Health Benefits of Turmeric Ice Cream – Nutrition Facts

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In this modern era, many people keep trying to keep their body health by seeking for a traditional medicine instead of the chemical ones. One of the traditional medicines that comes from Asian culture is the herb as you can read on List of Herbs and Health Benefits for Home Remedy. The herb is made of many traditional ingredients that are taken from nature such as turmeric, ginger, and others.

Back then, the consumers of this kind of medicine are commonly the villagers. Nevertheless, these days, the distribution of herbs has been wider and there have been many people in the city who consume it too.

However, even though most of the people believe the health benefits of the herb, still and all, most of the people do not have an interest in consuming it due to its bitter taste. That is why many health experts in this era try to make an innovation of the herb that can make people’s disgusting feeling of it gone.

One of the innovations of the herb is the turmeric ice cream which is made with the combination of milk and turmeric herb. That is why there will be no one who will ignore the consumption of turmeric herbs as it used to.

With its sweet taste that can be a great dessert after our meal, many people may never realize how great the health benefits of turmeric ice cream that they can get. Whereas the benefits of this dessert are nearly the same as other healthy delicious desserts such as the Health Benefits of Fish Cake.

Nutrients of turmeric ice cream

As with the common ice cream that we can find easily in any supermarket is made of milk, sugar, and cream as the main ingredients, the turmeric ice cream is also made with the combination of those ingredients, but with a different flavor. Therefore, before we begin to discuss the health benefits of turmeric ice cream, we must know the nutrients that will we get with the combination of the main ingredients mentioned above.

Rather than the nutrients of turmeric, most of the people usually know the nutrients of milk and cream better. As we know, milk and cream are nearly the same in term of nutrients. Both of them have many nutrients such as protein, calcium, zinc, mineral, phosphor, vitamins, casein, and carbohydrate.

In addition, other nutrients such as omega-3 seem to complete the nutrients of milk as one of the most needed nutrients for our body health. Also read: Health Benefits of Drink Milk with Turmeric Powder.

If the milk and cream have nutrients that much, sugar also has nutrients as great as those two other ingredients. The nutrients of sugar per 100 g you can get are:

  • Protein
  • Phosphor
  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrate

With the combination of milk, cream, and sugar, you have already had a guarantee of a powerful body health. Now, the health benefits of turmeric ice cream will obviously be gotten from these following nutrients of turmeric herbs, they are:

  • Curcuminoid
  • Essential oil
  • Mineral
  • Arabinose
  • Fruktosa
  • Glucose

As we can see from the mentioned nutrients above, it is no wonder that we can get many health benefits of turmeric ice cream. To give you the more specific information, here we give you the explanation of the benefits you can get by consuming this dessert. 

  1. Healing cancer

The first thing comes up to the list of health benefits of turmeric ice cream is that this dessert has an ability to hear cancer. Hence, if you are currently struggling with cancer, you can consume this dessert routinely. The cancer medicine of turmeric ice cream is brought by the curcumin antioxidants which has an ability to save the colon from the free radicals.

If you let the free radicals disturb your colon, it will even break the DNA cells. In the end, it will lead to a severe disease such as colon cancer, leukemia, or heart cancer. Also read: Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Cancer

  1. Healing the Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints which has already been in a severe condition. That is why the patients with this disease will do everything to save their lives by doing the chemical medicine with a big side effect. However, the chemical medicine is not the only answer to get out from this disease.

By consuming the turmeric ice cream and other production of turmeric herbs, the patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis will also be healed through a delicious way. You can also read the other solutions on:

In addition, the list of health benefits of turmeric ice cream can be felt when you have other kinds of inflammation. This can happen because of the yellow and/or orange pigment that is called the curcumin. Also read: Health Benefits of Fish Oil for Arthritis

  1. Improving the antioxidant in your body

Still about the curcumin, as we have known from the listed nutrients of turmeric above, we can see that there is a compound of antioxidant that we can get from the turmeric. Hence, from this compound, we can feel the amazing health benefits of turmeric ice cream, including the stock of antioxidant in our body.

The existence of antioxidant itself is very important since it can help us fight the free radicals that will danger our body health and lead us to an illness. Also read: Health Benefits of Turmeric Root Powder

Cautions of turmeric ice cream

By being one of the traditional herbs, it does not mean that we can only face the health benefits of turmeric ice cream only. As with other herbs such as ginger, we are also able to get a worse condition if we consume this herb too much.

Some diseases that are possible to be faced if we consume the turmeric ice cream too much are the abnormal heartbeat and stomachache. In addition, too much consumption of ice cream will also get you cold which finally will worsen your health condition.

Therefore, rather than getting sick, you better control the dosage of the turmeric ice cream consumption to keep you healthy in a proper way.