the genus Rubus. 

Since long ago, blackberries have been used as part of the treatment process because they contain a variety of nutrients that are good for the health of the body. And in this article will be discussed about some benefits of blackberry fruit for further health.

Based on several sites including Organic Facts, substances contained in blackberries are varied, such as:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K, and also 
  • Folate

In addition, the mineral content in blackberries is calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Blackberries are also a good source of essential amino acids and dietary fiber without providing harmful cholesterol.

Mothers can make them into a tea to have all the benefits of blackberry tea, or if they like, they can consume them fresh.

Blackberries are always recommended to be a healthy snack for pregnant moms since it can deliver meaningful benefits, such as:

Health Benefits of Blackberries During Pregnancy

  • Dependable Source of Vitamin C

Now that blackberries have good amounts of Vitamin C, they can easily meet your daily need. The benefit of vitamin C for the body is to increase immunity or endurance, and also help the healing process. 

When pregnant you may be limited in taking the medicines, so in case of injury, it will be better treated in a natural way. Consuming these blackberries is quite effective at healing wounds.

Another benefit is being able to fight free radicals, regenerate the skin, as well as reduce the formation of substances in the body that can lead to cancer. In addition to creating a healthy body, blackberries also make your skin healthy and look natural.

You also need to remember that blackberries are not the only option here. If you don’t have them, you can consume the benefits of kiwi fruit, pomelos, or oranges to gain Vitamin C.

  • Improving Brain Health

Consuming blackberry fruit is also able to improve brain health, especially for the fetus. Blackberry will also help to build stronger memory improvement. Antioxidant substances contained in it will fight free radicals, while also improving brain neurons.

During pregnancy, fetal brain formation is also very important. Maintaining the brain health of the fetus can anticipate cognitive and motor problems of the fetus. This is why it is important to consume blackberries in order to maintain the brain health of both mother and baby.

  • Good for Bones

As you may know already, fetal development is very important to understand during pregnancy. Therefore, food consumption should be strictly considered in order for its development to be appropriate.

One of them is the formation of bones. Naturally, the fetus will grow, and so do her/his organs. A substance that can be found within blackberries, Manganese, is an important aspect to grow and build a stronger bone structure. 

While consuming blackberries regularly, moms should also add some milk to their diet. Cashew milk is definitely recommended since it can bring the notable health benefits of cashew milk during pregnancy.

  • Contains A Lot of Fiber

Problems during pregnancy can occur quite frequently. One of them is related to digestion. 

Bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation may occur during the mid to late stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women desperately need enough fiber in order to have smooth and healthy digestion.

One way to overcome this is to consume blackberries.  Thanks to the high amount of fiber, mothers can rest easy by having smoother digestion. If digestion is smooth, then defecation will be smoothened as well, while avoiding constipation altogether.

The high fiber contained in blackberries is also useful to reduce cholesterol, control sugar levels in the blood, as well as provide a good intake for good bacteria that exist in the intestines.

  • Helps to Maintain Heart’s Health

Blackberries are rich in flavonoids such as anthocyanins. Other useful components such as magnesium and fiber, can also help you in preventing arterial blockages and stimulating smooth blood flow.

This reduces the risk of various heart diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, and maintaining heart health. The magnesium content in blackberries can also help you in controlling blood pressure and preventing cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Great Way to Maintain Your Skin

Blackberry can keep your skin looking beautiful. This is because blackberries are packed with some nutrients that are important to the skin such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and other powerful antioxidants. 

Vitamin E present in blackberries can help you in maintaining skin health and preventing the occurrence of symptoms of premature aging.

Apart from protecting skin health against oxidative damage, the vitamin C present in blackberries is also responsible for the formation and strengthening of the collagen structure that is the basis of connective tissue and helps you in keeping the skin firm.

  • They’re Also Good for Eyes

The next benefit of blackberries is for the eyes. Blackberry is also useful to maintain and keep your eyes healthy. 

By consuming blackberry fruit regularly, it can help you in protecting the eyes from ultraviolet radiation due to the presence of lutein in the blackberry fruit.

In addition, anthocyanosides and vitamin content in blackberry fruit can improve vision and protect your eyes from various diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and night blindness.

If you don’t have blackberries, you can easily switch to turmeric. It also has the special health benefits of turmeric, which still haven’t been known by many.