12 Uncommon Health Benefits of Inca Berry #9 Works

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There are various berry that bring advantage, including health benefits of inca berry. This plant has been known for many years that not only delicious but bring multi benefit to the health. Therefore, some people who familiar with this plant prefer to consume it in way of making the health better.

Inca berry is one of the berry plant native to Chile and Peru. This is famous with its bright yellow color that looks so attractive. Therefore, other countries such as England and South Africa start to cultivate it too in order to supply the demand of the fruit.

Finding this berry in the store or market is not as difficult as it thought. Even that the fruit is quite rare, but several store selling this fresh fruit. Other options are in dried condition. However, the fresh and the dried fruit, both having the same advantages. Furthermore, both feels delicious and can add to several kinds of dishes and desserts.

Nutrient Information

In 100gr of inca berry, normally there are several nutrients content as below:

  • Energy 53kcal
  • Carbohydrates 11.02gr
  • Fat 0.7gr
  • Protein 1.9gr
  • Vitamin A 36mg
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 0.11mg
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.04mg
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) 2.8mg
  • Vitamin C 11mg
  • Calcium 9mg
  • Iron 1mg
  • Phosphorus 40mg

Looking at above nutrients, no wonder if the fruit rich of benefit. For those who want to know further, below are several famous health benefits of inca berry for the body and mind:

1. Source Of Fiber

Inca berry is rich with fiber, like the other type of berries. Therefore, it is a good source of fiber if you consume daily in proper portions. This berry bring enough fiber as much as other vegetables and fruit. This is the same health benefits burdock that help to supply the fiber into digestive too.

2. Ease Digestive

The content of fiber in the fruit will help to ease the digestive. It will improve the intestine movement to produce fast digest. Therefore, it will help to absorb nutrient and avoid fat absorption.

3. Weight Loss

Consume the berry as one of dietary menu can help to maintain the weight. Furthermore, it will help the weight loss programme. Therefore, it is suitable to help people with obesity and want to reduce the weight. This is the same benefits of extra virgin olive oil for weight loss that work for reducing weight too.

4. Ease Metabolism

The fruit also benefit to ease the body metabolism. Therefore, it will increase the capability of changing energy from the food. This can result sufficient power to perform the daily activities.

5. Reduce Fat Belly

Another health benefits of inca berry including to reduce the fat belly. Therefore, it is good to avoid the fat absorption to the body. Furthermore, it will help to manage the cardiovascular free from fat content.

6. Improve Vision

Another benefit of inca berry including to improve the vision. It can help to produce a better and clear vision. As most of the berry plant is benefit as a high source vitamin A, therefore, inca berry also bring a high vitamin A too. This is good to bring a brighter vision. This is the same health benefits strawberry banana smoothie that help to maintain the vision too.

7. Maintain Healthy Eye

The vitamin A inside the fruit also benefit to improve a healthy eye. It can help to avoid eye diseases and infection. Furthermore, it can avoid any kind of eye inflammation such as glaucoma.

8. Maintain Brain Nerve

Inca berry also works to maintain the brain nerve. This will stimulate the nerve in respond the motion and order. Therefore, it bring a better motoric system.

9. Improve Memory

The benefit of consume inca berry also to work to improve the memory. It helps to stimulate the mind and memory strength. Therefore, consume the fruit brings advantage for children and elderly to help with the thinking and memory capability. This is the same health benefits largehead hairtail that can improve the memory too.

10. Avoid Dementia

Consume the inca berry will help elderly to avoid dementia. It can bring a better memory. Therefore, it help with memory loss issue. Hence, it is suggested to consume the berry in proper portion every day to keep the mind healthy and away from the possibility of dementia. 

11. Brain Nutrition

The benefit of the berry including to bring nutrition for the brain. It can help to optimize the mind and thinking. Therefore, it is good to keep a healthy brain development and manage blood circulation in the brain.

12. Bone Strength

Inca berry also contains small amounts of calcium that can bring benefit to the bone. Therefore, it is good to avoid the possibility of osteoporosis and help to avoid the bone fractures. Furthermore, it can add the bone mass for a better and strength bone. This is the same health benefits fish bone soup that help to improve the bone health too.

Caution And Recommendation

Like any other fruit, there are several cautions before consuming the fruit. Since consuming the fruit is not considered 100% save. Therefore, look at below recommendations when planning to eat the fruit:

  • Stop consume the fruit if you experience allergically symptoms such as redness, itchiness, swollen mouth, nausea or dizziness. Like other fruits, it is possible to bring allergically reactions.
  • Pregnant woman better to avoid consuming this fruit. Otherwise there are some possibilities of miss carriage and effect the fetus.
  • Too much consuming of the inca berry can produce digestive problems such as diarrhea. Consume the fruit in an empty stomach also will bring upset stomach. Therefore, it is suggested to eat the berry after meal and eat in proper portions. Avoid consume it in big portions.

Those are several health benefits of inca berry complete with the nutrient information and the cautions. Even consume the fruit considered safe and bring many advantages, make sure to eat it in a proper portions. Otherwise it can bring a side effects that is not really comfort for the body. For maximum benefit, it is better to consult with medical practitioner before plan to put the berry in a daily diet menu.