Research Based Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Men’s Body

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The juicy tomatoes are famous for its abundance content of vitamin C and antioxidants. Of course, there will be many health benefits we can get by consuming tomatoes. But do you know that tomatoes can provide excellent benefits for men’s health.

Some studies and experiment found that the health benefits of tomatoes for men have been acknowledged. Therefore, it is better for men to keep the consumption of tomatoes in any form. To know more about the health benefits of tomatoes for men, you’d better stay on this page.

Nutrition Facts of Tomatoes

Do you know that from your favorite tomato juice Tomatoes you can gain many health benefits? Or maybe you love tomatoes as it spice up your salsa? However you like your tomatoes, they can bring beneficial effect as they contain many beneficial nutrients as listed below:

  • Calories
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Fat
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Beta-carotene
  • Lycopene
  • Omega-3
  • Omega-9

So, why don’t you replace your generic tomato sauce with the organic tomato sauce? It brings you more health benefits for men.

The Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Men

The health benefits of tomatoes are significantly affect human health, especially for men.  Gentlemen, it might be a plant you can easily grow at your garden. But you should thanks to the health benefits of tomatoes for men as it brings you the following value:

  1. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Based on a study in England, 1 in 12 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It shows how prostate cancer can be a big threat form men, especially for those above 65. As we know, diet is one of the significant elements in preventing cancer. And you have to know that the shiny red round tomato on your salad is able to help you with this problem.

The high antioxidants in tomato help men to reduce the risk of prostate cancer as the antioxidants are actively fight the free radicals. A study proved that men who consume tomatoes on their weekly diet have 34% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. According to American Cancer Society, the lycopene in tomatoes are not only good to prevent prostate cancer, but also the other type of cancer such lung and stomach.

  1. Prevent men’s impotence

Impotence might be caused by many things, including surgery. By improving the consumption of tomatoes, men are able to avoid impotence, especially of which caused by prostate surgery. The health benefits of tomatoes for men can also be improved by combining the diet with broccoli. As we know, the Health Benefits of Broccoli are also excellent for men’s health.

It is also said that the combination of 1.4 cups of broccoli and 2.5 cups of tomatoes is able to inhibit the growth of tumor. The consumption is recommended for at least 22 weeks periods. The other good partner for tomato is avocado. You can get the Health Benefits of Tomato and Avocado in a bowl of salsa.

  1. Improve erection

Just like the Benefits of Aloe Vera for Male Enhancement tomatoes have the similar effect on men. It allows the better blood circulation throughout the body. The improved blood circulation enables the better erection. It instantly improves men’s sexual performance. 

  1. Improve performance

It is common for men to have numbers of activities which require high endurance. Even on their holiday, they may do their physical hobbies such running, cycling, or riding. In this case, the consumption of tomatoes for men is able to improve the performance of men. By consuming tomatoes based diet such as tomato sauce, tomato soup, and tomato juice, men is able to keep their electrolyte after their vigorous activities. Such a tasty and healthy solution, isn’t it?

  1. Enhance men’s fertility

It is said that tomatoes are able to enhance sperm quality and count. The fact is supported by researcher from England’s University of Sheffield. Therefore, it is good for men to consume tomatoes to deal with fertility problems. A certain study proved that tomatoes are able to improve sperm count by 70%. Lycopene and vitamin E are the most influential element on the health benefits of tomatoes for men’s fertility.

The other health benefits of tomatoes for men are:

  1. Improve men’s skin health
  2. Improve vision
  3. Good for cardiovascular health
  4. Reduce cholesterol
  5. Aid better digestion

Recommendation in Consuming Tomatoes for Men’s Health

To gain the health benefits of tomatoes for men, it is recommended for men to enhance the consumption of tomatoes. One of the ways is by including tomatoes into men’s daily diet. Don’t worry about the variation, because tomatoes are way very flexible to be combined and cooked into many foods and drinks.

Here are some of the recommendations in including high composition tomatoes in your diet.

  • Homemade pizza

It is common to have your homemade pizza with tomato paste all over it. Not only delicious it is very healthy. To add the composition of tomatoes on your cheese pizza, you can replace the bottled tomato sauce with homemade tomato sauce. You can also add the sliced ripe tomatoes as pizza topping to spice up the taste.

In addition, the baked tomatoes are known to be more effective for health, as the nutrients are more accessible when the water is removed. Therefore, you can enjoy the Health Benefits of Cheese Pizza (Homemade Pizza)

  • Cherry tomatoes snack

Some of you might love to wrap some fruit for your snack at work. And how about bringing cherry tomatoes instead of the standard apple or kiwi? These tiny fresh cherry tomatoes will instantly refresh your day in every single chew.

  • Tomato salad

If you love salad, you should try combining tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. This simple dish gives you excellent nutrition you need. Not to mention the Health Benefits of Basil Leaves for Skin.

  • Tomato sauce pasta

We can say that pasta is identic with tomato sauce. So why don’t you make your own fresh tomato sauce for your pasta companion. Not only filling, this food will also present men with the health benefits of tomatoes for men.

  • Salsa topping

Replace your standard ketchup for your meat and fish dishes with salsa. Salsa is the perfect partner for high protein food. It will also light up the taste of your food with the sense of tropical food.

  • Bloody marry

Run out of idea for tomato drink and stuck on tomato juice? You should try bloody marry then. When most bloody marry contain alcohol, you can also make the variation of it. Replace the alcohol with zero sugar soda or lemon juice, and it will be a lot of healthier.