13 Amazing Health Benefits of White Dragon Fruit

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13 amazing health benefits of white dragon fruitWho do not know about white dragon fruit? This fruit is so tasty and fresh, it mixes between sweet and sour. So it becomes one of favorite fruits for many people. But this fruit is expensive. Besides it is famous with its taste, it is famous with its health benefits for our healthiness, too.

Commonly, dragon fruit has green red skin in its scale. Its pulp is white or red. But, there is yellow dragon fruit  with white pulp. It is still rare dragon fruit in Indonesia. So that, we often meet it. Dragon fruit pulp is so soft. It has black grains that it can be ate by us.

The Types of Dragon Fruits and its Health Benefits 

White dragon fruit has white pulp. This species is easy to cultivation. It can be planted in pot and it will growth so well. White dragon fruit has less water. It has stronger sour than red dragon fruit. It is not so sweet, too. Besides its price is cheaper than red dragon fruit, we can get it easily in markets, too.

Nutrients in White Dragon Fruits

Although like that, this fruit has nutritious and health benefits like red dragon fruit. White dragon fruit contains complete nutrients, such as carbohydrate, fiber, anti oxidant, protein, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C.

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Health Benefits of White Dragon Fruit

There are many health benefits of white dragon fruit. This fruit can be our choice fruit daily. If we consume white fruit dragon, we will get many health benefit from it, such as :

  1. Reduce Blood Glucose Level

Diabetes sufferer must take care of their blood glucose. They limit their foods that contains high glucose. So that, white dragon fruit can be one solutions for diabetes sufferers. Besides its taste is sweet, it can help to reduce blood glucose level. So, it can help diabetes sufferer to control their blood glucose level.

  1. Reduce cholesterol

High cholesterol in our body is considered as dangerous diseases source. So that, there are many medicines, nutrients or supplements for reducing cholesterol. But, there is cheap and simple way to take care cholesterol in our body. We can consume white dragon fruit. Its taste is so delicious and it can make us healthy, too. You may also read foods that lower cholesterol.

  1. Prevent Tumor and Cancer

Many people are scare with tumor and cancers. If they heard word “cancer”, they will feel no hope for alive. So that, we have to do prevention. We have to consume white dragon fruit regularly. Anti oxidant in it is so great to avoid or block free radicals growth. Free radicals cause cancers and another dangerous diseases. We have to consume white dragon fruit because it is better than consuming many anti oxidant supplements. You may also read ways how to prevent cancers naturally

  1. Take Care Eyes Health

As we know, carrot is a very good fruit for take care eyes health. But white dragon fruit has same benefits with carrot. So, if you were bored with carrots, you can eat white dragon fruit to take care you eyes health.  You mas also read benefits of cucumber for eyes.

  1. Take Care Mouth Health

As one part of digestion organs, mouth health is very important for us. Vitamin C in white dragon fruit can help us to take care mouth health. So that, our mouth is always in good condition and our digestion is fluent, too.

  1. Take Care Heart Health

Heart is an important of vital organs. So we must take care its health. Besides white dragon fruit has sweet taste, it is also very good to take care our heart health. You may also read health benefits of aspirin for heart disease.

  1. Launch Digestion

As commonly fruits and vegetables, white dragon fruit contains high fiber. So that, it is very good for launching digestion. 

  1. Prevent Pregnant Mother from Bleeding

Pregnant mother has to avoid bleeding. It is very dangerous for fetus and mom healthiness. Because of that, Pregnant mother is recommended to consume white dragon fruit. It benefits to prevent bleeding.

  1. Prevent Pregnant Mother from Anemia

Besides bleeding, Pregnant mother can get anemia easily, too. Because of that, Pregnant mother is recommended to consume foods which have a lot of Iron. White dragon fruit is one of that foods. You may also read symptoms of anemia.

  1. Take Care Bones and Teeth Health

Calcium and phosphor in white dragon fruit is very good to take care our bones and teeth health. Children need calcium and phosphor as supporter their growth. Whereas adult need calcium and phosphor to take care their teeth from many diseases like osteoporosis. Because of that, white dragon fruit is very recommended for all of ages. You may also read benefits of exercise for bone health and how to prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Increase Immune System

There are many bacterial and virus around us. We can not avoid them. But we can fortify our self with increasing our immune system. So that, we can avoid from disease sources. One of that way is consuming white dragon fruit. Its vitamin C is very good and efficient to attack many bacterial and bad virus.

  1. Prevent Premature Aging

Anti oxidant in white dragon fruit is not only good for preventing tumor and cancer, but it is also very good to take care beautify. As we know, anti oxidant can prevent premature aging like a frown on your face. If you were diligent consuming white dragon fruit, your face will be smooth and free from frowns.

Those are health benefits of white dragon fruit. You can eat it directly or you can cook it according to your taste. For example, you can make juice with another fruits or sweetener. But you have to notice, do not add a lot of sugar or another sweetener (milk and chocolate) into juice. So you can get health benefits well. Especially for diabetes sufferer, They do not add sweetener when they want to consume white dragon fruit.

Cautions of White Dragon Fruit

After knowing the health benefits of white dragon fruit, here is the cautions:

  1. Stomach will flatulence

Because of a lot of minerals in white dragon fruit, your stomach will flatulence. Minerals in white dragon fruit is very good for health. But when you have a lot of minerals, your stomach will flatulence.

  1. Diarrhea

Baby can get diarrhea after he was eating dragon fruit. Because digestion organs in baby are still unstable. So if you want to give the baby dragon fruit, you have to give it sufficiently. For example, you can give the baby a half of glass with term three times in a week. 

  1. Headache

You will get headache if you were consuming many white dragon fruit. It has good substance for our body. But if you consumed it too much, you will get headache.

  1. For pregnant mother

Pregnant mother will get health benefits of white dragon fruit, if she consumed it correctly. Or she will get symptom of diarrhea after she was eating white dragon fruit.

  1. The color of feces and pee will be changed

White dragon fruit has a substance that can change the pigmentation of liquid in our body, such as:

  • Your pee will become red
  • Your feces will become red
  • Your feces will become black

Although your feces and pee will be changed after you were consuming dragon fruit, but this condition is not dangerous for your body.

Bad effects of white dragon fruit will be happened if you consumed it too much. So you have to consume fruit dragon normally, such as three times in a week. And your body will get health benefits of white dragon fruit so well.