Fantastic Prunes Health Benefits for Pregnancy On First Semester

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Many people might not consider the prunes health benefits for pregnancy. Most of them thinking that this fruit only good for skin and also bring some fiber source. However, it is find out that the fruit also good to support pregnancy and even can help to make a faster process of getting pregnant. Therefore, this can be one of the natural solution when planning to get pregnant fasten.

Prunes is a dried plum of any cultivar, mostly European Plum. Therefore, no wonder if this fruit is easier to find in European countries. However, it also can find in any other countries around the world. Only the price will be more expensive since the number is quite limited. Including in Asia, where the prune might find in fruit store in import product part.

There are many benefit of consume this fruit. Moreover, it also good to help pregnancy. It can mix with several kind of desserts. Furthermore, it can mix into various meal and cuisine. The taste is fresh and a little bit sour but also quite sweet.

Nutrient Content of Prunes 

Of course there are several nutrient inside this fruit. It is consist of 31% water, 64% carbohydrates, including 7% dietary fiber, 2% protein, and less than 1% fat. The fruit also rich in vitamin K and a moderate source of several B vitamin and dietary minerals. This fruit also contains phytochemicals, including phenolic compounds and sorbitol. For further prunes health benefits for pregnancy, see below lists of points:

1. Fiber Source

Prunes contain dietary fiber which may provide laxative effects. It can effectively contribute to the restoration of normal bowel function. This is the same health benefits of black quinoa that can help to bring the fiber source too.

2. Digestive System

The high content of fiber can help to improve digestive system. It can help to optimize bowel movement and lead to a fasten digest system. Therefore, it can help during pregnancy to avoid the possibility of getting digestive problems, which commonly happen due to hormonal change.

3. Anti-Oxidant

The fruits are rich with anti-oxidant. Therefore, it can help to avoid the free radical effects on the body that commonly can cause difficulties in pregnancy and even miscarriage. This is the same health benefits essiac tea that can help to be a good anti –oxidant agent too.

4. Strength Bone

Consume the fruit will help to supply the needs of calcium for the bone. Therefore, it can help to avoid osteoporosis that easily attack pregnant woman. Furthermore, it will help to support the bone strength and also can help to bring a good bone development of the fetus.

5. Improve Immunity

The fruit are rich in vitamins too. Therefore, prunes health benefits of pregnant including to help improving pregnant mother immunity not to easily get sick or infected. While a pregnant mother surely needs to keep healthy to minimize effects of medical treatment or infection to the fetus while pregnant. This is the same health benefits of thieves oil that can help to improve body immunity too.

6. Develop Vision

The food contain high vitamin A that will work to optimize the vision. Furthermore, it will help to develop fetus eyesight and eyes development during pregnant. Therefore, it can lead into a better eyesight and vision for both, mother and baby.

7. Increase Fertility

The fruit also will help to increase fertility and increase the possibility of getting pregnant. Therefore, it can help optimize the fertility process. This is the same benefits of raspberry tea for fertility that can help to increase human fertility too.

8. Improve Hormones

Prunes also good to manage and improve body hormonal system. Therefore, it will easier to control the hormone and lead into the right conception for pregnancy. Furthermore, it will lead to a better hormonal metabolic system.

9. Fetus Brain

The content of protein and vitamin B inside the fruit will help to optimize the brain. It will good to optimize the mind and thinking. Mostly to help supporting the fetus brain development. Therefore, it will help to increase brain capacity. This is the same health benefits of homemade meatloaf that can help to optimize the fetus brain too.

10. Improve Muscle

Consume this fruit can help to improve the muscle. Therefore, pregnant mother will not easily get tired leg. Furthermore, it will help to strength the muscle during pregnancy.

11. Avoid Anemia

The mineral inside this fruit also capable to avoid the possibility of anemia. Therefore, it will help to avoid the anemia effects such as tiredness or dizziness. 

12. Avoid Heartburn

Consume the fruit believe can help to avoid the possibility of experience heartburn. Therefore, it is good during pregnancy to avoid upset stomach. Furthermore, it can help to deal with morning sickness. Therefore, it can help to make sure a healthy pregnancy.

13. Fetus Development

All the vitamins and minerals content inside the fruit will help to optimize the fetus development. Therefore, it can help to make sure a healthy pregnancy and bring to a good fetus growth.

14. Healthy Skin

The fruit also rich in vitamin E that can help to optimize the skin health. It will help to produce smoother and silky skin. Therefore, it will help to avoid skin infection too. Mainly during pregnancy where the hormones can reduce the skin health faster.

Cautions And Recommendation

Even the fruit are good for pregnancy and to lead into pregnant, there are also some side effects that needs to consider. Therefore, if plan to consume the fruit in pregnancy, it is better to see below recommendation:

  • It is recommended to avoid consume the fruit if experience allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or swollen parts of the body.
  • Stop consume the fruit if experience sudden nausea or dizziness.
  • Do not over consume as the fruit contain high level of sugar. Therefore, it might lead to diabetes gestational during pregnancy.
  • Consume as necessary since the high content of fiber can lead into diarrhea.

The prunes health benefits for pregnancy are quite many. However, make sure to consume in proper portions and avoid the side effects as much as possible. Therefore, it will bring optimize benefit and avoid any unwanted effects.