10 Proven Health Benefits of Zarshak Shereen

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Zarshak Shereen has many different names such as berbery, Berberis vulgaris, European barberry, Iranian Zereshk, Pepperidge bush, Zershak and sow berry, or you can read benefits of barberry. The fruit taste sweet with pleasant aroma that you can find in the most of Asian cooking. One of the popular recipe of the fruit called as Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh.

On the other hand, nutrients in Zarshak are more than enough to treat many diseases. It has been used even from ancient times to treat fever, lung infection, blood pressure, diarrhea, upset stomach liver gall bladder disorder, heartburn even to increase appetite. The details of those benefits are:

  1. Treats skin conditions

High in vitamin C make Zarshak Shereen being used to treat some of skin conditions. A compound named “berberine” that acts to clean the skin where can unclog pores and tame oily skin. Furthermore, consume it regularly may firms and tighten the skin.

  1. Increases immunity system

As the benefit of vitamin C to treat the skin, it also can protect the body from diseases or that means to increase immunity system of the body. Besides of the vitamin, there is a substance in the fruit called as alkaloids that has the ability to to fight infection, bacteria and increase immunity.

  1. Cleans liver

The function of liver will increase as it is being cleaned from toxic where it can be done by taking Zarshak Shereen. The flow of bile will increase while the function of liver is being repaired itself. Vitamins & Health Supplements Guide also said that, “Barberry has long been used to stimulate bile secretion and the liver in general, as a bitter digestive tonic, diuretic, alterative, and immunostimulant.”

  1. Cures diarrhea

One of the health benefits of Zarshak Shereen is to treat diarrhea. It contains astringent properties that is effective to treat the condition as well as can reduce the symptom quickly. In addition, it also can treat related condition such as gastrointestinal infections including the problems in urinary tract. Or you can also read how to prevent diarrhea.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Some people are suffering from high of blood pressure, while Zarshak Shereen can help to control the pressure due to a substance named hypotensive. Consequently, it makes a protection for the health of your heart.

  1. Supports for healthy eyes

One of the health benefit of Zarshak Shereen is to promote healthy eyes. A study shown that the benefit is due to high of berberine that combined with other essential nutrients. Moreover, for people who are with conjunctivitis, taking the fruit often is a great option to reduce the condition. 

  1. Helps to treat respiratory tract infections

Zarshak Shereen can reduce the risk of problems in respiratory tract such as sore throat, nasal congestion, sinusitis, bronchitis as well as treat them effectively.

The other benefits of Zarshak Shereen are including:

  1. Increases appetite
  2. Helps to balance menstrual problems
  3. Treats anemia

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