Top 10 Health Benefits of Black Walnut Leaves

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Walnut is one of the healthy snacks. Those who are willing to achieve their healthy lifestyle goal must have added walnut as part of their daily diet especially during pregnancy because one of the health benefits of walnut during pregnancy is good for the development of baby’s brain. However, due to the remarkable list of the English walnut and black walnut benefits, less people know about the health benefits of black walnut leaves. Yes, it is true that aside from the nut, the leaves of walnut tree also have amazing benefits for human health.

What Are Black Walnut Leaves?

One thing to remember is that black walnut tree is not the same with the regular walnut you find easily in the marketplace. What you commonly find in the market is from the variety of English walnut while black walnut is totally different variety with scientific name Juglans nigra while English walnut has scientific name Juglans regia. Just because there is word black, don’t be mistaken it with African walnut though the health benefits of African walnut are not that different with black walnut. Black walnut is originated from Southern Canada and a little bit harder to find compared to the regular English or Persian walnut. From the appearance, the black walnut has harder shells compared to the regular walnut with a jet black color while the flavor, due to its name, is a bit bold with a trace of earthy flavor. Not only that, due to it is not easy to find, black walnut is a bit expensive in price.

Nutritional Value of Black Walnut Leaves

Actually when it comes to the health benefits of black walnut leaves, the nutritional value is not really different with the regular walnut. It is said that it has the same effectiveness in fighting fungal infection just like the nut. The dried black walnut leaves are among the essential in the important list of herbs and health benefits are well known worldwide because they make a great herbal tea to fight and prevent several health conditions. Below is the list of amazing benefits of black walnut leaves.

  1. Contains Effective Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacteria Agents

Anti-fungal and anti-bacteria agents are the most important properties found in black walnut leaves. It makes a great anti-parasite and has been used traditionally as home remedy to such conditions for over centuries.

  1. Home Remedy to Several Skin Conditions

What kind of skin conditions that could be treated using black walnut leaves? The list is including eczema, psoriasis and some other light skin diseases. It is due to the anti-fungal agents contained in black walnut leaves as mentioned in previous point.

  1. Solution to Sun Burn

The fact that black walnut leaves are good to treat several skin conditions caused by bacteria and fungal have been mentioned in the previous point. However, it is also great to sooth and calm your skin after a severe sun burn.

  1. Natural Remedy to Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is not going to be fatal but it could be really annoying. There are some factors that could cause the conditions and dandruff is among the common causes. Most people may have known about the health benefits of almond oil for hair but less people know about dried black walnut leaves. Just rinse your hair with water mixed with dried black walnut leaves could treat the conditions instantly and naturally.

  1. Contains Insect Repelling Properties

There are some old journals that are actually stating there are some old farmers who are using the walnut leaves as insect repelling. Well, if you want to bring all natural things to your home, instead of using insecticide to repel insect which could be dangerous for human health, using dried black walnut leaves as insect repelling is not only healthy but also environment friendly.

  1. May Contain Astringent Quality

One of the benefits of black walnut leaves that have been used traditionally for over centuries is due to its astringent quality. Black walnut leaves could be used to help reducing excessive sweating by shrinking the sweat glands.

  1. Helps Controlling Menorrhagia

Due to the same properties as mentioned in point number six. In medical world, black walnut leaves also used to help controlling menorrhagia. It is one of the conditions where women are suffering from excessive blood during period. Though it is not completely treating the condition but it has been proved to be able preventing the further loss of blood by controlling it.

  1. Effective to Treat Diarrhea

Not everyone knows the fact that how to prevent diarrhea naturally is by dealing with the condition naturally as well. Instead of taking medication, it is better to have dried black walnut leaves in your cupboard for emergency. Though diarrhea is not something you could deal with lightly and black walnut leaves are only for first aid only.

  1. Tasty and Healthy Herbal Tea

Black walnut leaves are excellent herbal tea option. If you are among those people who love to enjoy a cup of herbal tea, black walnut leaves tea could be among the alternative. Though consuming black walnut leaves tea in long term is not recommended but as alternative home remedy is highly suggested.

  1. Could be Used as Bath Water

If drinking tea made from black walnut leaves shouldn’t be done regularly but you could use it as bath water anytime you want it. The aromatic earthy aroma of the leaves is great aromatherapy for you during bathing time. Moreover, the anti-fungal agents found in black walnut leaves are excellent for the health of your skin.

Cautions of Black Walnut Leaves

Black walnut leaves have been used as part of home remedy since centuries ago. Unfortunately, until now still there is no proper research study to get more information about its amazing health benefits. That is why some cautions below are supposed to be taken seriously.

  • The astringent quality found in black walnut leaves to help treating several skin conditions are already proven scientifically but still there is no specific journal about the right way of applying it. If the infection continue is better to meet a professional immediately.
  • As said in the list above, black walnut leaves make a great herbal tea. Well, it is traditionally used as concoction, so it is not a kind of tea you could drink regularly only for fun.
  • Though black walnut leaves are excellent home remedy to several light conditions. It doesn’t mean you could depend on it entirely. Professional help is still required.

Speaking of herbal remedy, black walnut leaves are among the essential ones. However, it is not easy to find the walnut in the marketplace so it is not easy as well to find the black walnut leaves. So, you have to be really careful when somehow you find it in the marketplace since you cannot prove whether they are really black walnut leaves or not. In other words, purchasing them from the most reliable supplier only is highly recommended.