10 Amazing Health Benefits of Saba Banana

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saba bananaSaba banana is one type of banana originating from the Philippines. This banana is usually used as a delicious food. This banana in health benefits of banana chips is no different from other bananas in terms of nutrition and also its usefulness. Taking health benefits of Saba banana is highly recommended for anyone. Because this fruit contains a lot of nutrients needed by the body such as:

How to use

To consume saba banana, you can consume it directly or process it into a delicious food.

Based on the above nutritional content, it will be many benefits derived from saba banana as below:

  1. Smooth blood circulation

The first benefit of Saba banana is to smooth blood circulation. Smooth blood flow will make the body more healthy because the nutrients and oxygen can be spread throughout the body optimally. The content that plays a role, in this case, is potassium.

  1. Helps the digestive system

The second benefit of Saba banana is to help the digestive system. Digestive system requires a compound for optimal work, namely vitamin C in benefits of taking vitamin C tablets for the skin. Vitamin C will help the absorption of nutrients through the intestine that can make the body become healthier.

  1. Maintain eye health

Saba banana is also good for maintaining eye health in benefits of tomatoes for eyes. The eye is the vital organs that humans are used to seeing. If the eye is problematic, then the vision will also be problematic. The content of vitamin A in Saba banana is very good for nourishing the eyes. So that the eye is not easy to trouble like eye minus and other problems related to the eyes.

  1. Normalize heart function

Consuming saba banana regularly is also shown to normalize heart function. Many things that cause heart function to be reduced. One of them is due to the effects of free radicals and unhealthy lifestyles. Potassium content that is on Saba banana is needed to maximize the work of the heart.

  1. Overcoming anemia

Anemia is a symptom when a person is deficient in iron. The effects caused by lack of iron are pale, lethargic, and can even lead to fainting. Therefore, it is advisable to consume foods containing high iron, such as saba banana.

  1. Overcoming asthma

Asthma can also be treated by consuming saba banana regularly. This fruit contains natural compounds that can help relieve asthma symptoms. As we know, asthma is a disease associated with breathing. So as to make the sufferer shortness of breath and pain in the chest.

  1. For liver sufferers

The liver is one of the human vital organs that need to be maintained health. To maintain the health of the liver, need to consume nutritious foods such as saba banana. Saba banana is also highly recommended for consumption by liver sufferers. Because in this fruit contains a lot of nutrients that give a positive effect on the body.

  1. For diabetics

The fiber content of this fruit is beneficial for diabetics. Because fiber can increase insulin production in the body. As we know that one of the problems of patients with diabetes is low insulin levels that can not control blood sugar.

  1. Overcoming diarrhea

When a person diarrhea, will be a lot of fluid that comes out through the feces. This results in the sufferer becoming weak. One of the missing nutrients is potassium. Consuming saba banana can restore the potassium levels lost due to diarrhea. In addition, patients can also consume oral fluid

  1. Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients so that the fetus in the abdomen develop optimally. One of the important nutrients that must be met by pregnant women is folic acid. This content is on saba banana.


To get the maximum quality of health, you are advised not to consume the health benefits of Saba banana alone. However, you are also encouraged to consume various kinds of fruits.